Compac 16 Sailboat

Compac 16 Sailing in Lake Ontario

Me and Andrew out for a day of fall sailing on Lake Ontario, Sep 29, 2013. We are sailing in my 82 Compac 16 "Gizmo". It was a pretty mild day with a south wind.

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Niantic Bay Yacht Club to start sailing academy for youths

East Lyme — This summer, the Niantic Bay Yacht Club — which has produced world-caliber champions and hosted regattas — will be home to a sailing academy for children and teenagers. The Niantic Bay Sailing Academy, a new nonprofit organization 

TDA performance is going to be 'Out of this World'

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New machine makes blood donation more efficient

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Niantic Bay Yacht Club to start sailing academy for youths -


-- No tags wrapping article body -->. East Lyme — This summer, the Niantic Bay Yacht Club — which has produced world-caliber champions and hosted regattas — will be home to a sailing academy for children and teenagers. The Niantic Bay Sailing Academy, a new nonprofit organization based at the yacht club, will offer classes to children of all skill levels, even those who haven’t yet stepped into a sailboat. Ron Breault, a board member of the academy and a former commodore of the yacht club, said the mission is to foster a new generation of sailors and environmental stewards. The club further wants to reach out to offer sailing programs to the community at large, Breault said. For some, the penchant to pursue sailing will appear in the first days of a sailing class. Constantine Manthous, a board member for the academy, said that in any beginning class there will be one or two students who will light up as soon as they begin learning — and those same students may soon grow to become trophy winners. “There’s something about it that sparks in them,” he said. Pam Manthous, recording secretary on the yacht club's board of directors and Constantine’s wife, said the academy will be a place to introduce people to the sport that could become a lifelong pursuit. She said the activity builds self-reliance and confidence and how to be a good steward to the ocean. “Wouldn’t it be great to open that up to the community so everyone can experience sailing. ” she said. To that end, the academy is offering eight scholarships for students in the "between the rivers" area to attend the academy. Scholarships are available for two students at each of the following school districts: New London, Waterford, East Lyme and Lyme-Old Lyme. Breault said the club is trying to get children interested in sailing at a young age, with the hope that these children will later form or join a sailing team and rejuvenate high school sailing. “Our goal is to get these kids so excited about sailing that they’ll come to you and say 'why don’t we do this again. The club previously had offered junior sailing classes, but this academy is an official nonprofit with its own board of directors. Members of the Niantic Bay Yacht Club approved the effort last September and the sailing academy became official last year, said Breault, who previously has served as a fleet manager for the yacht club's junior sailing program and coached Lyme-Old... A group of instructors — two from as far away as Ireland and Spain — will teach the students this summer, Constantine Manthous said. Breault said learning how to sail can instill a sense of responsibility for others, as well as a sense of independence and freedom. “You find out there’s a whole world out there where you’re not dependent on anybody,” he said. The academy will host both 4-week and 8-week summer programs from June 22 through Aug. The academy is open to children aged 7 to 17. More information is available at www. org/junior-sailing.

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COM-PAC 16 sailboat specifications and details on ...
About the COM-PAC 16 sailboat. Information on production or series built sailboats, dinghies and sailing yachts.

ComPac 16 Sailboat Photo Gallery - Sailing Texas
ComPac 16 Sailboat pictures, a collection of ComPac 16 sailboats with specifications and photos.

16 - My Product Gallery -
16 ComPac, SailNet OnLine Community ... I bought my Compac-16 with the intention of using her as a camp-on-the-water boat.


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ComPac 16 sailboat

ComPac 16 sailboat
Image by

Sailing Busse Lake -- Ken's Compac 16 Sailboat -- Heading South

Sailing Busse Lake -- Ken's Compac 16 Sailboat -- Heading South
Image by

We have co mpiled some sources for Compac 16 19 and 23 Sailboats for ...

We have co mpiled some sources for Compac 16 19 and 23 Sailboats for ...
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A Field Guide to Sailboats of North America
A Field Guide to Sailboats of North America
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 1994
ISBN 0395652391,9780395652398
404 pages

Describes 255 sailboats, provides statistical data, history, and identification features, and analyzes each boat's good and bad qualities

Your First Sailboat
Your First Sailboat
Published by McGraw Hill Professional 2004
ISBN 0071422161,9780071422161
288 pages

The Comprehensive Sailing Start-Up Resource Can a keelboat tip over? Can I take a centerboard boat onto open water? How can I determine what boat I want? Once I do, what’s a fair price to pay for it? Should I buy it new or used? How can I tell the difference between a used boat and one that’s used up? Now that I have it, how can I start sailing quickly and safely? Your First Sailboat is the first book to answer all your questions about selecting, buying, maintaining, and using your first boat. This user-friendly guide covers issues that other books ignore, including how to choose between a trailer sailer, daysailer, raceboat, cruiser, or multihull; what hull material is best for your first boat; whether to buy new or used; where to shop; how to judge quality and condition; where to keep...

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