Stupid Boat Names

America's Gestapo, the FBI the Kennedy Years

by Smashwords Edition (Miscellaneous)

This is the story of a sublimely mediocre family turned political powerhouse via ill-gotten gains - without the whitewash. How an egomaniacal patriarch buys the presidency of our nation for a drug addicted son so incompetent he once sank his own boat killing two crewmen. A womanizer without a shard of exhibited talent, JFK was elected because he was handsome and we were stupid. Other brilliant Kennedys include brother Robert who, with naught but the most piddling of talents, received a cabinet post whose power he used to kidnap Carlos Marcello - a crime for which he could have been hung, and brother Edward who, among his vast collection of achievements, include being kicked out of Harvard for cheating, drowning a friend while in a drunken stupor, renting an entire brothel for an evening's pleasure, while still believing his name alone made him presidential timber. For the rest of the story of how our lack of electoral discretion has wrecked our county, start at the beginning: America's Gestapo, the FBI Part I.
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