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[SOLD] Used 1984 Lancer Boats 36 Sloop in Ventura, California

FINAL ADVERTISED PRICE: $18000 - - - - STOCK #051770 This boat has been sold (Hope to see you in San Diego, CA). Viewers who viewed this boat were.

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The Race to Save the Vaquita, the World’s Most Endangered Marine Mammal

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This is the vaquita. A porpoise species up to five feet in length, it's characterised by its small size, pale grey colour, and the dark rings around its eyes and mouth that make it look as if it’s smudged its make-up in its native waters of the Gulf of California. Thanks largely to illegal human activity, there are fewer than 100 vaquitas left. Some estimates put the number closer to 50. Experts forecast that with things as they are, the vaquita could die out in just a few years—and it’ll all be down to human causes. “I really can’t express how critical it is,” said Clare Perry, leader of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) oceans campaign. The vaquita is endemic to Mexico’s Gulf of California. Unfortunately for the vaquita, it’s not the only threatened fish in the sea, and while no one goes out to kill the few remaining vaquitas, they’ve found themselves embroiled in the tragedy of another critically endangered endemic species: the... Totoaba macdonaldi is a large fish that has seen its population decrease for decades. It’s been illegal to fish the totoaba since 1975, but there’s a strong incentive for people to continue poaching it: the dried swim bladder of a single totoaba can fetch over $10,000 on the black markets in Hong Kong and mainland China. Totoaba swim bladder on sale in Guangzhou. The vaquita has essentially found itself an innocent bystander in this illegal fishing trade, which spans from the north of Mexico to the south of China and has recently seen an increase in demand. Totoaba swim bladder is weird-looking stuff. In fish, the swim bladder contains gas and helps control buoyancy. In China, it can be considered a delicacy and is believed to have medicinal properties, but Gloria Chang, manager of the Greenpeace East Asia office, said one of its main attractions was simply its high price. “It’s not a normal product which people can consume in their daily or normal life,” she explained, but rather “a product for speculation, investment. And of course, the more endangered the totoaba gets, the more rare its swim bladder will become, and the higher price some people will be willing to pay. Perry said that more work needed to be done to understand the market, but that the fish bladder, also known as fish maw, seemed to be sold as more of a day-to-day product than ivory or rhino horn, which are bought as status symbols. The problem is that the nets used to catch the totoaba in Mexico—sweeping walls of “gillnets” that are designed to trap fish in their mesh—are also perfect for a vaquita to get tangled in. The vaquita needs to come to the surface to breathe, and... Image: Alejandro Rivas/Greenpeace. Gillnets have been completely banned in a much larger area of the gulf since April. local fishermen are not allowed to use them to fish commercially for shrimp and finfish any more than poachers can purposely target the totoaba. But earlier this month, Greenpeace reported that its activists had discovered ten gillnets around San Felipe, a fishing town to the north of the gulf. they go with small boats, five or six people, to fish the totoaba,” said Silvia Diaz, who leads the Greenpeace oceans campaign in Mexico. “They can even fish 100 totoaba in one night. According to Diaz, the situation is exacerbated by the involvement of gangs or cartels in the trade. “They see that it’s more lucrative than cocaine, and also the legal risk is too low, because it’s not a ‘hard’ crime here in Mexico,” she said. Rafael Pacchiano Alamàn, undersecretary for environmental protection at SEMARNAT, Mexico’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, said that while it was difficult to confirm a connection, “What we have found is that the illegal fishermen... “It’s very likely the cartels are participating in the illegal fishing, because the prices that the Asian markets are paying are so high that obviously would be very attractive for this kind of business,” he said. Stephen Dudley of Insight Crime, an organisation that analyses organised crime in the Americas, said he also couldn’t corroborate any cartel connection with the totoaba trade but that it appeared to be an organised crime activity. “In order to fish and distribute an illegal item to Asia, there has to be a strong OC [organized crime] network,” he pointed out. It’s too much for environmental inspectors to take on: In April, Mexican.

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Polished Brass Finish Ship Bell and Anchor Wall Hanging


Price: $29.82

Whether ringing in the new year or calling the troops for dinner time, this polished brass finish metal bell will highlight your wall in nautical style featuring an anchor shaped bracket and a twisted rope pull. It`s great to ring in a sales office, too! It easily hangs on the wall using two screws (included) through the pre-drilled holes. Hanging on the wall, it measures 12 inches high from the top of the bracket to the bottom of the rope pull and 7 inches from the wall. The bracket is 7 1/8 inches high and 4 inches wide while the bell measures 4 1/2 inches high and 4 5/8 inches in diameter. This awesome working bell would look amazing in any nautical themed room whether in your home, bar, restaurant or beach house, and makes a great gift for a boat enthusiast! For residents of California - California Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and/or other reproductive harm. This notice is being provided in accordance with California's Proposition 65. Read more about Prop 65 on the State of California Prop 65 website.


Max Professional FG6-067-106 Fire Gone 6-can Countertop Display


Price: $41.78

Fire Gone Fire Suppressant is effective on most common fires. Simple to use can and spray nozzle design makes fighting fires fast and easy. Biodegradable and easy clean up. Item Weight - 16 oz. Recommended forKitchen, Garage, Office, Car, Dorm, Camping, RV, Grilling, Boat, Fireplace, Workshop. NOT available for sale in California.


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Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

Browse Through Our Current Listings Below

Browse Through Our Current Listings Below
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... 290 Coastal used fishing boat in Anaheim, California For Sale

... 290 Coastal used fishing boat in Anaheim, California For Sale
Image by anaheim.showmethead.com

... challenger is a wonderful pontoon boat perfect for a fishing boat

... challenger is a wonderful pontoon boat perfect for a fishing boat
Image by www.cheapusedcarsbyowner.com

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Proposed 1983 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Lease Sale Offshore Central California
Proposed 1983 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Lease Sale Offshore Central California

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2012 Nissan Rogue
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Please contact the seller to confirm pricing, features, odometer, and availability of this vehicle. Buying or selling a car? Find the best deals on new and used cars, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, trucks and boats.

MarineMax Rating Lowered to Strong Sell at Zacks (HZO)
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steamer hermosa cabrillo catalinaislandcalifornia

Postmarked July 16, 1921. From Wikipedia... SS Cabrillo was an wooden steamship used to deliver tourists across California's San Pedro Channel to Santa Catalina Island. The "Banning Era" The Banning brothers of Wilmington played a huge role in transportation to the island even before their purchase in 1891. The Bannings owned the Wilmington Transportation Company, and provided the steamships used to deliver tourists from Los Angeles to the island's city of Avalon. When they eventually bought the island in 1891, their company had already provided the necessary transportation to Catalina. However, with new technology and a growing population of visitors, steamships were being replaced quite frequently. The Banning brothers, who now owned the island, showed even more interest in improving passenger service to Catalina. So they designed two steamships specifically for the Catalina run. The first was the SS Hermosa II, followed by the SS Cabrillo. Once the construction of...

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Recently my friend Bill Storage asked a question in DeletemeUncensored titled "What's Wrong With Flickr." The thread wasn't meant to complain about Flickr but to talk about how Flickr could be improved if one were starting from scratch. I wrote a couple of long responses out to Bill in the thread, but thought that some of the ideas really belonged in a longer-form blog post. Alot of people give me crap for criticizing Flickr. They ask me why I use Flickr if "hate" it so much. The fact of the matter is that I don't hate Flickr at all. In fact I love Flickr (even if they don't love me anymore). I spend more time on Flickr than any other site on the web. I think Flickr represents the best place on the web for a photographer to share photos today and I think as a whole that Flickr is one of the cultural gems of our lifetime. What's more, a lot of the stuff on Flickr works really, really well and is really really great. That said, I've always viewed...

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Ars Longa Vita Brevis (Life is Brief But Art Endures) is a series of mosaics at the Hatt Mill Building, designed by Napa artist Alan Shepp. The upper fountain mosaic reflects the Napa Valley's role in the epic of the American West, capturing the essence of the whole Napa Valley story, its glories and its tragedies. The lower fountain mosaic reflects the flora and fauna living in the Napa River. The several varieties of fish and fowl survive within the environs of sunken boats, wagon wheels and other vestiges of land based civilization. The circular mosaics on the plaza depict some of the native fish, fauna and animals living in the Napa river or its riparian habitat. The mosaics located on the Riverbend Plaza reflect the map of the downtown reach of the Napa River and native animals inhabiting its banks. The Hatt Mill Building, also known as the Napa Milling Building, located at a bend in the Napa River at 500 Main Street, was built by Captain Albert Hatt, a German sailor...

Photo by wallyg