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'Summer of the Shark' continues with 13-foot tiger reeled in off Folly Beach

Commercial anglers pulled in an 800-pound, 13-foot tiger shark on Saturday less than a mile off the Washout, the popular surfing hangout on Folly Beach. Just what edgy beachgoers need to hear Big sharks like the tiger coming into the dock at Crosby

Why Aren't People Eating Washington's Giant Crawfish?

Kuhn is one of those fisherman along the Snake River who keeps boats and licenses in both states. This is his fifth year as a commercial catcher, and he sells all of it to Lap Suy, the distributor from whom Ngo buys, and says “I can't get enough for him.

Strong spring shrimp crop a good sign for fall

TO HELP: Biologists are asking commercial and recreational shrimpers, crabbers and cast-netters for samples of adults and juveniles to inspect stomach contents. But the catch has been so plentiful that at least a half-dozen boats have been selling

Cooking Frozen Fish Properly: Everything You Need to Know

Source: The Cheat Sheet » The Cheat Sheet

For most of us, frozen fish is a fact of life. While fresh fish right off the dock is best for flavor and texture, that’s just not realistic for most home cooks. As soon as a fish is caught and killed, its quality starts to decline. In many cases, frozen is fresher than raw, as flash-freezing happens on most commercial boats within minutes of being caught. When it comes to cooking this frozen fish, though, do you let it thaw or do you cook it while it’s still frozen. A good dinner from frozen fish depends on many factors. Here, we discuss everything you need to know about turning frozen fish into a great dinner. Cooking frozen versus thawing Some fish is OK to thaw, while others are better when cooked straight from the freezer. When fish is flash frozen, it all comes down to the size of the cells in the flesh: the smaller the cells, the smaller the ice crystals, the less damage done to the flesh during thawing. ” Most living things, whether flora or fauna, are made up of a lot of water. When it freezes, water does two things: it develops into sharp crystals and it expands. This will rupture the cells and lead to mushiness upon thawing. A flash freeze will produce smaller crystals, which do much less damage to the cell structure, which means less mushy fish. The smaller the cells are to begin with and the faster it’s frozen, the smaller the crystals. This is why frozen shrimp and squid and thinner cuts like flounder are fine as long as they’re properly frozen, and why thicker-cut, meaty, flaky fish like salmon and cod can suffer through thawing. For taste and food safety, shellfish should typically be alive or frozen when sold. Lobster is a poster child for this, and that’s why most lobster you see is still kicking in the store. When it comes to shrimp, don’t assume that raw means fresh. In fact, almost all shrimp for sale at U. S. stores — raw or not — has been frozen at the farm or on the boat. Unless your fishmonger is trustworthy and specifically says the shrimp has never been frozen, that shrimp has been frozen and defrosted. If you’re really serious about quality, don’t assume that raw is better without doing some digging. As soon as any fish has been thawed, the clock is ticking.

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32 foot shrimp boat for sale. 260 John-Deere. 27,000.00 James 337-257 ...

32 foot shrimp boat for sale. 260 John-Deere. 27,000.00 James 337-257 ...
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1978 80' Sprinkle 80 Freezer Shrimp Boat For Sale

1978 80' Sprinkle 80 Freezer Shrimp Boat For Sale
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1987 Custom Commercial Shrimp Boat FOR SALE from Manteo North Carolina ...

1987 Custom Commercial Shrimp Boat FOR SALE from Manteo North Carolina ...
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Marine Fisheries Review
Marine Fisheries Review

Fishing Gazette
Fishing Gazette

Vols. for 1921-22, 1924- include an annual review number with title: Fishing gazette annual review and classified directory of marine and shore plant equipment (1921-60, Fishing gazette annual review number (varies slightly)).

Cooking recipes

Easy Shrimp Pasta For Two Recipe
Ingredients:shrimp, cream cheese, fettuccine, balsamic vinaigrette, basil, parmesan cheese, tomato

Easy Shrimp Pasta for Two
Ingredients:balsamic vinaigrette, cream cheese, fettuccine, basil, parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, roma tomato, shrimp

Shrimp Diablo for Two
Ingredients:butter, red pepper flakes, garlic, jalapeno, lemon juice, linguine, parmesan cheese, red onions, roma tomato, salt, shrimp, white wine, yellow onions

Shrimp Sauce for Pasta
Ingredients:butter, garlic, shrimp, olive oil, parmesan cheese, parsley, pasta, salt, water, white wine

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No Major Changes For Captain’s Galley After Recent Sale
05/01/15, via The Dispatch

Captain’s Galley, a fixture on the Ocean City commercial harbor since the 1980s, has been taken over by Joe White, owner of the Shrimp Boat. Though the restaurant has changed hands, customers will notice few differences at the popular eatery long owned ...

Mexico nabs 3 shrimp boats in refuge of endangered porpoise
01/21/15, via New Zealand Herald

MEXICO CITY (AP) " Mexican authorities have caught three boats shrimping in a refuge for the endangered vaquita marina, the world's smallest porpoise. Mexico's environmental protection agency says the boats belonged to fishermen in the town of Golfo de ...

One out of 3 shrimp sold in US comes in fishy packaging
10/31/14, via The Christian Science Monitor

Confirming suspicions among many consumers, the ocean watch group Oceana on Thursday revealed that one of every three shrimp consumed in America is a poseur. “With shrimp, it is almost impossible to know what you are really getting,” says Kimberly ...