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RC Boat,KingPow-DeXop High Speed Electric Fast RC Boat Radio Remote Control Boat(The Motor And...

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Fast Electric R/C Race Boat at Jacobsen Park !

We're at Jacobsen Park Lake in Lexington Kentucky running a small 22" electric deep- vee hull race boat. The water is very rough for this little boat due to a.

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RC Boat Extremely Fast High Speed Remote Control Boat from DreamZ


Price: $75.00

Electric Powered Full Function Twin Motors Based on a Real Luxury Boat Ready To Run Easy to Drive 15+ MPH Suitable to Play In Lakes, Rivers, and Pools Length: 25.5 Inches Width: 6.5 Inches Height: 4 Inches Rechargeable Extremely Well Made and Looks GreatRelated Products

Azimport BM2 Yellow 17 in. 1-25 Electric Mini Tracer Racing RC Boat Toy - Yellow


Price: $33.60

We are very pride to provide the innovative and creative model toy which everyone can enjoy. We provide toys and games to create a new dream world. We are designing, developing and manufacturing high quality, innovative toys and games around the world. We offer the highest quality products that bring people together to learn and create. This is the brand new 1:25 Electric Mini Tracer 17 in. RC Racing Boat. Highly detailed features make this boat one of a kind. This RC boat comes with a high performance 380 Type racing motor for super fast speeds and great maneuvering capabilities. Also, it has a 9.6v 700 mAh NiCd rechargeable battery and charger! Measuring over 17 inches long and featuring authentic and stylish detailing, this craft is perfect for pools, small ponds, rivers and lakes. Take this fully functional reproduction of an offshore boat out to the water and watch it cruise! The propeller can be controlled from the transmitter to provide top speeds with forward, left and right turning functions. Features 1-25 Electric Mini Tracer Racing RC Boat Toy Fully Functional Remote Control Large Capacity Rechargeable Battery High Speed Motor Large Torsion Propeller Includes: 1:25 Electric Mini Tracer RC Racing Boat 9V Battery for Controller Boat Rack Extra Propellers, Spring Washer & Thread Nut Specifications Color: Yellow Size: 17 in. Dimension: 8.5" W x 17" L


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RC Boats by Offshore Electrics
As one of the early retailers to specialize in fast electric rc boats, OSE brought in dozens of brand names such as Aeromarine Laminates, Aquacraft, ...

R/c Boats, Fastest RTR Electric & Nitro on the Web!
We carry Graupner rc electric motors for rc electric boats. Our Offshore Style Electric Rc Boats are the quickest growing segment of the growing Rc Boat Hobby.

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Fast Rc Boats Electric

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29Inch BT901 Fast GiG Racing Electric RC Boat

29Inch BT901 Fast GiG Racing Electric RC Boat
Image by ... n2622j.jpg ... n2622j.jpg
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Radio Controlled Fast Electric Power Boats
Published by Aztex Corporation 1985
ISBN 0852427530,9780852427538
112 pages

Radio Controlled Cars
Radio Controlled Cars
28 pages

When it comes to radio controlled cars, few hobbies can match the untethered thrills of R/C cars. Whether screaming across the asphalt or bounding over a dirt course, R/C cars offer enthusiasts an ever-increasing level of power, detail, and sophistication. In this volume for veteran and newbie R/C enthusiasts alike, radio controlled cars writer Robert Schleicher offers an outstanding guide on -Radio Controlled Cars -Radio Controlled Helicopters -Making a Radio Controlled Boat -Building The Fastest Radio Controlled Car -Getting Started With Radio Controlled Hobbies -And Much More

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World’s Fastest Electric Racing Car — Nissan ZEOD RC (Video)
06/22/13, via CleanTechnica

History making? You get to decide. Also posted on 1Sun4All. LE MANS, France – Nissan today unveiled the groundbreaking, innovative ZEOD RC – the world’s fastest electric racing car that will reach speeds of more than 300km/h with electric ...

World’s Fastest Electric Motor Boat Inspired by Mercedes SLS EV
02/15/13, via AutoGuide

Being boasted as the world’s most powerful and fastest electrically-driven motor boat, the Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept has an output of 2,200 hp and a maximum torque of 2,213 lb-ft and measures in at 38 feet long. Fittingly, the boat is finished ...

Atomik RC Launches New Website And Releases A.R.C 58″ RTR Electric Boat
05/02/12, via Radio Control Car Action

Atomik RC officially launches their new website and social media sites, and they have also released their first RC vehicle, the new A.R.C 58″ RTR electric boat. Read the press release below for all the details: Atomik RC proudly announces the release of ...

electric radio boat control fast fe rc hydroplane

1980s era S&L Hustler 40 Nitro Hydroplane kit boat. Built and modified for electric power in 2015. Leopard 4082 brushless motor. SeaKing v3 180 amp ESC 2 2s 5000mah 7.4v Lipo batteries or 2 3s 5000mah 11.1v Lipo batteries.

Photo by Donahos

electric radio boat control fast fe rc hydroplane

1980s era S&L Hustler 40 Nitro Hydroplane kit boat. Built and modified for electric power in 2015. Leopard 4082 brushless motor. SeaKing v3 180 amp ESC 2 2s 5000mah 7.4v Lipo batteries or 2 3s 5000mah 11.1v Lipo batteries.

Photo by Donahos

electric radio boat control fast fe rc hydroplane

1980s era S&L Hustler 40 Nitro Hydroplane kit boat. Built and modified for electric power in 2015. Leopard 4082 brushless motor. SeaKing v3 180 amp ESC 2 2s 5000mah 7.4v Lipo batteries or 2 3s 5000mah 11.1v Lipo batteries.

Photo by Donahos