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Novus 7030 Plastic Polish #2 - 8 Oz.

by Novus (Wax, Wash & Care)

With Novus #2 Fine Scratch Remover, you can buff years of fine scratches, abrasions and haze off of most any plastic material. Whether you want to restore that scratched Corian countertop, hazy automobile headlamps, motorcycle windshields or an acrylic aquarium that has lost its shine, Novus #2 is your product. Simply use a soft cloth to polish at right angles to the scratches, using plenty of Novus #2. Then use a clean cloth to polish the surface to a like-new sheen. To remove heavy scratches, use Novus #3 Heavy Scratch Remover (50928, sold separately) prior to this product. Use Novus #1 Clean and Shine (55695, sold separately) for a final polish. Restores solid surface countertops, sinks, motorcycle and snowmobile windshields, helmet visors, boat windows, fiberglass, automobile headlamps and interiors, aquariums and other plastic and acrylic products Removes scratches rather than filling Not recommended for use on eyeglass lenses or on coated plastics Also ideal for use on the following (among many others): PlexiglassLexanLucitePalsunAcrylitePolygalMakrol onVivak
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