Pictures Of Rowing Boats

Handcrafted Model Ships light-blue-oar-24 24 in. Wooden Herring Cove Decorative Squared Rowing Boat Oar with Hooks

We are the industry leader in authentic, high quality model ships and nautical decor Model ship building has been the lifelong hobby and we have built a wide variety of model ships and consider ourselves an expert tall ship historian. With the dream to share the passion for model ships with the world we offer a variety of high quality model ships. The goal is to bring class, beauty, and elegance to your home or office through our model ships. A glowing recreation of a nautical and fishing classic, these Red Japanese Glass Floats with Brown Netting 24 inch are the perfect piece of nautical wall art whether in your home or office Enjoy the charming inner warmth as lights play through the glass bubble, perfectly contrasted with the authentic fishing rope holding it in place Mesmerizing and enchanting, enjoy the historic wonder and brilliant style of this Japanese glass bass fishing float each and every day. Our Japanese Glass Ball Fishing Floats come in various colors (blue, light blue, and red) so mix and match to create your own perfect beach wall art decoration. Features Handcrafted blown glass floats Comes with 3 of 2 inch floats, 2 of 3 inch floats, 1 of 4 inch glass floats tied individually The measurement of 24 inch is measured from the first glass float to the last glass float pictured Authentic fishing rope surrounds each glass floats Excellent beach wall decoration Wooden Herring Cove Decorative Squared Rowing Boat Oar with Hooks Specifications Size: 24" Dimension: 3" H x 1" W x 24" L Weight: 1 lbs

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