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Underwater Video RC Submarine - U-Boat Hunts Aircraft Carrier

Ted's Type 9 U-Boat is armed with torpedoes and looking for a target. Ted's U-Boat finds Brians HMCS Bonaventure and takes it on. Note the moving planes on.

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America's U-Boats

University Of Nebraska Press (Miscellaneous)

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Builders need rules

Sadly, that's very unlikely in many speculative building projects, like apartment blocks, in which professionals and operatives are screwed down to providing minimal standards and services for the cheapest price, even for "up-market" projects

Richardson: Weatherill keeps faith, but can voters?

If there's one thing we love in this state more than talking ourselves up, it's talking ourselves down. Happily, yesterday's dire unemployment figures provided ample impetus to do just that, fuelling statewide water cooler conversations about our

Dorchester native Jimmy Hayes of the Boston Bruins joins MFB, 7-9-15

From stakes this gates attached to helmets including goalie gear everything we've got from all the top companies this 25% off at the end evil pure hockey sense sale so if you're even thinking you could use a new gear for next year remember those states

Builders need rules - Sydney Morning Herald

Source: www.smh.com.au

Peter Grills (Letters, July 20) rightly complains about defective apartment buildings. "Quality" (not merely a product's appearance, but compliance with specification, or optimum fitness for purpose) is generally achieved in serially produced items, like cars, and even many factory-produced building components, where extensive... But comprehensive quality is notoriously lacking in buildings, possibly because they are extremely complex, and a "one-off" product. Contractually enforceable quality control and assurance procedures can be incorporated into building construction, via International Quality Standards that, although thick with "management speak", vest the procedures with the certified-compliant... That requires sophistication and can only work if all building project phases and parts are correctly sequenced and given adequate time and resources, especially for the risk-assessment, inspection, testing, reporting, triaging, rectification, and... Those activities must be insisted upon by the project's financiers, developers, project managers, head contractors, and so on, and not seen, as they often are, as "box-ticking" activities. Sadly, that's very unlikely in many speculative building projects, like apartment blocks, in which professionals and operatives are screwed down to providing minimal standards and services for the cheapest price, even for "up-market" projects. Maybe quality could be "inspected in", á la the somewhat adversarial clerk of works model mentioned by Mr Grills, but competency can be an issue. Works inspection and reporting by the project's architects and engineers should never be excluded. Certainly statutory building certifiers should be independent of builders, but their role is not to assure total quality, simply, but importantly, compliance with the building codes. But they could if professionally qualified to do so, along with the designers, be required to also verify compliance with the International Quality Standards. As Peter Grills says, the cost of rectifying post-occupancy defects and the accompanying litigation would far exceed the costs, if any, of properly organised preventive measures. When will anti-abortionists like John Popplewell (Letters, July 22) finally understand that a foetus is not a viable human being without the body of the mother to bring it to life. Women are not baby-making machines. Does Mr Popplewell, as he keeps his judgmental vigil, know what real life situations have prompted the need for any woman to make such a hard decision. Or is his "holier than thou" stance too blinding to allow for rational decision-making. Further, to describe abortion as genocide is to be inaccurate, to trivialise the terrible reality of genocide itself and is deliberately inflammatory. Mr Popplewell's vigil stems from his religious beliefs, which are his private affair and should not be forced on the general public. Atheists also have a right to their private beliefs and are not to be found holding vigils outside government-funded religious education institutions or churches and mosques on days of worship. I suggest that if Mr Popplewell and his co-believers truly care about the welfare of children, they should be spending their energy on an issue such as domestic violence, which corrupts the lives of so many innocent, living and breathing children. But that is really hard (though useful) work. To forbid and punish silence as well as free speech outside Marie Stopes Abortion Clinic. Setting aside Shane Rattenbury's proposal to outlaw free speech outside the clinic, it seems he is also proposing to outlaw silent prayer vigils. Mr Rattenbury said "silent vigils would not be allowed" on the implication that they qualify as (and I quote) "harassment, hindering, intimidation, interference with, threatening or obstruction". Surely the outstanding influence at work here is individual conscience in each mother who knows deep down in her heart that she is carrying a little daughter or son to her/his "planned" death. Instead of intimidating vulnerable women (and the protests do amount to intimidation regardless of claims to the contrary), John Popplewell's prayer circle might be better engaged in demonstrating outside the Catholic archbishop's house to...

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- R/C Submarines FOR SALE - Welcome to the RC Submarine ...
... SALE. These are a few R/C submarine ... U.S. Navy during World War II. The SS212 was one of three submarines of this class that were to be built by the Electric ...

Submarines - RC Groups - RCGroups.com: The ABCs of Radio ...
Happycow 777-216 Simulation Series RC Submarine. ... Replies: Views: 11. 3,788. Gearbest Jul 13, 2015 04:58 AM. Alert: FOR SALE-Dumas USS ... 1:32 scale Type 9 U-Boat ...

Remote Control Submarines For Sale, Remote Control ...
Remote Control Submarines For Sale, ... Mini Radio control toys Model ship I/R U-Boat Unterseeboot rc submarine remote ... Rc Mini Submarines | Military Submarine ...

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krick u boat type vii b inc running gear pack the u boat type vii is ...

krick u boat type vii b inc running gear pack the u boat type vii is ...
Image by www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk

... Remote Control Mini Submarine German U-Boat Ship Boat RC RTR w/Light

... Remote Control Mini Submarine German U-Boat Ship Boat RC RTR w/Light
Image by www.ebay.ca

Thread: FOR SALE - Newbie special! 44" German U-boat - CHEAP!

Thread: FOR SALE - Newbie special! 44" German U-boat - CHEAP!
Image by forum.sub-driver.com

Google Books

The Price Of Admiralty
The Price Of Admiralty
Published by Random House 2011
ISBN 9781446494509,1446494500
352 pages

John Keegan's new book applies to maritime warfare the technique he put to such dazzling effect in his classic of war on land, The Face of Battle. His analysis concentrates on four key battles - Trafalgar, Jutland, Midway and the Battle of the Atlantic. The result not only illustrates the development of naval warfare through the sailing warship, the battleship, the aircraft carrier and the submarine, thereby giving a panoramic view, but takes the reader into the heart of the fighting, reminding us that the price of battle, whether on sea or land, is measuring in men's lives.

The Defeat of the German U-boats
The Defeat of the German U-boats
Published by Univ of South Carolina Press 1994
ISBN 0872499847,9780872499843
344 pages

The largest, most complex naval battle and its impact on World War II's outcome.

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R U Chicken
Ingredients:flour, chicken, cayenne, vegetable oil, black pepper, rice, milk, paprika, salt, cornmeal

Sunshine Cornish Hens For 2 Recipe
Ingredients:bay leaves, black pepper, cornish hens, cranberry juice, cranberry sauce, curry powder, thyme, kosher salt, vegetable oil, pomegranate juice, pomegranate seeds, garlic, turmeric

Lighten-Up Whatever Floats Your Boat Brownies #32204
Ingredients:applesauce, eggs, flour, salt, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract

Scrambled Egg and Pepperoni Submarine Sandwich
Ingredients:american cheese, butter, eggs, garlic, pepperoni, salt, roll

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The blue dragon
08/04/15, via Philstar

If the deals push through, they will constitute Japan’s largest sale of defense ... in a German U-boat, past South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope and then to Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, where he transferred to a Japanese I-29 submarine that some ...

ASX picks from quarterly reports a lucky dip
08/02/15, via The Australian

First targets are lying off Ireland and were sunk by U-boats in 1915, one of the submarines also being responsible for ... in Fujian province in the Chinese equivalent of a mortgagee sale. But there are plenty of companies feeling the strain.

Scorpene submarine: Indigenous AIP will increase endurance of the boats being built
07/19/15, via Economic Times

NEW DELHI: As India develops its air independent propulsion (AIP) technology that enables a submarine stay underwater for longer periods without having to constantly surface to charge its batteries, the last of the six boats being built in the country may ...