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CIPA Mirrors 02101 Cleat Seat L ALL

by Cipa (Seat & Interior Covers)

Dock Cleat Cleat Seat Cleat Seat; 6.5 in. x 10 in. Retractable; White w/Black Cleat; FEATURES: Strong Nylon Composite Durable Material Looks Much Nicer Than Aluminum Cleats Cleat Is Not Exposed When Not In Use Angled Sides Prevent Toe Stubbing Or Tripping CIPA's experience in the development and manufacture of rearview mirrors is derived from the European automotive industry. Until 1985, CIPA-USA was a subsidiary of CIPA-France, and innovative industry leader for over 65 years. Established in 1926, CIPA-France has played a major role in the design evolution of rearview mirrors. Clients in the European market include BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Volvo and Volkswagen. In the US market, CIPA mirrors can be found on Chrysler and Ford vehicles, plus some of the finest motorcycles, boats, ORV's, personal watercraft and snowmobiles manufactured. Since 1985, CIPA-USA has been a privately held U.S. Corporation operating in Port Huron, Michigan. CIPA has continued to show healthy growth year after year. CIPA currently manufactures its products in the U.S, Asia and France, and continues to provide high quality, fast-moving products setting sales volume records in almost every category sold. CIPA's high level of customer service and 'just in time' deliveries have converted CIPA from just a mirror supplier to a business partner. In 1987, CIPA entered the marine industry as a supplier of rearview mirrors to tournament ski boat manufacturers. Today, CIPA supplies mirrors to 100% of the tournament ski boats manufactured in the U.S. Since its entry into the marine industry, CIPA has introduced many innovative mirrors to enhance rearview safety in the family recreational and PWC segments. In the spring of 1992, CIPA introduced the first PWC aftermarket mirror, and remains the only company selling mirrors in that market today. CIPA-USA is the only company in the world with a full line of mirrors for all watercraft types.
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