Types Of Row Boats

Yak-Gear Molded Paddle Clip Kit

by Yak-gear (Kayaks & Canoes)

Add or replace worn storage bungees, rod holders, paddle holders and anchor rigs with Yak Gears Rigging Kits. Universal fit for most kayaks and canoes. Stainless steel hardware and rigging tips. Available: Anchor Bar Cleat 4 anchor cleat perfect for canoes, kayaks and small boats. Provides a stable access point to secure anchors, drift socks, bow lines and safety lines. Anchor Trolley Kit Prevents changing currents from altering your fishing position by deploying an anchor, drift chute or stake-out pole. Mount just off the gunwale. Nylon pulley system allows adjustment from bow to stern. Maintain position using 2.3 mini zig zag cleats. Deluxe pulley system for ease of use. Includes complete pulley system, mini zig zag cleats and 30-ft. rope. Build A Crate Single Rig the exterior of your storage bucket or crate, or even a cooler with a rod holder. Easily attaches to any container with inside access. Adds to the efficiency of your storage, providing you with increased versatility. Build A Crate Triple Triple rod holder increases your canoe or kayaks storage efficiency. Mount to any bucket, crate or cooler with inside access. Holds three rods and the mounting bracket provides storage for pliers, hooks and other essentials. Bungee Deck Kit Upgrade your canoe or kayaks storage and secure more gear. Includes 10 ft. of 1/4 nylon bungee, six pad eyes and two J-hooks for deck mounting. EZ Loops Easily accessible loops add lashing points to your car that prevent transportation straps from rubbing on your vehicles paint. Easily install by opening your hood and trunk. The loops come through gap and are secured when you close the hood or trunk. Includes two loops.
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