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Allures 45. The ideal bluewater cruiser?

Yachting Monthly's Chris Beeson travels to Cherbourg, home of Allures, to test the aluminium Allures 45. Read the full review in the November 2012 issue of.

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Sperry Women's 7 SEAS Sport Boat Shoes Blue

Sperry (Miscellaneous)

Prices range: $49.88 - $59.95 ( Show 2 stores )

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Simply Marv-elous: Monument honors Creamer's epic voyage

The scholarship is given to an undergraduate geography student who exemplifies intellectual curiosity and a spirit of adventure. After the dedication ceremony of Endeavor, Creamer donated his Blue Water Medal—and his sun-faded sailing hat—to the 

The 70kg catch of a lifetime takes two hours to reel in

IN ONLY two metres of water in the Great Sandy Strait Jonathan Jones has landed a fish weighing more than many young men. It took Jones and his friend Alexis Pageau more than two hours to reel in a big-eye tuna weighing about 70kg and measuring 1.6m 

Insider Guide: Best of Cancún

Top-notch chefs add a regional Mexican flair to cuisines from throughout the Pacific Rim. Visitors who've done the whole depth to the sun and fun scene. But let's be real -- in the end, it's that amazing aquamarine water, talcum-soft sand and

Simply Marv-elous: Monument honors Creamer's epic voyage - Rowan Today


Incorporating the beauty of the natural world, the newest public art installation on Rowan University’s Glassboro campus pays homage to an incredible journey that began with an idea. 28 to honor the record-setting, around-the-world voyage of retired Geography Professor Marvin Creamer, also is designed to educate--and inspire--the next generation of global explorers. “Marv said, ‘I still want to teach geography for many, many decades to come,’” John Hasse, chair of the Department of Geography and Environment , said of Creamer, 99, the only human being ever to sail around the world without the use of artificial... Creamer used only the stars, water currents—and his vast knowledge of geography—to find his way during the epic, 510-day, 30,000-mile voyage from December of 1982 to May of 1984. His feat earned him worldwide acclaim, which continues today. He also garnered a host of honors, including the Blue Water Medal from the Cruising Club of America, widely considered the Pulitzer Prize of sailing. Designed with his input, Endeavor honors Creamer’s extraordinary accomplishment, which he completed upon his retirement from the University at age 67. Located just east of Robinson Hall between the southwest corner of Esbjournson Gymnasium and the... It is shaped and scaled to the size of the Globe Star, the 35-foot, steel-hulled cutter that Creamer sailed into history. At the monument’s center—in the location of where the Globe Star’s mast would have been—a signpost rises with markers for destinations around the world. Ever the educator, Creamer chose the locales—Moscow, Rome, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo—and himself calculated the great circle distances from Rowan to each. The boulders that form the Globe Star are in precise alignment with the shadows created by the post to function as a sort of celestial sundial and to mark the cardinal directions and summer and winter solstice, as well as fall and spring equinox. The multi-layered work of art, built in the geographic center of Main Campus, will work to inspire others as they learn more about Creamer and his contributions both to the University and to exploration, Hasse and Rowan President Ali Houshmand... "In the heart of campus, there’s a geography lesson. They will call it Creamer-henge,” joked Hasse, who guided installation of Endeavor. “The monument symbolizes what Professor Creamer lives,” Houshmand added. “It exposes students to the rest of the world. It will get them thinking about the possibilities of seeing different places around the globe. ‘I was taken prisoner by an idea’. Creamer, who spoke before an appreciative crowd at the dedication ceremony, held in Campbell Library due to inclement weather, is hopeful that the monument will remind members of the campus community to act on their own big ideas. Five decades later, as a retiree, Creamer began his journey. A 1943 alumnus, Creamer taught at the University for 29 years before his retirement in 1981. “I was taken prisoner by an idea,” Creamer explained. Blanche Creamer was the other,” he said of his late wife. Yet, Creamer succeeded. His voyage is a testament to hard work, pluck, intelligence and a can-do attitude, said Hasse, who, only half-jokingly, said Creamer is a real-life superhero. At sea, the Globe Star endured violent storms, broken tiller, and a host of other challenges. A pioneer in geography education. He is one of the most inspirational human beings I know and is a pioneer in geography education,” Hasse said, noting that the department Creamer founded has graduated 715 students. Alumni include more than five dozen K-12 teachers, plus urban planners and geo scientists, and tenure track professors, four of whom now teach at Rowan. While Creamer eschewed technology during his voyage—he didn’t even use a watch—he embraced new technologies while a University professor. In 1955, he actually taught geography from an airplane and also produced two live television broadcasts about Delaware Valley manufacturing. Houshmand said he is inspired by Creamer’s work as a teacher and scholar—and by his completion of the physically.

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Unisex Sailing Navy Blue Leather and Silvertone Watch in Silver

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Price: $44.82

Sailing themed Whimsical Watch features a beautiful miniature Sailboat cruising through the ocean waters. Perfect for the Sailing lover and anyone that enjoys the fresh breeze coming off a beautiful body of water. Made by a team of artists and graphic designers using hand-crafted miniatures, Whimsical Watches are wearable works of art.


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Vote On the 'Best Blue Water Cruising Sailboat of All Time' - Page 7 ...

Vote On the 'Best Blue Water Cruising Sailboat of All Time' - Page 7 ...
Image by

Tankage (water and fuel) is pretty light, with both being under 100 ...

Tankage (water and fuel) is pretty light, with both being under 100 ...
Image by

It will set you back around $800k+ but what the only live ...

It will set you back around $800k+ but what the only live ...
Image by

Google Books

136 pages

Bluewater Sailing on a Budget
Bluewater Sailing on a Budget
Published by McGraw Hill Professional 2014
ISBN 9780071808040,0071808043
160 pages

Expert advice on how to find (and purchase and outfit) that safe, affordable, and responsive sailboat to take readers around the world, or around the bay Unlike other books that go into fundamentals about rudder designs, etc., Bluewater Sailing for Any Budget concentrates on specific advice about the search process, the buying process, and final outfitting. The centerpiece of the book is yacht delivery captain and marina owner James Elfer's analysis of 20 offshore-capable sailboats available for under $50,000. This one-of-a-kind list of boats is based on an exhaustive survey of industry professionals, and the boats are readily available for purchase in most regions. Unique, well researched and well-founded list of capable boats Includes first-person accounts from owners Table of data...

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Simply the Best Blue Cheese Dressing
Ingredients:blue cheese, buttermilk, garlic, mayonnaise, onion powder, sour cream

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Ingredients:apple cider vinegar, bacon, blue cheese, dijon mustard, eggs, honey, lemon zest, olive oil, chives, potato, romaine lettuce, shallot

Apple and Blue Cheese Salad
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Barley Water
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9 reasons why visiting Croatia should be at the top of your bucket list
11/01/15, via

The stunning and clear turquoise-blue water of the Adriatic Sea is at your fingertips in ... Imagine being with a group of friends on a gorgeous yacht, sailing the Adriatic sea and stopping at several of Croatia’s unbelievable stops along the way.

Remote Lands Introduces Luxury Travel Itineraries In Siberia
10/30/15, via Luxury Travel Magazine

Lake Baikal: Cruising the Blue ... days sailing around the stunning lake, from sweeping bay to mountainous valley. Highlights include exploring the lake’s most sacred island of Olkhon and experiencing a shamanic ceremony, a climb to the top of the ...

Pay The Devil is Not a Metal Band
10/30/15, via Urban Milwaukee

I grew up sailing and ... s where were at our best. Eisenberg: Well? The 3:30 one not so much. There’s something about all you can drink parties that make your 3:30 set sloppier than your midnight set. Gibbons: Outside of blue grass and drinking music ...

travel sun sunlight mountain west reflection water creek river virginia photo stream roadtrip motorcycle sunlit travellog memorialday travelogue motorcycletouring sporttouring virginiad80 dclow

Friday Entry One Flew out of work, the fleet flight of Friday before a holiday weekend. Everyone cracks a smile upon stepping out of the concrete and glass coffin of the corporate work week. The motorcycle is quickly gassed and loaded, I leave Washington DC at three-thirty, vowing not to check the time for the rest of the adventure. Adventure, the American adventure of the open road is what I seek. The road, my cameras, and escape. Right turn off of 15th St. NW and I’m motoring past the Washington Monument and the White House. Harleys and clones are already lining the Mall for the annual Memorial remembrance that is Rolling Thunder. I’m soon over the bridge and on I-66 west. I plan on avoiding major highways when at all possible. Preferring scenic byways to drab highways. 66 is a necessary evil to flee the DC metro area as quickly as possible. At the start, 66 is a good quick run, for awhile anyway. Loads of Rolling Thunder riders are heading in 66 eastbound. I keep...

Photo by D.Clow - Maryland

isaac plane airplane boat ship bostonharbor harbor airport logan loganairport castle fort castleisland fortindependence southboston southie waterfront montage collage photomontage hockneyesque mosiac tower monument obelisk boston bostonma ma bostonist massachusetts universalhub 2010 cameranikond50 jet airliner airfrance britishairways southwest airtran united delta airline airlines bos flag americanflag tanker containership favorite exif:aperture=f56 exif:exposure=0008sec1125 exif:exposure_bias=0ev exif:flash=noflash exif:focal_length=18mm camera:make=nikoncorporation camera:model=nikond50 meta:exif=1290043579 flickrstats:favorites=63 flickrstats:galleries=3 flickrstats:favorites=1 flickrstats:galleries=1 exif:filename=dscjpg exif:lens=18200mmf3556 exif:orientation=horizontalnormal exif:shutter_count=47739 exif:vari_program=auto meta:exif=1350397306

All of these pictures were taken over the span of half an hour or so while having a picnic dinner with the family. I wasn't really keeping track while I was doing this, but there are probably half a dozen or so individual planes (most shown multiple times, of course), and I dunno, maybe fifty or so images in total. Due to Flickr constraints, the largest version available here is 2048 x 1027pixels, and a bit fuzzy in some of the details. The original is 11,454 x 5,745, or around 111" by 52" (9+ feet by 4+ feet) if printed at 300dpi resolution. And quite a bit sharper, too :-) Move your mouse over the photo to see notes about some of the recognizeable details. • • • • This photo was very kindly used by Andrew Phelps at WBUR's Hubbub blog as their inaugural Photo of the Day on 1 October 2010. Thanks!

Photo by Chris Devers

blue summer love nature sailboat geotagged island islands bay harbor sweden stockholm harbour spirit cove reserve blues swedish location soul sail nordic sverige essence sailboats scandinavia litoral båt scandinavian sverge scandanavian archipelago segel clearwater favoriteplace mapped segelbåt waterscape stockholms skärgård waterscapes färja ö finnhamn littoral båtar peacefulplace nynashamn stockholmarchipelago naturreservat skerry i skärgårdsbåt skargard nåttarö öar aplaceilove sthm skärgårdsbåtar nataro finhamn nåtarä nattaro finhamm stkhm onamap showmewhere soulofstockholm finnhamm spiritofstockholm soulofthearchipelago spiritofthearchipelago whyilovesweden

Taken on the island of Nåttarö (I've seen it spelled Nåtarö, too), south of Nynäshamn, which is south of Stockholm. It's about a 1.5 hour train/bus ride from Stockholm. Then the ferry ride is about 25 minutes. This island is known for it's sand. There's also a sheltered harbor where boaters come every summer and just park for a week or many weeks. They relax, let the kids play, socialize in the evenings.... This is not the island that Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren have a home on. That home (I think they bought the whole island) is called Fåglarö (spelled Faglaro in English). This photo is a cropped and slightly enhanced version of This is what Wikipedia says about the Stockholm Archipelago: The archipelago extends from Stockholm roughly 60 kilometers to the east. In a north-south direction, it mainly follows the coastline of the provinces Södermanland and Uppland, reaching roughly from Öja island, south of Nynäshamn...

Photo by Let Ideas Compete