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El Grande Paco Sleeping Pad Red

  • Waterproof PVC shell
  • 3in D x 27in W x 72in L, 10.5in rolled...

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GRAND inflatable boat Silver Line S420NL with 30HP - perfect family boat!

This package is a really unbeatable solution as a medium size family boat, which is very light and easily fit your garage. Lots of space, elegant look, modern.

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At FIAC, a Museum Cruise Along the Seine

For all the activity across Paris, the centerpiece of the FIAC remains the Grand Palais, where there will be 173 galleries from 23 countries, predominantly European. Among the galleries exhibiting here for the first time are the Modern Institute of

Experiencing the best trout fishing — ever

The day began with an early launch of three 14-foot SOTAR inflatable polyurethane rafts at Deadmans Bar, one of the most scenic and enjoyable portions of the Snake River. It's also safe to add one of the “traditionally most productive fisheries” as well.

Mohammed's Journey: A Syrian's long quest for a normal life

That was more than the going rate of around $1,200, but it meant a sturdier wooden boat, presumably safer than the inflatable dingies that smugglers cram most migrants on, and they'd have it for themselves. They set off just after dawn. Through two

Postcards from Kos & Lesbos

Source: downwritefiction

We are two adults and two children and dab hands at finding out-of-the-way, self-catering pensions, friendly people, wonderful food and drink, we take foreign holidays without breaking the bank. One of the kids is studying to become a vet, while the other's in middle school. This year, much of my writing has been preoccupied with ISIS and the refugee situation. Every summer, families of Arabs from the nearest parts of the Middle East would come to Bursa on grand shopping and sightseeing expeditions. Nowadays, Syrians come to Turkey in their millions to escape the civil war. But a small proportion of them have no intention of staying here, they merely pass through this country en route for Europe. Kos is the island British newsrag The Daily Mail slags off for being spoilt by Syrian and other refugees. Although this June, when we arrive at Kos Town harbour there are no refugees in sight. Either local officials have got them all out of the way, or the numbers have temporarily gone down. Anyway, late June is the height of the debt crisis and the Greeks have other matters on their minds. Our landlord tells us the island's economic problems are made worse by the European Union's dismantling of their old subsistence economy: they have no crops or animals to fall back on. Also, many villagers having emigrated to the USA or Australia,... Kos has been denuded by one exodus only to be swamped by another. So where are those scenes from the Daily Mail photographs. On the afternoon of Day One, we manage a visit to the beach at Lambi for our first swim of the hols. News of that morning's shootings of British tourists in Tunisia has broken and I can feel the tension as the tourists sit on their loungers, drinking beers and frappés, staring across the sea towards Turkey. The trees behind the beach are littered with punctured inflatables and discarded life jackets. Incredibly, none of the little boats that hit the beach carry either refugees or jihadis. Up to then, there have been no fatalities on the beaches of the South Aegean dramatic enough to make the headlines - like the death of Alan Kurdi will do in September. Certainly, our time on the beaches of Kos is not as idyllic as the day trip we took here a few years ago. Though we have glorious sunshine for the duration, no matter which side of the island we drive to, there are strong breezes and high waves that make swimming a little too much effort. After ten days, we come home to Turkey feeling we haven't had our fill of the sea. So, for the end of August we book an extra week - this time on Lesbos, an island much closer to us. Meanwhile, the weather throughout the region simmers up to the sultry sultry high summer calm: temperatures in the mid 30s and only light winds. We leave Bursa again on August 22 Before I go on to describe the scenes on Lesbos, here's a bit of back-story. My first sight of people smuggling from Turkey to the Greek islands was the summer of 2011. We were holidaying at Turgut Reis on the Bodrum peninsular – a stone's throw from Kos. About seven-thirty one morning I had gone down to the town's quayside looking for fish to buy. There's a slab of marble at the pier head, where the small fishing boat owners sell those parts of their catch they don't want for themselves. On the near side of the pier is a fenced off area where the Coast Guard boat ties up. Well, I'd had no luck with the fishermen, another guy having bid for the only lot on offer - a half-cannibalised tray of mixed bream and mullet – and I was about... The arrival of the cutter created a small stir among the folk wandering about at that time in the morning. It was not by any means an ungodly hour, for Turgut Reis isn't rowdy like its neighbour Bodrum Town, where you get overnight revellers mixing with the early-to-work crowd. Here there were just a few tourist joggers, street gleaners and oddball characters like me. We moved forward to the fence and watched as the yacht was brought alongside. A couple of Coast Guard tars were on deck and at first I thought we were witnessing the recovery of a rich man's plaything that had gone adrift. Once the boat was tied up, a hatch opened and people started to squeeze through. It was a yacht of around thirty feet, big enough for four berths - six at a pinch.

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TACO 15' Silver/Silver Outrigger Poles - 1-1/8" Diameter


Price: $710.74

15' Silver/Silver Outrigger Poles - 1-1/8" Diameter, Taco Sport Fishing continues to enhance the thrill of blue water fishing, with the ultimate in telescoping outriggers. Taco Marine's patented, Tele-Outriggers are strong and sturdy even in the roughest seas with, multiple trolling lines. More lines mean more fish! Whether using Taco, Marine's Grand Slam 170 or Striker Base, you'll be sure to find the perfect, fit for a great day of fishing,

TACO 12' Silver/Silver Center Rigger Pole - 1-1/8" Diameter


Price: $366.58

12' Silver/Silver Center Rigger Pole - 1-1/8", Taco Sport Fishing continues to enhance the thrill of blue water fishing, with the ultimate in telescoping outriggers. Taco Marine's patented, Tele-Outriggers are strong and sturdy even in the roughest seas with, multiple trolling lines. More lines mean more fish! Whether using Taco, Marine's Grand Slam 170 or Striker Base, you'll be sure to find the perfect, fit for a great day of fishing,


Welcome to GRAND inflatable boats! With over 40 models of top-rated rigid inflatable boats and foldable boats from Dinghies & Tenders to Sport, Luxury and ...

PRODUCTS - GRAND Inflatable Boats
Welcome to GRAND inflatable boats! With over 30 models of top-rated rigid inflatable boats and foldable boats from Dinghies & Tenders to Sport, Luxury and ...

Grand Inflatable Boats
My first inflatable boat was Novurania 12′. In year 2005 I purchased my first GRAND boat Silver Line S370 and we were happy with our choice.

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Grand Inflatable Boats

Martin Litton (born February 13, 1917) is a Grand Canyon river runner and a longtime environmental activist, best known as a staunch opponent of the construction of Glen Canyon Dam and other dams on the Colorado River.
Although not a well-known environmental activist until the 1950s, as early as October 1935 he wrote a letter to the Los Angeles Times at the age of 18, which read in part: "The people of the entire state should rise up against the destruction of Mono Lake. Mono Lake is a gem-among California's greatest scenic attractions."
He first floated the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in 1955, at the time becoming only the 185th person known to have made the trip down the river first pioneered by John Wesley Powell. He ran the river again in 1962 and continued to run the Colorado for decades afterward, founding Grand Canyon Dories in 1971 and running commercial river trips through the 1970s and 1980s. Litton showed a contrarian preference for using small wooden boats, known as dories, at a time when other river runners had mostly switched to inflatable rubber rafts. These boats were originally used in Oregon; it was Litton who adapted their use to the Colorado River.

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.


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Royal Wedding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle commemorative Royal collectors item, Professional Photo imported from the original camera file to guarantee finest image quality on your gift products.

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Charcoal Grey and Red Pinstripe Gift Wrap


This men's wrapping paper has a charcoal grey and red pinstripe design on it. It is one of a large assortment of gorgeous wrapping paper obtainable from Superkalifragilistic.

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News - GRAND Inflatable Boats

News - GRAND Inflatable Boats
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Grand Inflatable Boats FOR SALE from Concord Ontario Toronto @ Adpost ...

Grand Inflatable Boats FOR SALE from Concord Ontario Toronto @ Adpost ...
Image by

Grand Inflatable Boats at the 52nd Toronto International Boat Show

Grand Inflatable Boats at the 52nd Toronto International Boat Show
Image by

Google Books

The Complete Book of Inflatable Boats
The Complete Book of Inflatable Boats
Published by ProStar Publications 1980
ISBN 093003015X,9780930030155
256 pages

Lakeland Boating
Lakeland Boating

Cooking recipes

Ham Salad Pineapple Boats
Ingredients:ham, celery, green pepper, mayonnaise, mustard, pineapple

Stuffed Zucchini Boats
Ingredients:thyme, eggs, french bread, ground beef, onions, parmesan cheese, salt, tomato sauce, water, zucchini

Grand Marnier Beets
Ingredients:beets, cornstarch, triple sec, orange juice, orange, salt, sugar, vinegar

Grand Champion Apple Pie Recipe
Ingredients:brown sugar, pie crust, pie crust, sugar, flour, lemon juice, water, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, salt

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At FIAC, a Museum Cruise Along the Seine
10/22/15, via New York Times

The Louvre, the Grand Palais, the Musée d’Orsay and the Musée du Quai ... to FIAC or its sister fair Officielle (€15), visitors can board the boats, known as bâteaux mouches, at designated points along the river. Some but not all of the museums ...

Indian among eight women to undertake first ''Access Water'' expedition on Ganges
10/18/15, via

Starting today, Mercury Himalayan Explorations (MHE) has launched a grand River Expedition – 'Ganga Source To Sea' wherein 8 women explorers have embarked across a 7-continent journey, on 4 river rafts, 2 inflatable rib boats, covering 2510 kilometers

An inexpensive, outdoors adventure can be had in Northeast Ohio
10/10/15, via The Morning Journal

Packrafts are insanely lightweight, inflatable, durable ... But it’s good to know I have that option and that my boat can take whatever punishment the Grand or any other area river can throw its way, especially considering how many miles I’ve already ...

rescue tower ford boat chief engine utility alf hobby ambulance replica chevy pierce fireengine ladder rib squad hummer mack ems command gmc diorama matchbox seagrave 1000views fictional scalemodel diecast americanlafrance atr firerescue ldv fireservice firstresponder eone emergencyvehicle johnnylightning code3 boley heavyrescue diecastcar diecastmodel saulsbury incidentcommand diecasttruck diecastcollection code3collectibles 164diecast diecastvehicle fdmb 1stpix diecastdiorama 164truck 1stpixdiecastdioramas 164vehicle 164firerescue emergencyscene diecastfire 164diorama 164car johnnylightningdiecast baynardcounty 164fireengine 164firedepartment 164emergency populardiecast populardiorama firedepartmentmetrobaynard mostvieweddiecast dioramamaker

After a hectic day of Hazardous Materials Response Training along a temporarily closed section of the highway, FDMB Fire-Rescue crews line-up their vehicles for an overflight photo from the Aviation Unit. 1/64 scale Code 3 Collectibles, Johnny Lightning, Matchbox, and Boley diecast. CLICK on the (Blue) notes for close-ups of the FDMB Fleet. FDMB Heavy Rescue Ladder 43 Traffic/ Auxiliary Units FDMB Engine 38 FDMB Marine Patrol Baynard County Joint Operations Command District Fire Chief FDMB ATR Hummer FDMB Rescue Ambulance (Paramedic) FDMB Squad 52 FDMB Jeep Grand Cherokee Fire-Medic FDMB Engine 45 1stPix Dioramas: FAQ

Photo by Phil's 1stPix

county arizona usa river boat dock colorado quote dam plateau center exhibit canyon historic glen page coloradoriver runner visitor backroad exhibits boatman marston visitorcenter coconino highway89 us89 coloradoplateau glencanyondam windinthewillows carlhaydenvisitorcenter coconinocounty riverrunner azhike alhikesaz zb2012 dockmarston

On our camping trip to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park, we made several stops along the way. This is an exhibit in the Carl Hayden Visitor Center at Glen Canyon Dam. The sign at the Exhibit reads: "This is a sport yak used by legendary River Runner Dock Marston on a trip down the Colorado River in 1963. Valves to control the water through the newly constructed Glen Canyon Dam were closed to allow minimal water downstream while Lake Powell was filled. Bigger inflatable boats and dories couldn't make the journey at the low water flow. " ". . .there is nothing - absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats . . . in or out of 'em, it doesn't really matter. Nothing seems to really matter and that's the charm of it." River Rat, Wind in the Willows The “DOCK” is a Sportyak II, made by Dayton Marine Products, Inc. And is vacuum formed of linear polyethelene. Length: 88 3/8 inches;...

Photo by Al_HikesAZ

blackandwhite history boats dock rust kayak coloradoriver raft georgie gem jetboat preservation grandcanyonnationalpark kirschbaum rivertravel sportyak

Catalog # GRCA 13670 . Object: RAFT . Description: . Inflatable 10-man neoprene raft painted silver. Reads "Woman of the River" and "Georgie" in red lettering along each side of the boat. The body of the boat is made up of an irregular oval shaped tube with three tubes running perpendicular across the oval. This was one of the boats used by Georgie White to run the Colorado River in the 1950’s with her commercial river rafting . company. When the boat was originally donated by Georgie White in 1960, for display, the park did not want to display the boat with the lettering on it for fear that it would look like they were endorsing Georgie’s company. According to correspondence in the accession folder, Georgie offered to bring a can of neoprene paint to cover the lettering. Image # 4682 shows the boat on display in 1964, without the lettering, so at some point the lettering was covered, possibly by Georgie. In June 1979, NPS employees Starr Sweeney and Pat...

Photo by Grand Canyon NPS