2 person Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Wow Sports 12-8000 6 Person Inline Watersled Inflatable And Towable

The 6-person inline banana boat from WOW Resort Sports offers great stability because of its extra wide body. WOW has doubled the size of each pontoon for added stability. The extra width also makes it very easy to mount the banana boat from the water. The watersled is made from heavy duty 1100 Denier, 28oz. Reinforced PVC. This commercial grade banana boat is perfect for resorts, summer camps, and anywhere else you need a long lasting heavy duty towable. The experts at WOW made sure every part of this banana boat will last a long time; from the 4 double reinforced tow point to the reinforced PVC handles. WOW Resort Sports uses only the best materials to make sure your rental towable last a long time.

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