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Classic Accessories 32-005-040401-00 - Pontoon Boat Parts Repair Kit - Large

Classic Pontoon Boat Parts Repair Kits are complete packs of essential back-up parts for extented outdoor trips and emergencies. Complete pack of essential back-up parts for extended outdoor trips. Fits easily in a pontoon pocket for immediate access and use. Peace of mind knowing you have back-up parts when far from home. Back-up parts kit has everything you could need for an emergency. Spring clevis pins to secure the pontoon frame. Inflation adapter allows for a variety of pumps to be used. Bladder repair kit to maintain high performance of pontoons. Non-corrosive coated oarlocks. Size: Large. 4 large spring clevis pins. 1 pontoon inflation valve. 1 valve inflation adapter. 1 inflation valve wrench to loosen or tighten valve. 1 brass oar lock. 1 cotter pin to secure the oar lock. 2 seat bolt-wing nuts. 1 pontoon bladder patch kit. Extra wing nut bolts to secure frame. Fits: For Colorado and Rogue series pontoon boats.

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