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HEAVY DUTY 600D WATERPROOF FABRIC. TRI-PURPOSE COVERSTORAGEMOORINGTRAILERING. HAS ELASTIC BAND AS WELL AS STRAPS. BEST STRAP SYSTEM AVAILABLE. UNBEATABLE WARRANTY. Toll Free Information Hotline 1-800-309-5190. Sales hours: Monday - Friday 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. Central Standard Time. These are the best boat covers available. They are suitable for STORAGE, MOORING, AS WELL AS TRAILERING. The cover is made from marine grade polyester canvass. The cover is made from 7.8 oz600d600 denier solution dyed polyester. The fabric is then coated twice with polyurethane on the bottom or downside, UV protected, and mildew protected. What this all adds up to is the best cover available. It is nearly twice as thick as what you see readily available commercially. It is designed to keep water out, as it is WATERPROOF. Yet, water vapor can permeate it, so it will keep moisture out, but will not keep moisture in 600d is an indirect measurement of density and weight. The higher the number, the heavier, thicker, and heavier duty. This is the thickest cover you will find. You will see a lot of 300d, even 150d covers, which are proportionally half as thick and 14 as thick as our covers. These are very waterproof. These will collect water. If you are going to use this for storage or in any condition on your boat where rain could collect on it, we would highly recommend some type of support system. Support systems are readily available online. It does not have to be anything incredibly complex. just enough to create and arch so it can shed rather than collect water. A very common and economical way to do this is to build a support system or 'skeleton' with pvc pipe. Grey electrical conduit works very well and is even less expensive. SPECIFICS FOR THIS COVER: This particular unit will fit a pontoon or deck boat with deck or playpen area between 21 ft and 24 ft AND A BEAM OF UP TO 102. It will accomodate up to a 102 beam, which is very standard for pontoon boats of this length.

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