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New & Used Pontoon Boat Trailers For Sale w/ Parts Like Guides & Tires From Bunk or Scissor Models

A pontoon trailer is necessary for owners of pontoons that need to transport them from home to the water & back safely. Pontoon boat trailers for sale.

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Fishing Report for Nov. 5

and probably will not be until the spring. It is easy to launch a tube or pontoon boat from the west side of the lake. The Truckee is a different river than we are used to fishing and it is going to be years before it has a chance to get really

Drew Industries Reports 2015 Third Quarter Results

The five percent increase in industry-wide wholesale shipments of travel trailer and fifth-wheel RVs, Drew's primary RV market, as well as increased content per unit through market share gains positively impacted the net sales growth in the 2015 third

Fishing Report for Oct. 29

until next spring. It is easy to launch a tube or pontoon boat from the west side of the lake. The Truckee is a different river than we are used to fishing and it is going to be years before it has a chance to get really healthy again with wild

Maine Lakefront Property Owners Appreciate Songo River Success Story

Source: Mr. Lake FrontMr. Lake Front

Milfoil covered sixty percent of the river. In some coves and straight-aways there were enormous infestations. Lowell describes it as looking like guts in the water. Variable-leaf milfoil has a thick, reddish stem with whorls of finely-divided leaves. This milfoil prefers to grow in relatively calm and shallow (less than 20 feet) waters. Typically, it grows straight up, but in shallower water the stem turns and the plant begins to grow horizontally, thus creating a thick mat. Broken shoots are carried downstream by water currents, boats and waterfowl. It only takes a small piece of the plant to begin a new population. Milfoil can negatively impact native species, recreation and even property values around infected waterbodies. Traveling along the river this past summer with an LEA employee, I learned that there’s hardly a plant visible. Our tour included visiting sites where the infestation had been heaviest, such as behind the sandbar at Sebago Lake State Park , by the rope swing along the river’s edge and at the Songo Lock basin. The milfoil crew consists of six to eight strapping young men. This is a skill-based job —learning to identify the plant, lay the barriers, scuba dive, etc. The learning curve is huge, so he appreciates that the team members return year after year. Crew leader Christian Oren has been with the team for nine years, his brother Tyler for eight. Derrek Douglass and Thomas Chagrasulis are four-year members. Sullivan Tidd and Lucien Sulloway joined the crew two years ago. Their work base is the SS Libra , a pontoon boat purchased with grant money from the Libra Foundation. The boat houses a Diver Assisted Suction Harvester. The DASH provides an efficient method to remove milfoil from the water. It has a suction hose that divers carry into large infestations. While underwater, they harvest milfoil by the roots and feed the material into the hose. Aboard the Libra, roots, stems and leaves are then processed in its sluiceway , which bags the plant material. This harvesting technique allows divers to remove large quantities while maintaining underwater visibility. For smaller infestations, they remove plants by hand, placing the plant material in dive bags. Once harvested, the milfoil gets composted away from the water. In some infested areas, the crew also uses benthic barriers to manage the invasive plant. Over the years, they tried a variety of materials including large tarps, shrink wrap and biodegradable burlap , which they laid on the sediment and secured with stakes. the absence of light on the substrate halts the growth of the plants—both native and invasive. This is a chemical-free form of treating the plants and is reusable. The barriers are removed after they’ve done their job of smothering milfoil , thus allowing native plants to regrow from the seedbank in the sediment. Douglass of Bridgton, recalls his first day on the job, “It was like a sea of milfoil. Throughout the 2015 season, they surveyed areas where they had previously removed plants. The program has been highly successful and they often find either no invasive plants or only a few growing where they were once incredibly dense. Oren says, “We see a lot more native plants where there was milfoil. It used to be that they harvested thirty to fifty bags worth of milfoil each day. And every two days, they made a trip to the compost pile. This year, their combined finds didn’t fill one bag a day and they waited two weeks before dumping the weeds on the pile. Lowell is extremely impressed with the work that has been completed and recognizes that all the money invested into this program has paid off. John McPhedran, Maine DEP’s Invasive unit leader , is equally impressed. He encouraged Lowell to remove the milfoil signs along the river.

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Price: $245.69

HEAVY DUTY 600D WATERPROOF FABRIC. TRI-PURPOSE COVERSTORAGEMOORINGTRAILERING. HAS ELASTIC BAND AS WELL AS STRAPS. BEST STRAP SYSTEM AVAILABLE. UNBEATABLE WARRANTY. Toll Free Information Hotline 1-800-309-5190. Sales hours: Monday - Friday 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. Central Standard Time. These are the best boat covers available. They are suitable for STORAGE, MOORING, AS WELL AS TRAILERING. The cover is made from marine grade polyester canvass. The cover is made from 7.8 oz600d600 denier solution dyed polyester. The fabric is then coated twice with polyurethane on the bottom or downside, UV protected, and mildew protected. What this all adds up to is the best cover available. It is nearly twice as thick as what you see readily available commercially. It is designed to keep water out, as it is WATERPROOF. Yet, water vapor can permeate it, so it will keep moisture out, but will not keep moisture in 600d is an indirect measurement of density and weight. The higher the number, the heavier, thicker, and heavier duty. This is the thickest cover you will find. You will see a lot of 300d, even 150d covers, which are proportionally half as thick and 14 as thick as our covers. These are very waterproof. These will collect water. If you are going to use this for storage or in any condition on your boat where rain could collect on it, we would highly recommend some type of support system. Support systems are readily available online. It does not have to be anything incredibly complex. just enough to create and arch so it can shed rather than collect water. A very common and economical way to do this is to build a support system or 'skeleton' with pvc pipe. Grey electrical conduit works very well and is even less expensive. SPECIFICS FOR THIS COVER: This particular unit will fit a pontoon or deck boat with deck or playpen area between 21 ft and 24 ft AND A BEAM OF UP TO 102. It will accomodate up to a 102 beam, which is very standard for pontoon boats of this length.


... bear, pontoon trailers new and used ... custom made nationwide pontoon trailers see sale ... trailers are available with boat guide on's that center the ...

List of Pontoon boat trailers for sale - Trailer Finds
Complete list of every used Pontoon trailer in ... Pontoon boat trailers for sale. ... pontoon trailer float on pontoon trailer float boat trailer Pontoon Trailer ...

Used Pontoon Boat Trailers for sale - Used and new cars ...
Browse our Used Pontoon Boat Trailers / 2 cars for sale listings.

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Boats, Used Boats for Sale, Pontoon Boats, Jon Boats, Boat Parts ...

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Excalibur Pontoon Boat Trailer 1700Lb Capacity Up To 19 Ft For Sale ...

Excalibur Pontoon Boat Trailer 1700Lb Capacity Up To 19 Ft For Sale ...
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