Used Inflatable Pontoon Boats

Twin Eye Ribbed Boat Pontoon Fender 4.5" x 16" 4pcs Inflatable Vinyl Mooring Bumpers Guard Dock Docking - White.

4.5" x 16" TWIN EYE RIBBED INFLATABLE BOAT FENDERS - SET OF FOUR (4)FEATURES INCLUDE: Vertical ribs for extra protection Reinforced tube ends to prevent lines from being pulled through if the fender gets caught in a tight spot Fenders are shipped deflated to save shipping costs Can be hung Vertical or Horizontal Super-soft fenders are non-abrasive Quantity: Set of 4 Inflatable Boat Fenders Style: Twin Eye Ribbed Size: 4.5" x 16" Color: WhiteDIMENSIONS: 10" x 28" FENDER SIZING GUIDE Recommended size for fenders by Boat Length: Boats up to 10 ft: 4.5" x 16" Twin/Single Eye Boats from 10-30 ft: 6.5" x 23" Twin Eye Boats from 15-40 ft: 8.5" x 27" Twin Eye Boats from 20-30 ft: 6.0" x 15" Center Hole Boats from 30-40 ft: 8.0" x 20" Center Hole Boats from 40-50 ft: 10" x 28" Center Hole Consider using a larger size fender if mooring in high winds, rough water, or unprotected moorings. Many factors should be considered when determining what size fender to use. If in doubt, seek professional advice. Important! Do not over-inflate as this will weaken the product and reduce its lifetime

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