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MrRcFanatik - How to Build an RC Boat

This was the first voice over video I ever did, so stay with me. . ) Sorry if it was a bit slow. These are the steps I took to make my boat, but you can use them as a.

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Tom Brady's dietary choices and placebo effects

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Six Meter History Launches New Chapter on San Francisco Bay

A year ago, RC Keefe, senior Staff Commodore of the St. Francis Yacht Club, started discussing bringing 6 Meters back to the area to stimulate interest for the 2017 World Championship in Vancouver. The plan was to host a match race between Sprig and 

Koenigsegg: How it All Started – From RC Cars to Hypercars

While he was working on bikes, boats and RC cars, Von Koenigsegg was also making drawings and designs of automobiles. “The company started as a job in 1992 but in reality, the effort that allowed me to build cars started well before that… [while

Six Meter History Launches New Chapter on San Francisco Bay - Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Source: www.sailingscuttlebutt.com

San Francisco, CA (October 9, 2015) – The first time 6 Meters appeared on San Francisco Bay, Woodrow Wilson was president of the United States. And now, one century later, the history of the class launched a new chapter. Eight 6 Meters met at the St. Francis Yacht Club on San Francisco Bay to compete in the International 6 Meter Invitational on October 6-. The fleet was comprised of boats representing three class rules, hailing from San Diego, San Francisco,... Over eight races in 15-20 knots of breeze, the Invitational showcased eye-catching sailboat racing and close competition, especially in Rule 2. “Sprig and Lucie are as close to twins as you can get in boats,” explained Lucie’s skipper, Matt Brooks... “They were built by the same designer one year apart, yet have never raced against each other. ” In Rule 2, Lucie and Sprig went race for race, swapping bullets nearly every other race to finish with a score of 12 to 12. Sprig won by placing first in the final race. Sprig’s skipper, Greg Stewart (SDYC), and Brooks race together on the class yacht Dorade. “We know each other very well, but that doesn’t mean he gave me any breaks,” said Brooks. In Rule 3, Goose beat Saskia II nine points to 14 and in the Modern or “Open” rule, Russ Silvestri (StFYC) skippered Arunga to a strong first place finish, with 11 points and six out of eight bullets. The 6 Meter class has a rich history in San Francisco Bay. A year ago, RC Keefe, senior Staff Commodore of the St. Francis Yacht Club, started discussing bringing 6 Meters back to the area to stimulate interest for the 2017 World Championship in Vancouver. The plan was to host a match race between Sprig and Lucie right around Rolex Big Boat Series. Brooks, who is also the President of the International 6 Meter Association, said, “We sent out the Notice of Race and were pleasantly surprised to discover that the interest was much more than we had expected. We wound up with eight boats, which is a very good start. Many well-known local sailors who have competed in these boats over the decades were back, and there was some new blood too. In addition to Sprig (SDYC) and Lucie (StFYC), Robert Cadranell (StFYC) entered Arunga which was skippered by Russ Silvestri (StFYC). Rainer Muller (Royal Vancouver YC) entered Saskia II and St. Francis IX (chartered and skippered by StFYC Commodore Sean Svendsen). Peter Hoffman (PMYC) entered Goose (skippered by Eric Jespersen). Rodger Phillips (Seattle YC) entered Frenzy. As Keefe stated, “Getting eight 6 Meters together anywhere in the world today is an achievement. For StFYC Executive Race Committee Vice Chair and regatta Principal Race Officer, David Wiard, the 6 Meters fit within the Bay landscape. “Our members actively race Knarrs, Folkboats and IODs throughout the year. We also host the Jessica Cup for classic yachts. The 6 Meter program has roots in the club that goes back to our founding. All of those things amalgamated into a collective interest to bring these boats together. Keefe has written more about the 6 Meter class than perhaps anyone. He explains, “Every 6 Meter was individually designed and built, which gave naval architects endless opportunities to learn and improve. Each boat was open to interpretation. Over the years, various Rules developed to reflect the advances in boat design. The history of yacht design was in a lot of ways illustrated by the history of 6 Meter design. Brooks expands: “The 6 Meter was an Olympic boat, so it attracted a lot of top sailors. It was also a test bed for 12 Meters. The architects would try new designs on the 6 Meters and, if it worked, matriculate that technology up to the 12 Meters. Following racing on Thursday night, all eight skippers tucked their gorgeous yachts back onto the docks and gathered for a final skippers’ briefing. “The thing I love most about this class are the people,” said Brooks. According to Commodore Keefe, a group of 6 Meter sailors in San Francisco are looking to syndicate another 6 Meter and restore it bow to stern. “We see this regatta as another chapter in the history of these fine boats, and we look forward to seeing more 6 Meter racing on the West Coast. Tags: International Six Metre , San Francisco , St Francis Yacht Club.

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Venom 2400mAh AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (4pcs)

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Tired of constantly buying disposable alkaline batteries? Venom Rechargeable NiMH AA Batteries have 2400mAh of power and are terrific for Remote Controls, Cameras and more! Combo these Rechargeable NiMH batteries with the Venom AA/AAA Speed Charger (Part No. 0651). This micro processor controlled charger automatically peak charges each cell individually. and charges both NiCD and NiMH cells. Features a temperature sensor in case of an overheating cell, a maximum charge timer, and short circuit protection. Venom Limited Lifetime Battery Replacement Plan - We are so certain of the quality of our batteries that we offer a Venom Limited Lifetime Battery Replacement Plan on all of our rechargeable battery packs. Venom will, at its discretion, repair or replace defective batteries free of charge within a period of 1 year from the original date of purchase. Year 2 onward, any Venom battery can be exchanged for a brand new battery of same size and type for 30% off original retail pricing. This is a non-transferable warranty and does not cover commercial use, normal wear and tear, crash or water damage, modifications, batteries where the entire pack voltage has dropped below the safe cutoff point, or any damages arising as a result of improper use. We reserve the right to deny replacement to any serial abusers of our customer friendly policy. Specifications: Battery Type: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH Battery). Volts: 4.8. Capacity: 2400mAh. Cell Count: 4s. Cell Configuration: 1-Cell. Charge Rate: 1C (2.4A). Plug Type: No Plug. Dimensions: 50.3 x 14 x 14 mm / 1.98 x 0.55 x 0.55 in. Watt Hours: 11.52. Amp Rating: 2.4A. Weight: 1 oz (28.3 g). Fits these RC Models: Joysway Dragon Force V1 RC Sailboat, Joysway Explorer RC Sailboat, Joysway Focus, Joysway Force2 60 Catamaran RC Sailboat, Joysway Orion RC Sailboat.


RC sailboat plans for scratch building - Vela RC.net
RC sailboat plans for scratch building: ... - One meter long sailboat - hull, keel, ... - Basic Jolle - a 70 cm long sailboat. Plans and building guide in German ...

Free RC Sailboat and Model Sailboat plans
After a number of requests on Model Sailboat Plans I thought I go out and see what RC Sailboat Plans I can find for free or at least for a very low budget.

Footy sailboat plans
Footy Plans Below are several sets of free Footy plans. Our latest addition is the BUG3, a highly successful design from Roger Stollery in the UK.

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Vela RC - Plantas de veleiros de radio controle para construção

Vela RC - Plantas de veleiros de radio controle para construção
Image by velarc.net

RC Sailboat & Model Sailing Guide

RC Sailboat & Model Sailing Guide
Image by www.rcsailboatguide.com

Most browsers will allow you to right click and open the jpg images ...

Most browsers will allow you to right click and open the jpg images ...
Image by woodstar45.blogspot.com

Google Books

Robotic Sailing 2013
Robotic Sailing 2013
Published by Springer Science & Business Media 2013
ISBN 9783319022765,3319022768
163 pages

An autonomous sailboat robot is a boat that only uses the wind on its sail as propelling force, without remote control or human assistance to achieve its mission. This involves autonomy in energy (using batteries, solar panels, turbines...), sensor data processing (compass, GPS, wind sensor...), actuators control (rudder and sail angle control...) and decision making (embedded computer with adequate algorithms). Although robotic sailing is a relatively new field of research, several applications exist for this type of robots : oceanographic and hydrographic research, maritime environment monitoring, meteorology, harbor safety, assistance and rescue in dangerous areas. Over the last decade, several events such as the Microtransat challenge, the WRSC/IRSC and SailBot have been set up to...

184 pages

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sailboat sharpie rc newhavensharpie

The year was 1996 and I was actively leaving Colorado. During my college years I was an avid R/C sailing modeller and the last boat I built was this New Haven sharpie. It was based on plans by Howard Chapelle of a late 1800s New Haven racing sharpie named 'Swift'. I decided to name my version 'Swoofty'. Coincidentally at the same time I decided to get a Yahoo email account and I used Swoofty as my name. In 2000 when I moved onto a real sailboat to live, there was no room for 'Swoofty.' Now 'Swoofty' lives at the Overland Cafe in Culver City, CA. She's a fine sailor and maybe she'll see the water again someday. For anyone who was hoping for something grander to explain Swoofty, it could be because I can fly using only the power of my mind, but it's probably the boat. ;-)

Photo by swoofty