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Toon-brite Aluminum Care Kit

by Toon-brite (Other Boats & Accessories)

The Toon-brite Aluminum Care Kit includes everything you need in one convenient package to clean, polish and restore the aluminum surfaces on your boat or RV. The Toon-brite Aluminum Care Kit includes aluminum cleaner, aluminum polish and restorer as well as an easy-to-use three-finger sprayer for hassle-free aluminum cleaner application. The Toon-brite Aluminum Cleaner easily cleans and brightens aluminum surfaces by removing damage-causing scum, lime deposits, oxidation and waterline stains without affecting paint, decals or trailer carpet. For heavy cleaning, (meaning boats that are left in water) dilute Toon-brite Aluminum Cleaner 50/50. For all other applications dilute 3-5 to 1. This 1/2 gallon container of super concentrated formula will make up to one gallon of aluminum cleaner. Toon-brite Aluminum Polish and Restorer works great on boats, RVs most other metal surfaces including copper, brass, stainless steel and chrome. Simply apply the Toon-brite Polish and Restorer by hand or with a 5"-6" buffer pad to enjoy a shiny, fresh appearance. 18 oz. jar. Cleans and brightens most aluminum surfaces Includes cleaner, polish and restorer Removes scum, lime deposits, oxidation and waterline stains
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