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Old Modern Handicrafts T115 Esmeralda Painted Model Boat

Our unique Esmeralda Painted model is handcrafted from beautiful wood such as rosewood mahogany teak along with various other exotic wood. The hull is constructed using a plank-on-frame method and each strip of exotic wood is carefully joined together to form a smooth hull. This model is completely hand built to specifications by skillful and creative master craftsmen. You will be amazed at how real it looks. The ship is painted in actual lustrous two-tone color of black and white. On the ship you will spot amazing details such as wooden bowsprit foremast mainmast and mizzen mast. They are all connected to numerous fabric sails with detailed stitching. All riggings are painstakingly fastened by hand in matching colors. On the main deck you can spot a two-story deck with open windows wooden ladders wooden buckets a large wooden lantern and wooden canoes. On the quarter deck there are wooden cabins and a wooden bridge. On the poop deck there is a navigational area with metal steering wheels along with wooden buckets. The beak deck quarter deck and poop deck are surrounded with metal fences. You can easily spot two rows of crafted open circles on each side of the hull and wooden anchors hanging just above the waterline. There is also a wooden rudder and a metal propeller to help the ship maneuver in the right direction. An attached wooden stand with a nameplate engraved Esmeralda is standard on this model. Our model was built according to scale through original plans pictures and drawings. We absolutely use no plastic parts. Only the highest quality wood and metal parts are used. This model is carefully secured and packed inside a wooden crate for easy shipping purposes. Our Esmeralda model comes fully-assembled and ready to be display. The approximate weight is 85 pounds.

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