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Episode #17 More Liveaboard Sailboat Shopping

In this episode I look at a Bayfield 32. The Bayfield 32 is a blue-water cruiser with a great reputation. This one was old from 1978 - and the original Yanmar 2GM.

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1993 Morgan Catalina 38 Center Cockpit CC Sailboat Cruiser Live Aboard Yacht


1993 Morgan Catalina 38 Center Cockpit CC Sailboat Cruiser Live Aboard Yacht

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Absolutely Amazing Ebooks

Kilimanjaro Snow

Absolutely Amazing Ebooks (Miscellaneous)

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Fire Sail: The Journey Continues - Part 2

Smashwords Edition (Biography & Autobiography Books)

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Home afloat: Baltimore residents enjoy living aboard

These full-time boat residents are called liveaboards, and they reside on all manner of vessels, such as sailboats or houseboats (the latter fully functional boats with a houselike appearance). They love life at sea, but the transition from terra firma

Life afloat

Life aboard suits them, said Isselhardt, who rents his boat slip for $7,500 a year, plus a $1,400 liveaboard fee. Neither he nor Maddie sees the 285-square-foot cabin as the whole of their living space. There's 60 square feet in the cockpit and another

Dream Boats: Trawlers you can buy for $1 million

These efficient cruising yachts sounded the call of the sea to a whole new class of non-sailing boaters and launched a new type of vessel, the live-aboard motor yacht, now known universally as a trawler. Today's trawlers are a wonderfully civilized way

Home afloat: Baltimore residents enjoy living aboard - Baltimore Sun


On a hot summer day at Baltimore Marine Centers' Harborview marina, boats gently bob up and down in their slips, the lines clanking dully against tall-masted sailboats like Eric Isselhardt's 43-foot Beneteau. For Isselhardt, 55, the sailboat is his home, the marina his neighborhood. Since 2010, he has lived onboard with his 10-year-old daughter, Maddie, and their German shepherd, Zeno, in a 60-foot slip with spectacular views of the Inner Harbor. And he's not the only one literally living on the water. Across the harbor at Lighthouse Point marina in Canton, Bob Flynn, 54, lives aboard a 57-foot motor yacht. He's among a community of 28 boaters at the marina who call their vessels home year-round. These full-time boat residents are called liveaboards, and they reside on all manner of vessels, such as sailboats or houseboats (the latter fully functional boats with a houselike appearance). "Five years ago, I never had any experience sailing a large boat," said Isselhardt, who grew up sailing much smaller craft in Montauk, on New York's Long Island. But in 2010, the Calvert Education executive decided he wanted his daughter to grow up with an understanding of what is important in life and what it means to leave a carbon footprint. Isselhardt, who is divorced, thought he could teach her those lessons in a nontraditional home. "Living aboard is a very deliberate choice," said Isselhardt, who bought his sailboat for $230,000. "You have to be aware of your available resources [such as] water usage, electrical consumption and waste elimination. Before they traded their backyard for a boat slip, he and Maddie, who lives with her father during summers, weekends and holidays, spent two months making note of everything they touched in their house each day. Life aboard suits them, said Isselhardt, who rents his boat slip for $7,500 a year, plus a $1,400 liveaboard fee. Neither he nor Maddie sees the 285-square-foot cabin as the whole of their living space. They spend time and dine frequently in the cockpit, on the foredeck and on the dock. The two often head to a nearby parking lot to leave for shopping trips and spend time at the pool operated by the marina. Maddie has her own little sailboat for short trips around the piers. Below deck, their living space is like "a little modern apartment," Isselhardt said. Every bit of space has a use. There are two heads — in layman's terms, bathrooms — and two staterooms separated by a living area with a table and a small galley, or kitchen. Outdoors, the marina has a tropical feel, and a soft breeze always seems to be blowing. At night, city lights twinkle, and the glow of the Domino Sugars sign is an ever-present and assuring night light. The marina is a close-knit community, where everyone knows and looks out for one another, Isselhardt said. It feels like a neighborhood, especially in the summer, when more people are out and about and the living is cheaper. In winter, it takes three electric heaters to keep warm, the cost of which can go from $40 per month to more than $500 in February and March for electricity. "This past winter, we shrink-wrapped the boat from stem to stern," Isselhardt said. "That enabled us to use the cockpit for most of the winter. In five years, Isselhardt has never regretted his choice to live aboard. "Think about how you value your possessions and what is important to you," he said. "Living on a sailboat is a wonderfully adventurous life, but it does require decisions every day that affect [its] quality. Flynn, an attorney and general counsel for Signature Title, knows all too well the decisions facing the liveaboard. In 2008, he and his now-ex-wife, together with another couple, purchased a used Symbol 557 motor yacht from a friend for $200,000. The original owner wanted to sell it because of an exhaust leak that damaged the engine room, and it was unclear how... His friends asked out of the deal and Flynn agreed. Though the yacht was appraised for $650,000, he said, it would end up costing Flynn slightly more than $50,000 to make it seaworthy. "The exhaust leaks ultimately caused one engine to wear prematurely, and I have to have it rebuilt now at a.

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Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

buehlers backyard boatbuilding

(Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies)

Price: $16.50

Very Good 7 1/2" X 9" 271 Pages Indexed. A used book in Very Good condition. No marks or stamps and the interior text and illustration pages are flawless. The author draws his inspiration from centuries of workboat construction, where semiskilled fishermen built rugged, economical boats from everyday materials in their own backyards, and went to sea in them in all kinds of weather, not just when it was pleasant. Buehler's boats sail on every ocean and perform every task, from long-term liveaboards in Norwegian fjords to a traveling doctor's office in Alaska. This book contains complete plans for seven cruising boats-from a 28-foot sailboat to a 55-foot power cruiser. All the information you need is here, including step-by-step instructions honed by nearly 20 years of supplying boat plans to backyard builders-and helping them out when they get into trouble. If you want to build a simple, rugged, economical, good-looking cruising boat-power or sail-using everyday lumberyard materials and few skills other than perseverance, this is the book for you. Buehler's book tells you how to build extraordinary boats using the most ordinary skills and materials, with complete plans, instructions, and specifications for seven real cruising boats ranging from a 28-foot sailboat to a 55-foot power cruiser. Richly flavored with personal advice and anecdotes as well as a wealth of valuable information. Contents in 16 Chapters: Things to Think About When Choosing a Boat to Build, Setting Up Shop, Materials, Lofting, Keels and Ballast, Framing Up, Planking, Decks, Bolt-Ons Rails Chainplates Posts Sprits and Bulwarks, Hatches and Houses, Mechanical Stuff, Interiors, More Bolt-Ons Coamings Rails Companion Ways and Rudders, The Finish Paints Varnish and Oils, The Launch, and The Rig. Plus Appendix A Outfitting, Appendix B Boat Plans, and Appendix C Suggested Reading.


Thinking About a Sailboat Liveaboard Lifestyle?
Before embarking on a sailboat liveaboard lifestyle we went through some serious soul-searching and risk evaluation. Here's the process we followed

A sailboat liveaboard on Pinterest | Boats, Sail Boats and ...
A sailboat liveaboard. I begin living aboard a sailboat mid-year 2013. This is a place for images I post and others I like about living on a sailboat, in harbor or on ...

Liveaboard Boats For Sale
From Wikipedia: “…LIVEABOARD – A boat designed for people to live aboard it. …Although it is generally regarded as being a cheaper way to live this is not ...

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Oak Harbor Marina

Oak Harbor Marina is located in Oak Harbor, Washington, between metropolitan Seattle and the San Juan Islands. The marina was built in 1974 and expanded its guest moorage in 1988 with the installation of the floating breakwater. Income from the marina goes into a city enterprise fund dedicated to the facility's operation and maintenance. It is a 420 boat facility with 217 open and 135 covered permanent slips, 52 guest moorage slips, ample side-tie moorage and 96 dry storage. The boat mix is 40% sailboats and 60% powerboats, ranging in size from 24 feet up to 50 feet. Twenty-five vessels are liveaboards .
Transient guest moorage is available for up to 100 more boats, 38 of which are along the floating breakwater's walkway, where boats up to 40 feet LOA can tie up. The breakwater is a Wave Guard offset floating breakwater built of concrete and wood by Bellingham Marine Industries.
There are 3 slips available for pump-out usage. Access to this pump-out is limited to vessels with a length of no more than 75 feet. There are 3 stationary pump-outs. Gasoline and diesel fuel can be purchased on site. There is a boat launch available. The guest dock is 900 feet in length.

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.


Ketch At Sunset Water Bottle


My old sailing ketch Francesca at anchor at sunset.

Price: $23.20

Ketch At Sunset Water Bottle


My old sailing ketch Francesca at anchor at sunset.

Price: $45.35

1980 Custom Cruising Liveaboard located in Outside United States for ...

1980 Custom Cruising Liveaboard located in Outside United States for ...
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Liveaboard Hate: The top 10 things we hate about living aboard a ...

Liveaboard Hate: The top 10 things we hate about living aboard a ...
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Liveaboard catamaran charter

Liveaboard catamaran charter
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Google Books

The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat
The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat
Published by Paradise Cay Publications 2015
ISBN 0939837668,9780939837663
284 pages

The Essentials of Living Aboard educates both dreamers and explorers with information about this wonderful and rewarding lifestyle. Mark Nicholas has combined his experience of life aboard with the advice of other liveaboards, marina owners, technicians, boat manufacturers and advocates in order to detail the challenges and offer real advice for success. This lifestyle, typically thought to be out of reach or "for other people," is now available to all who dream.Essentials explains, among other things how to: •Figure out your needs •Choose the right boat •Buy your boat •Choose the right marina •Prepare for the lifestyle •Outfit your boat •Plan for all climates •Forecast your costs •and more! REVIEWS One way folks plan to get cruising sooner is to cut costs by moving on board their boat...

How to live aboard a boat
How to live aboard a boat
Published by William Morrow & Co 1983
ISBN 0878512179,9780878512171
223 pages

Describes the advantages of living on a boat, and explains how to handle heating and cooling, mail, medical care, children, pets, laundry, safety, and security aboard a boat

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The Life. #thelife #livingthedream #boats #boating #liveaboard #sailing #sailboat #summertime #selfie


@Axis_Canadian @mrcomtruise just waiting on internet and approval of liveaboard status on my new sailboat. It's WiFi internet tho


The worst time for your water tanks to run dry is after you've soaped up a sink full of dishes. #liveaboard #LiquidKangaroo #sailboat

Cooking recipes

Sailboat Sundaes
Ingredients:jello, peach

Frozen Chocolate "frango" Mints
Ingredients:butter, egg yolks, peppermint extract, powdered sugar, chocolate, vanilla wafers

Galley Wench's Spice Sea Chili
Ingredients:adobo sauce, poblano chiles, beef broth, beer, black beans, chili powder, chipotle peppers, cocoa powder, cumin, onions, tomato, garlic, jalapeno, beef, pork chops, olive oil, poblano chile, tomato

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Dream Boats: Trawlers you can buy for $1 million
08/12/15, via USA Today

It’s hard not to love these jaunty live-aboard ships, dapper to look at and comfortable both underway and at rest. The name itself comes from “trawling,” which refers to catching fish by dragging a net. Historically a wide variety of boats trawled ...

Messing about in boats
08/10/15, via

the boat is free. It took only about 10 seconds and it was one of the funniest moments ever. OK, perhaps a little dodgy, but it still makes us laugh. Suffice to say that the majority of these liveaboards no longer operate, so we pay homage to all the ...

Florida acts to remove abandoned and sunken boats
08/03/15, via My Sailing

When so many people would love to own a boat and embrace the cruising lifestyle ... A state survey on "anchoring of non-liveaboard vessels" outside public mooring fields drew 11,693 responses, including more than 600 from Monroe County.

sailboat marina boats whidbeyisland wa deceptionpass pleasurecraft liveaboard coronetbay canonpowershotsx60hs photographybydanastyber

Photo by roseannadana

ocean cruise diving bahamas nassau cay exuma morningstar blackbeard liveaboard cays blackbeards 20101017

One of three Backbeard's Cruise's sailboats. Pirate's Lady.

Photo by Thespis377

morning cruise sailboat star boat diving bahamas blackbeard liveaboard blackbeards 20101016

The dive flag and the Alpha flag.

Photo by Thespis377