Pontoon Boat Dock

Dock Edge Standard Pontoon Fender - Black - 6" X 36" Adjusts From 17" To 34" 53

Designed especially for pontoon boats. Designed to attach to various deck styles and contains a dual hooking system to keep the fender from popping up and flying around. Adjusts from 17"-34". Protects from above the top railing to 4 or 5 inches below the floor trim, or can be adjusted to protect the pontoons themselves. PVC fender with a tapered design, sheds water and other objects off or away from the boat. Unique, adjustable hook system behind the fender, allows you to adjust to the height of your fencing. The lower hook has an adjustable tab to fit your thick or thin rub rail. Pad behind fender prevents damage to fencing. SIZE: 6"x36"COLOR: Black MFG# 53-136-F 53136F UPC# 776113531365

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