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Master Lock 2953AT 11.13 x 9.62 in. 12V Electric Portable Winch

Features 12v Electric portable winch 6,000 lbs. Rolling, 5,000 lbs. Marine & 2,000 lbs. Pulling capacity 27 lbs. Workhorse can help around the farm The lake house or off road The 30, 29 ft. Working length Braided steel cable has a 6 ft. Per minute with load line Speed has a remote control cable for operation that is 9 ft. To 9 in. Length The 20 ft. Power cord allows you to mount this winch anywhere on your vehicle Draws 4a to 6a with a 150 lbs. Load & 20a with a 2000 lbs. Load, maximum boat weight 5,000 lbs. Dimension - 14 x 11.13 x 9.62 in. Item weight - 25.43 lbs.

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