Livewell For Jon Boat

AMRT-THSM-1KIT-DP.125 * TH Marine Aerator Thru-Hull with Strainer for 3/4" Hose

  • •No outside nut required
  • •Fits 3/4" hose

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Homemade livewell in jon boat

This is my inexpensive livewell creation to circulate the water and also pump it out when done using 1 pump.




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Never Wax Your Boat Again

Then, just as I was beginning to dread the upcoming compounding Olympics, Jon Boswell and Brad Martin of Engineered Marine Coatings (EMC) approached me last spring. They claimed to have developed a two-part marine coating called Quantum99 that 

Larry's Last Chance

Larry's grandfather, Abraham, a veteran of the 1905 Russo-Japanese War, spent six years saving for the boat fare that would take him out of Parczew, Poland. . The Tanenbaums, not surprisingly, live well. From left: Larry Tanenbaum with former

USCG: Missing US-based cargo ship sank during hurricane, search continues for ...

Chief Petty Officer Jon-Paul Rios said the Coast Guard and the owner of the 790-foot container ship El Faro concluded that the vessel sank after debris, containers and an oil sheen were found. "We're definitely still looking for survivors at this time

Never Wax Your Boat Again

Source: Boating Magazine - World's Largest Powerboat Magazine

The materials and processes used in painting a boat, and prepping for paint, must be treated with respect. Wear a respirator — not just a dust mask — with a cartridge rated for organic vapor protection installed. I am shown (on the following pages) wearing a half-face style, but full-face respirators incorporating a face shield are also available. Make sure it fits with a tight seal. Also be sure to wear safety glasses and gloves. EMC’s Genius Bucket contains most of what’s needed to paint a boat up to about 26-foot length overall. It includes two quarts of Quantum base color, quarts of activator, reducer and all-purpose cleaner, mixing cups, gloves, scour pads, roller handle, rollers, pan and more. The Genius Bucket costs $499 at geniusbucket. Advil had become as much a part of my spring make-ready kit as paintbrushes, grease and wrenches. That’s because I usually spent four days swinging a rotary polisher to remove the cloudy-white oxidation and return Breakaway ’s finish to glorious. All that work would carry the glossy, dark-blue finish from April until about mid-July at my home port in the Northeast. Were I a lower-latitude boater, the more-intense rays of the sun would require me to haul the boat and refinish it sooner. But there is another option: paint. Now, the best finish coatings are two-part paints. That’s what companies like Hinckley Yachts and Hatteras apply over gelcoat to achieve the toughest finish with the best gloss, color, flexibility and resistance to abrasion and chemicals. That’s what your local boatyard with a paint booth and the great rep will use. But historically “two-part” paints have been finicky to apply, may have required special equipment, and may have come at a high cost. Then, just as I was beginning to dread the upcoming compounding Olympics, Jon Boswell and Brad Martin of Engineered Marine Coatings (EMC) approached me last spring. They claimed to have developed a two-part marine coating called Quantum99 that was easy for DIY. It would provide a slick, glossy finish. a return to rich color. and it all fit in one five-gallon pail called the “Genius Bucket” for a retail price of $499. Grab a Tyvek suit, your respirator and some gloves and learn what happened next. It allows a fiberglass boat hull to more easily slip from its mold. It can also be colored, thereby saving a step in manufacturing. And it looks reasonably good — some of the new gels look really good — especially after a wax job. And the newer formulations are more resistant to ultraviolet damage than older gelcoats. But gelcoat isn’t a perfect finish. Over time, it gets ravaged by the sun, dulls and can become chalky. When that happens, you need to compound and wax with greater frequency just to maintain a so-so finish. Eventually, especially for some darker greens, blues and reds, no amount of compounding seems to work. Owners often resort to sanding before compounding, polishing and waxing to return the color and shine. At a certain point, the amount of work required to achieve a glossy, rich-colored finish can take days. in other words, almost the same amount of time it takes to prepare a boat hull for a paint job. Sure, paint prep might have taken a little longer. And, once the hull is prepped and the paint coating applied, the DIY boater is free from the semi-annual arm-building marathon known as detailing. Unlike gelcoat, paint doesn’t need to be waxed to remain glossy. Removing decals was the first task I undertook. The registration and the skinny stripe of my boat’s two-part boot stripe readily succumbed to a heat gun and some peeling. Where scraping was required, I used an old credit card. The fat part of my boot stripe was brittle and would break off after peeling every 2 or 3 inches … for 56 feet of striping. Removing the adhesive after removing the decals and stickers was the next task. A solvent was required. I have often had luck using WD-40 in conjunction with a plastic scraper for removing adhesive residue, and this worked here for all but the registration sticker adhesive. I went through a battery of solvents, including acetone and lacquer thinner, as well as off-the-shelf, ready-made “de-stickering” mixtures, finally discovering that denatured alcohol (the cheapest) worked best. Next, I had to remove the boat’s name and the original dealership name, both of which had been painted on. These were still bright and legible after 17 years, which supported the case for paint’s durability. In fact, paint’s ruggedness became painfully evident as I tried to remove the names.

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Livewell fabrication for Jon Boat
This is a livewell fabrication for a 1648 Semi-V Alumacraft Jon Boat utilizing the middle bench seat. It uses two 500gph Attwood Tsunami pumps.

Jon Boat Livewells (Big Indiana Bass)
I get lots of traffic to the site looking for information on jon boats and jon boat customizing. One of the sub-topics that seems to be popular is what to do about ...

Livewell in Jon boat
Operation of the livewell in my Jon boat and using a Lindy Bait Tamer in the livewell to hold the bait. Edit: after 1/2 a summer of using this, it works ...

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Jon Boat Livewell mockup - YouTube

Jon Boat Livewell mockup - YouTube
Image by

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17 Foot Aluminum Boats by Weldbilt Boats Aluminum boats
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Thread: Jon boat live well for sale

Thread: Jon boat live well for sale
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2008 Alweld 1648 Flat / Jon Boat For Sale in Southeast Louisiana - $8,000.00
10/10/14, via Louisiana Sportsman

Lights, bilge and 46lb motor guide... For sale: 2012 14'42' weldbilt flat boat with extended deck, side boxes (one livewell, one dry storage) and dry storage in back seat. Motor is a 1998 Yamaha 30hp three cylinder (rare) tiller handle short shaft that ...

Building A Livewell Out Of A Cooler
03/17/13, via The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide

I have a small jon boat that doesn't have a livewell in it but I would like to start fishing tournaments out of it. I was thinking about building one out of a hard plastic ice cooler. Does anyone have any experience with making one of these? If so ...

Flat / Jon Boat in New Orleans
02/06/12, via Louisiana Sportsman

Huge front and rear decks! Comes with Motor Guide 67lb trolling motor, livewell with fill and recirculate. Front anchor... 2009 Xpress HD 20 bay boat with a 115 Yamaha four stroke (LF115TXR) also has a Garmin 420 GPS, 75lbs troweling motor Kentwood CD ...