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Bright Eyes Green & Red Aluminum Portable Marine LED Boating Lights - Boat Bow or Stern Emergency...

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Dave Scadden's New 2016 Fuzion F1 Fuzes the performance of a frameless portable inflatable pontoon boat, a stand up paddle board , and a conventional .

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Coleman 2.8/3.25 Gallon Portable Toilet Model 827-802T Camping Pontoon Boat

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Add a Bassroom to your Pontoon Boat

Which is why my spouse was so relieved to discover the Bassroom portable pop-up privacy shelter designed for pontoon boats. Since welcoming a son into our lives and onto our pontoon, we have made sure to have a portable head aboard the family Flote 

Inflatable Floats on the South Fork

IFM staffers recently threw down on some inflatable pontoon boats to help fish and photograph some of our favorite waters around East Idaho. Top of the list: the South Fork of the Snake River. For our first mid-summer float, we launched just below the

Portable Marine Sanitation Devices

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Add a Bassroom to your Pontoon Boat - Boating Magazine (press release)

Source: www.boatingmag.com

Options have been few for pontooners who need to heed nature’s call while sharing the deck with mixed or questionable company. When privacy is called for, being aboard a boat equipped with a porta-potti is only half the battle, as without adequate cover your duties remained exposed. If you’re fortunate enough to be afloat a boat fitted with a pop-up privacy enclosure complete with head when you hear the call, count yourself blessed – for many of us own pontoon boats that simply are not so equipped. Which is why my spouse was so relieved to discover the Bassroom portable pop-up privacy shelter designed for pontoon boats. Since welcoming a son into our lives and onto our pontoon, we have made sure to have a portable head aboard the family Flote Bote. Now that he has come of age, no matter how distant the closest boat, beach or building, there is no way the teenager will consider doing his business – any business – without full cover. I assume that shyness comes from his mother’s side, for she’s copped the same “No way, Jose” attitude about such matters ever since we met. “Order that” was the short order from my bride as she dog-eared a page in a popular boating accessories catalog she was thumbing through. As any self-respecting, multi-boat-owning husband would do…I did. Since I’ve had to use it a few occasions, as I come of a certain age myself. Here’s what the folks at Cover Your Bass (coveryourbass. com), who developed the Bassroom, have to say about their product, which retails for $109. But I urge you to visit the web site personally to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about answering the call afloat. -Feel confident to use the Bassroom even when in view of people and homes. -How often have you needed a bathroom and find no access in your time of need. -The Bassroom also serves as a rain shelter to provide safety during a rain shower. -Provides shade and shelter for pets on boats. -Having a Bassroom onboard for the convenience and privacy of your clients will make a lasting impression. Advertising that you have a Bassroom will appeal to more anglers and increase your client base and profits. -Having a Bassroom will save on gasoline and add to important fishing time. Bassroom Flexibility. -Bassroom Cover is flexible and will accompany most boating electronics. -Bassroom cover has zippered doors in front and back providing cross-ventilation, and easy access. -5" skirting provides more privacy and protection from the wind. -The Bassroom fits great on most pontoons and bass boats, many open-bow ski boats and center console boats. Bassroom Specs. -The Bassroom dimensions are 72"x72"x48" tall. If the cover is a little wider than your boat - that's OK. The Bassroom design provides shade and privacy for you and your family. -The Bassroom system itself consists of heavy duty 190T polyester material which is waterproof and flame resistant. -The lightweight portable toilet stand is made of 1" steel tubing and double ply 1" wide nylon webbing for extra strength and support. The complete toilet system stores in a bag 18"x21"x11/4" thick, @ 7 lbs. -The Bassroom cover comes with 12 tie downs. eight are primarily for boat use, six of which are adjustable straps with snap hooks. It also comes with four mini bungee cords and four self-adhesive hooks (if needed) to allow a custom fit to most fishing boats. An additional four tie downs are in the corners to allows optional method of securing to the ground. Other Bassroom Uses. -Ice fishermen can use this product as a quick shelter. -Great addition to pontoon boats that do not have a privacy option. -Guides can increase their client base by advertising they have a Bassroom on board. -Bassroom can be used for privacy when changing clothes. -The Bassroom makes a great pickup truck bed cover for privacy, shade or camping -Use the Bassroom on highway trips in roadsides parks that have no restroom facilities. -The Bassroom adds convenience to tailgating parties. Hunters & ATVers: Take a Bassroom along, make it a trip for the whole family. Scouting Organizations: Don't risk the liability, have a Bassroom on all your outings - for you and your scouts.

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Tackle Direct

Outcast Fish Cat Scout Frameless Inflatable Pontoon Style Boat

(Tackle Direct)

Price: $650.00

The Outcast Fish Cat Scout Frameless Inflatable Pontoon Style Boat offers ultimate portability and simple, no-hassle set-up. It's stable in moving water and features a low profile for still water. Weighs just 35 lbs. and is compact enough for airline travel. Dimensions: 7' x 55"Tube Diameter: 16.25"Weight: 35 lbs. Load Capacity: 400 lbs. Aire Chambers: 2AIREcell Material: VinylFabric Denier x Material Weight: 500 pvc / 30 oz. Seam Construction: WeldedValve: Summit II

Tackle Direct

Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoon Boats - 285FPB Pro

(Tackle Direct)

Price: $899.00

The new Sea Eagle 285fpb provides the fisherman with a rugged, lightweight, super portable weapon to catch fish almost anywhere. This ultra-portable boat weighs just 42 lbs, packs in a small bag and can be rowed forward or backwards. The optional motormount accepts an electric motor or up to 3 hp gas engine for easy motoring. The optional swivel seat allows the fisherman to sit even higher and turn 360 degrees. The wooden floorboard provides the fisherman with a platform to stand up and cast. The 285fpb can be used on remote ponds, small or large lakes, wilderness rivers, inland bays or saltwater flats. This one man fishing boat is practical in almost any kind of fishing. Best of all, because there are no parts to assemble, this 9' boat packs easily in a car trunk and sets up in just 4 minutes.


Portable Pontoon Boats by Classic Accessories | HiConsumption
While we have seen foldable boats in the past, a completely portable pontoon boat is something that is certainly a bit out of the ordinary. The designers a

Inflatable Fishing Boats, Tubes & Pontoons
Inflatable fishing boats, pontoons and float tubes help solve your storage and transportation problems because they are so conveniently "portable".

Amazon.com: Portable Pontoon Boats
Product Features... Small Boat? Pontoon? No head/Porta-Potty? Who wants to clean one of ...

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Portable Pontoon Boats

Forest River Inc, a US manufacturer of a diverse line of primarily recreational vehicle products, $1.6 billion in sales, 60 plants, 5,400 employees. Located in Elkhart, Indiana, the company operates multiple manufacturing facilities throughout the Mid West and West Coast. CEO, Peter Liegl founded the company in 1996, which today makes all classes of RVs, cargo trailers, utility trailer, pontoon boats, light and medium-duty buses (primarily shuttle buses, not inner-city transit buses), portable offices, and structures to use for temporary schools. Forest River also owns a manufactured housing business, Hart Homes.
On June 22, 2005, Warren Buffett, head of Berkshire Hathaway, made an offer to purchase Forest River over the telephone while speaking to CEO Pete Liegl. This offer came just one day after Buffet had first learned about the company from a fax received at his office which detailed why Forest River would be a solid acquisition for Berkshire. On June 28 Buffet and Liegl shook hands on a deal. Buffet then gave Liegl his home telephone number and his cell number and told him if he needs something to call him, "Otherwise I talk to you in a year, or so". The transaction was

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Charlies angels throw pillow


Charlie´s angels

Price: $32.90

Northern Ireland, flag Keychain


A design featuring the flag of Northern Ireland.

Price: $21.55

Portable Pontoon Boats by Classic Accessories 1

Portable Pontoon Boats by Classic Accessories 1
Image by hiconsumption.com

Portable Pontoon Boats by Classic Accessories (5)

Portable Pontoon Boats by Classic Accessories (5)
Image by hiconsumption.com

Portable Pontoon Boats by Classic Accessories

Portable Pontoon Boats by Classic Accessories
Image by crnchy.com

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An Introduction to Boating for the Beginning Boater
An Introduction to Boating for the Beginning Boater
Published by Malibu Publishing

Gum-elastic and Its Varieties
Gum-elastic and Its Varieties

Cooking recipes

Ham Salad Pineapple Boats
Ingredients:ham, celery, green pepper, mayonnaise, mustard, pineapple

Stuffed Zucchini Boats
Ingredients:thyme, eggs, french bread, ground beef, onions, parmesan cheese, salt, tomato sauce, water, zucchini

Olive-Cheese Zucchini Boats
Ingredients:butter, cheddar cheese, salt, bread crumbs, olives, water, zucchini

Italian Zucchini Boats
Ingredients:bread crumbs, butter, chicken broth, eggs, garlic, romano cheese, black pepper, salt, tomato, zucchini

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Don't let the name fool you. The 'Snotbot' drone could innovate how we track whales.
08/12/15, via Public Radio International

For now, they don’t have the license necessary to try Snotbot out on actual whales in US waters. So they’ve outfitted a small inflatable pontoon boat with a simulated whale spout. “It’s really just like a potato gun that’s going to shoot water ...

Inflatable Boats
12/23/13, via Otago Daily Times

... sold in the US and Canada under the Seamax brand and these boats have been proven in the market now for many years as sea worthy, very strong, well designed economical inflatable pontoon boats. Our inflatable boats are a proven Italian design used by ...

Pontoon boat gear and safety measures
04/22/15, via Northwest Montana News Source

Most commonly, personal pontoon boats are two inflatable tubes secured by a frame with a central seat. Propulsion is by oars, flippers or both. According to Lewis, personal pontoons have many advantages for floaters, including portability, mobility ...

summer festival tokyo boat tour pentax pray tamron 2008 matsuri 28300mm pontoon mikoshi tsukuda portableshrine k10d

Photo by HAMACHI!

summer festival tokyo boat tour pentax pray tamron 2008 matsuri 28300mm pontoon mikoshi tsukuda portableshrine k10d

Photo by HAMACHI!

bridge summer festival river tokyo boat tour pentax tamron 2008 matsuri 28300mm pontoon mikoshi tsukuda portableshrine k10d

Photo by HAMACHI!