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Surtees S-22 Folding High Performance Catamaran - First Launch

The first test launch of the S-22 was spectacularly successful. All folding mechanisms performed smoothly with no need for modifications.



Three Catamaran Sailboats in Sandy Cay, Tortola

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Dream Boats: Yachts you can buy for $10M

Nothing says you've arrived more spectacularly than making an entrance on a superyacht (witness the parody video, I'm On a Boat.*) For more than a century, the rich and famous have made a splash with their own yachts, including Hollywood A-listers 

Dream Boats: Classic wooden sailboats for sale

Despite millennia of advances in boat design, until the mid-1900s, the majority of boats were still being constructed from the same material as that ancient vessel: wood. .. To see catamarans you can buy for $1 million, click through the gallery below:.

Sweet summer sailing at Deer Creek

A couple of my friends co-own a catamaran sailboat and have invited groups of to go sailing and relax on the beach. And when I say beach, I mean the closest thing to a beach that this part of Utah has to offer — rocks and some sand by a lake or reservoir.

Sweet summer sailing at Deer Creek - Daily Herald


With all these hot temperatures, it’s time to find a way to beat the heat. My most recent summer adventures have taken me up to Deer Creek to escape the heat in the cool water. A couple of my friends co-own a catamaran sailboat and have invited groups of to go sailing and relax on the beach. And when I say beach, I mean the closest thing to a beach that this part of Utah has to offer — rocks and some sand by a lake or reservoir. We usually meet up at the lake around noon and start with lunch. On the way up, we stop at a grocery store and grab some type of picnic-style food for lunch, such as sub sandwiches or fried chicken along with chips, crackers and other snacks we might want for the day. It’s important to stay hydrated, so we also pick up a case of bottled water for the group. With our food and snacks stowed away in the car, we make our way up Provo Canyon. Deer Creek has lots of public areas to set up a base camp for your group, but there is a $10 fee per car. Since our group is there for sailing, we set up our camp chairs and other stuff, appropriately, on Sailboat Beach. While a group unloads the gear and food from the cars, another group sets up the sailboat. The sailboat crew has to launch it into the lake, raise the mainsail up the mast, and attach the jib, which takes time and effort to set up. The boat's sails blowing in the wind are beautifully bright and colorful. Once the sailboat is ready, it’s time to eat. They both zip up their life jackets and push the sailboat out from the shore. The driver sets up the rudders and has to control the boom with a system of ropes and pulleys. The passenger uses a separate rope to control the jib. A catamaran has two hulls and a trampoline-like material is stretched over them to create an area where the passengers can move around to maneuver the boat. At first, both the driver and passenger sit on the very edge of the material above one of the hulls. As the wind catches the mainsail and jib, the catamaran starts to pick up a lot of speed. The first time I went, we got going a lot faster than I had expected, which was a fun surprise. The objective of a catamaran is to catch the wind just right so that you fly the hull. Flying the hull means that the hull on the side you’re sitting on comes out of the water while the other hull is still down in the water guiding the boat. When there’s enough wind, we’ve easily been able to fly the hull and can be lifted out of the water two or three feet in the air for hundreds of feet at a time. When you get to the other side of the lake or a point you want to turn around, the driver swings the boom to the opposite side to make the turn. You both have to duck underneath it and slide over so you’re sitting above the other hull. The passenger pulls a rope to tighten the jib and to set it in place and you start heading back in the direction you just came from. The lake can get a little crowded with other boats and wave runners, so the passenger also watches the path the sailboat is on and warns the driver if they see another watercraft in the way. However, technically, sailboats have the right of way. As the wind starts to die down on the lake around 4 p. m. , we take a few more trips out on the water and use the sailboat as a diving platform. Since we’re not trying to fly the hull at this point, we can take up to four passengers with life jackets. Once we’re far enough away from shore, one person controls the boat while the others are free to jump into the cold water to cool down. While you’re waiting your turn to go on the sailboat there are plenty of things to do on the shore. You can also skip rocks, toss a frisbee, play horseshoes or bocce ball, play other games, or even sit in a camp chair to read a book. It all depends on what you bring and what you want to do. At the end of the day, everyone helps pack up the food and gear and we load the sailboat back onto the trailer. We take down the sails and fold them up for easy access for the next trip. Sailing is quite a bit of work, but the experience is totally worth it. You definitely pick up more speed than you’re expecting and flying the hull is a fun.

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Ezifold Yachts Ltd - Home
Thank you for your interest in our patent pending EZIFOLD©™ Multihull beam reduction systems for Folding Catamaran and Folding Trimaran.

36' Cat 2 Fold Catamaran - Kurt Hughes Multihull Design ...
This 36' folding catamaran design quickly folds into trailering width. The patented mast raising system and ... See also : Length overall: 36'0" (10 ...

Folding mechanisms for the new catamaran | Slider
Folding mechanisms for the new catamaran. ... are not as easy to design as folding ... performance plans plywood ramp rigging sailboat sailing shackle Slider ...

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My Folding Catamaran - Page 3 - Boat Design Forums
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Solar-Powered Sailboats : Foscat-32 Folding Catamaran
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Origami Toys
Origami Toys
Published by Tuttle Publishing 2013
ISBN 9781462907434,1462907431
64 pages

Origami Toys shows you how to make many paper toys and games that are fun for both children and adults. If you have ever folded a paper airplane you have already tried origami. Origami is the craft of folding a piece of paper into a recognizable object, using only your hands, which is exactly how you made the airplane. Many people are fascinated with origami and find it to be a relaxing, yet challenging hobby. Origami Toys contains a lot of practical information, including: • Step-by-step instructions • How to make unique decorations • How to create new designs • How to use different papers • How to teach origami • How to use origami as an educational tool • How origami fits into the world of computers and technology

Your First Sailboat
Your First Sailboat
Published by McGraw Hill Professional 2004
ISBN 9780071778770,0071778772
288 pages

The Comprehensive Sailing Start-Up Resource Can a keelboat tip over? Can I take a centerboard boat onto open water? How can I determine what boat I want? Once I do, what’s a fair price to pay for it? Should I buy it new or used? How can I tell the difference between a used boat and one that’s used up? Now that I have it, how can I start sailing quickly and safely? Your First Sailboat is the first book to answer all your questions about selecting, buying, maintaining, and using your first boat. This user-friendly guide covers issues that other books ignore, including how to choose between a trailer sailer, daysailer, raceboat, cruiser, or multihull; what hull material is best for your first boat; whether to buy new or used; where to shop; how to judge quality and condition; where to keep...

Cooking recipes

Sailboat Sundaes
Ingredients:jello, peach

Kasbah Bites
Ingredients:almond, balsamic vinegar, rice, butter, red pepper flakes, cinnamon, cumin, peas, chicken, cloves, honey, onions, phyllo pastry

Frozen Chocolate "frango" Mints
Ingredients:butter, egg yolks, peppermint extract, powdered sugar, chocolate, vanilla wafers

Galley Wench's Spice Sea Chili
Ingredients:adobo sauce, poblano chiles, beef broth, beer, black beans, chili powder, chipotle peppers, cocoa powder, cumin, onions, tomato, garlic, jalapeno, beef, pork chops, olive oil, poblano chile, tomato

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Inflatable landing craft
11/23/15, via Maritime Journal

The boat, dubbed the iLC (inflatable Landing Craft), was originally designed on behalf of a superyacht owner who wanted something that would fold down small but also ... Similar to these vessels it has asymmetric catamaran hulls with grounding ...

Ezifold Yachts LTD
11/07/15, via

Ezifold Yachts LTD is a diverse marine company specializing in the design and build of quality multihull yachts and high performance marine products. We have building facilities in Australia and Croatia, and are now bringing key prototyping and production ...

Dream Boats: Classic wooden sailboats for sale
10/14/15, via USA Today

To see yachts you can buy for $10 million, click through the gallery below: To see sailboats you can buy for $1 million, click through the gallery below: To see catamarans you can buy for $1 million, click through the gallery below: To see trawlers you can ...