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2008 Crownline 220 EX Boat For Sale in Newport Beach, California

com/boat-2008-Crownline-California-148374. htm - 2008 Crownline 220 EX For Sale in Newport Beach, California.

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Pettit Paints Ultima Ssa Antifouling Paint Paint, Black, Gal.

Pettit (Other Boats & Accessories)

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Scepter 08338 Flo-N-Go Max Flo Fuel Siphon Pump

Scepter (Miscellaneous)

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Old Modern Handicrafts

Old Modern Handicrafts B057 Wanderbird Boats and Submarines - Mahogany and White and Dark Blue

Old Modern Handicrafts (Figurines & Statues)

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Looks like the tsunami from Chile spared Southern California

Tsunami surges from a huge earthquake in Chile hit the Southern California coast early Thursday, causing tide fluctuations of up to a foot, but there were no reports of damage or flooding. The National Weather Service said several points along the

Getting a Marine Loan to Finance a Yacht Purchase

Because boats depreciate like cars and can be hard to repossess due to their mobility, lenders won't always accept the surveyor-estimated value of a used boat, Mr. Bryant says. Be prepared to pay a higher down payment or provide pricing support by

Plastics maker crafts century of success

This was Philip Klann's German grandfather Adolph in 1890s Europe: a sweet-faced 20-something kid who'd decided to set sail for Africa, but had just missed the boat. So he caught the next one, After working for a California pipe organ maker, Klann

Twelve months.

Source: sailordan

I’ve been trying to put my thoughts together for the last few days. The three week sail from Tonga to Australia left me with ample time for reflection, and I thought it would have been easier to decipher my feelings on arriving in the homeland. We arrived off Bundaberg late Tuesday afternoon (01SEP15) and had to head back out to sea to make our arrival in the early morning light of the following day. At midnight we could clearly make out flames on shore as farmers burnt fields of cane sugar. We were both up and about at 0300. We made porridge in the cockpit at 0400 followed by coffee at 0430. By the time the sun had come up we could clearly make out the silhouettes of Norfolk Island Pines to the south of Burnett Heads along the flat... COYOTE motored into the mouth of the channel and pointed towards the designated area to await the Customs and Quarantine Inspectors. Feelings of joy and elation washed over me. The closer we moved towards the coast the more my feelings began to change. It was hard to believe that only twelve months before, Ashley and I had been leaving San Diego to head up to Catalina Island for our shakedown cruise and sea trial. We woke up early, ate breakfast and put the cabin into sea mode. I was nervous about heading offshore for the first time, in charge of a boat and another person. We were about to commence our maiden overnight passage together. The first of more than one hundred over the next year. I was resolved to leave regardless of what the forecast said as I had only paid up to that day in the marina. As we made our way offshore I was convinced I could sail straight to Catalina Island without motoring. My friends in the marina weren’t convinced, and for good reason too. Catalina is 60NM to the north west of San Diego. The prevailing wind at that time of the year is from the north west. Even if the wind held out long enough for us to sail, if it came out of the north west we would end up sailing more than 120NM to get there. This was back in the day when I used to think that I could average more than 6 knots. Eight months later I worked out our average over a 32 day passage to be 4. 1 knots. By mid morning I was putting the first reef in our sails. Within three hours I was reefed down as much as we could possibly go. We were beating hard. I was worried that the wind would continue to pick up and that we would have to run the storm jib. I couldn’t believe how quickly the conditions had changed. This poor girl had just quit her job, moved out of her apartment and was about to leave her country with an Aussie she had only met for the first time six months ago. Water was leaking inside the cabin, the bilge was filling up and we were working together for practically the first time ever. The language I had used my whole life as a tradesman and as a sailor in the Navy had no use on the quiet Californian girl who had been working in the deli of the local supermarket when I first met her. It took us a long time to solve our communication problems. Night came and the wind began to ease. We both donned our wet weather gear. This is when we realised that the wet weather gear that had been given to us was no good. Both our pants had elastic to hold them over our shoulders. The elastic in both sets was so stretched that they kept falling down our waists. Whenever I went onto the foredeck the legs on mine would slide down over my feet and the pants would gradually fall down further and further tripping me up in the process. Each time I made it back to the cockpit my feet were around where my knees should have been and I had about 60cm of fabric under foot. My hands were red raw from reefing and shaking reefs all day. I had quickly discovered that my sailing gloves didn’t have enough grip to hold onto any lines. I never used them again. Resolved to let my hands toughen. We missed hitting a ship by a quarter of a mile when we crossed a shipping lane 40NM south west of Los Angeles around 0300. My heart was going a million miles an hour after I worked out that those two small lights so far apart were on the fwd and... Why wasn’t it lit up better than that. And I never saw another so poorly lit as that one. We eventually made it to Catalina Island about 25 hours after first setting off from San Diego. We didn’t sail the whole way there. The wind dropped off completely at 0200 and didn’t come back for a few days. It left a horrible sea that we slowly motored through to.

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Polished Brass Finish Ship Bell and Anchor Wall Hanging


Price: $29.82

Whether ringing in the new year or calling the troops for dinner time, this polished brass finish metal bell will highlight your wall in nautical style featuring an anchor shaped bracket and a twisted rope pull. It`s great to ring in a sales office, too! It easily hangs on the wall using two screws (included) through the pre-drilled holes. Hanging on the wall, it measures 12 inches high from the top of the bracket to the bottom of the rope pull and 7 inches from the wall. The bracket is 7 1/8 inches high and 4 inches wide while the bell measures 4 1/2 inches high and 4 5/8 inches in diameter. This awesome working bell would look amazing in any nautical themed room whether in your home, bar, restaurant or beach house, and makes a great gift for a boat enthusiast! For residents of California - California Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and/or other reproductive harm. This notice is being provided in accordance with California's Proposition 65. Read more about Prop 65 on the State of California Prop 65 website.

Max Professional FG6-067-106 Fire Gone 6-can Countertop Display


Price: $41.78

Fire Gone Fire Suppressant is effective on most common fires. Simple to use can and spray nozzle design makes fighting fires fast and easy. Biodegradable and easy clean up. Item Weight - 16 oz. Recommended forKitchen, Garage, Office, Car, Dorm, Camping, RV, Grilling, Boat, Fireplace, Workshop. NOT available for sale in California.


New & Used Boats for Sale in California - Boatsville ...
California boats for sale from boat brokers, owners, and new boat dealers. The Boatsville Network offers the largest selection of New and Used California Boats to ...

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Welcome to California New and Used Boats. We feature both new and used boats for sale not only in California but throughout the United States and Canada.

Used boats for sale in California
Used in California on We offer the best selection of boats to choose from.

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Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

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California Boats For Sale

California Boats For Sale
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Google Books

Used Boat Notebook
Used Boat Notebook
Published by Sheridan House, Inc. 2015
ISBN 1574091506,9781574091502
240 pages

John Kretschmer is a professional delivery skipper with over 200,000 bluewater miles.

Survival Skills of Native California
Survival Skills of Native California
Published by Gibbs Smith 1999
ISBN 0879059214,9780879059217
448 pages

A comprehensive examination of the wisdom and practical arts of California's native population offers step-by-step instructions for utilizing ancient knowledge, such as tool building, fire-making, hunting, fishing, and much more. Original.

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2007 Toyota Yaris
09/17/15, via Car Pages

FREE 6 Months/6000 Kms, $750 per Claim Power-train Warranty Included. Buying or selling a car? Find the best deals on new and used cars, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, trucks and boats.

PhuketWATCH Aussie Dies in Bali Fall; Tsunami Alert for US, NZ; Pattaya Tourists Stranded; Elton John Conned
09/17/15, via Phuket Wan Tour operators in Phuket have been told not to take tourists out to Pi Pi, Racha and other islands unless their boats are at least 10 metres ... quake sparked a tsunami alert extending to California, Hawaii and New Zealand.

Beware of the warranties in Marine insurance
09/10/15, via Property Casualty 360

They are not used ... price of the boat, neglected to inform the insurer of other vessels which he had previously owned, concealed that he had lost a prior boat as result of fire, and did not inform the insurer that his boat was for sale.

steamer hermosa cabrillo catalinaislandcalifornia

Postmarked July 16, 1921. From Wikipedia... SS Cabrillo was an wooden steamship used to deliver tourists across California's San Pedro Channel to Santa Catalina Island. The "Banning Era" The Banning brothers of Wilmington played a huge role in transportation to the island even before their purchase in 1891. The Bannings owned the Wilmington Transportation Company, and provided the steamships used to deliver tourists from Los Angeles to the island's city of Avalon. When they eventually bought the island in 1891, their company had already provided the necessary transportation to Catalina. However, with new technology and a growing population of visitors, steamships were being replaced quite frequently. The Banning brothers, who now owned the island, showed even more interest in improving passenger service to Catalina. So they designed two steamships specifically for the Catalina run. The first was the SS Hermosa II, followed by the SS Cabrillo. Once the construction of...

Photo by photolibrarian

california usa toy losangeles cowboy unitedstates fav50 10 unitedstatesofamerica fav20 fav30 fisherprice tujunga fav10 fav25

Recently my friend Bill Storage asked a question in DeletemeUncensored titled "What's Wrong With Flickr." The thread wasn't meant to complain about Flickr but to talk about how Flickr could be improved if one were starting from scratch. I wrote a couple of long responses out to Bill in the thread, but thought that some of the ideas really belonged in a longer-form blog post. Alot of people give me crap for criticizing Flickr. They ask me why I use Flickr if "hate" it so much. The fact of the matter is that I don't hate Flickr at all. In fact I love Flickr (even if they don't love me anymore). I spend more time on Flickr than any other site on the web. I think Flickr represents the best place on the web for a photographer to share photos today and I think as a whole that Flickr is one of the cultural gems of our lifetime. What's more, a lot of the stuff on Flickr works really, really well and is really really great. That said, I've always viewed...

Photo by Thomas Hawk

california horse mosaic landmark grapes sanfranciscobayarea bayarea napavalley napa napacounty fountan nationalregisterofhistoricplaces arslongavitabrevis hattbuilding nrhp downtownnapa usnationalregisterofhistoricplaces vitreousglassmosaic alanshepp hattmillbuilding ahattbuildings napamillingbuilding napamillingcompany

Ars Longa Vita Brevis (Life is Brief But Art Endures) is a series of mosaics at the Hatt Mill Building, designed by Napa artist Alan Shepp. The upper fountain mosaic reflects the Napa Valley's role in the epic of the American West, capturing the essence of the whole Napa Valley story, its glories and its tragedies. The lower fountain mosaic reflects the flora and fauna living in the Napa River. The several varieties of fish and fowl survive within the environs of sunken boats, wagon wheels and other vestiges of land based civilization. The circular mosaics on the plaza depict some of the native fish, fauna and animals living in the Napa river or its riparian habitat. The mosaics located on the Riverbend Plaza reflect the map of the downtown reach of the Napa River and native animals inhabiting its banks. The Hatt Mill Building, also known as the Napa Milling Building, located at a bend in the Napa River at 500 Main Street, was built by Captain Albert Hatt, a German sailor...

Photo by wallyg