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4-stroke 7HP Superior Engine Outboard Motor Inflatable Fishing boat motor (4-stroke 7HP)

  • One year warranty covers the motor, to...
  • Outstanding engine has been certified by CE

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Yamaha Malta outboard motor mounted on sailboat Alo Mikkkel 26

Yamaha Malta outboard motor mounted on sailboat Alo Mikkkel 26 iPhone 5 video.

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SIMRAD AP2801VRF Simrad AP2801VFR Autopilot System

Simrad (Motor Boat Accessories)

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Nova Scotia: Nature Lovers' Delight

Because the currents are running through the channels between the islands, and the distance to Sheep is farther than any of us wants to row, Karl is trying again to get the outboard running. Michael told him yesterday that the only spark plug aboard

Wind ruins couple's sailboat ride at Lake Hefner

Police search for 2 people involved The boaters said their ride lost its sail and got carried away by the wind. The boat's motor allowed the two to get back to shore, where they crashed into rocks. Officials said there was little damage to the boat

What Kobe Bryant is missing -- and David Ortiz might get -- from potential ...

He received a hatchet and a fishing rod from the Portland Trail Blazers, a gold money clip from the Golden State Warriors and an outboard motor from the Seattle SuperSonics. He also received a Golden State gave him a 24-foot sailboat. Milwaukee

Nova Scotia: Nature Lovers' Delight - Cruising World

Source: www.cruisingworld.com

Much farther and there will be no turning back. We’ll be committed to a narrow slot that is literally between a rock and a hard place. I’m feeling anxious, picking up on the wariness of both Karl and Mary Beth, whose boat this is. Michael, my husband, scouts ahead with binoculars and sees the house we’re to aim toward, but it’s not blue as stated in the guide. Maybe the one we’re to leave to starboard. Mary Beth suddenly turns Hattie Lee around and heads back out. Just two days ago we joined Karl and Mary Beth for a week in Nova Scotia cruising aboard their 36-foot Cape George cutter, Hattie Lee. We met in Lunenburg, where the architecture and civic design are so classic of a planned British colonial settlement that it is designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. We had an uneventful 8-mile passage to Cross Island, where we now spin, debating whether to proceed or chicken out. We move in circles while Karl reviews the cruising guide directions, bearings and landmarks. The whole island is a mere speck in the ocean, about one square mile of wooded rock, with a lighthouse at the east end and a few occasionally occupied fishing shacks at the other. We’d been both lured to and warned away from the island by Peter Loveridge’s Cruising Guide to Nova Scotia. But only by succeeding will we have “truly cruised the coast of Nova Scotia. Karl nods at Mary Beth, who turns the boat toward the narrow entrance again. Each of us takes a watch, looking under and ahead and to the side. Though moving in slow motion, the boat seems to be going too fast. I realize it is because of the irreversible trajectory — like jumping off the high dive or shoving off from the dock, that sense of commitment to letting go. As we head into the granite chasm of a harbor, I realize the shoals we passed earlier,... We can only hope that the house we are steering for, gray not blue, is the house we’re supposed to be aimed at. We’ve got a wooden stake to starboard and a house at 270 degrees, so we proceed, on faith, at a snail’s pace into the gut. Each of us is staring over the side and ahead, looking for danger for what feels a long time. A mooring ball appears straight ahead, but Mary Beth passes it by, continuing to one farther inside. Very quickly we secure to the mooring, looking under the hull at the rock ledges below our 6-foot keel. Except for one suspicious outlier rock, we agree it looks safe. Our space is filled with spruce trees, granite, grasses, sea, seals and terns. A whisper quiet is punctuated by the occasional swoosh of a roller sliding across the ledges. It’s like this all afternoon as we explore the exposed rock on foot, slithering over the slimy seaweed exposed by the ebb tide. Seals loll about like fat sausages with whiskers. Gannets torpedo down for small fish. Continuing along the shore, past haphazardly arranged shacks, I realize that these belong to the current generation of fishermen, whose homes are on the mainland. A hundred years ago, their ancestors fished the island full time. Today, there aren’t enough fish left to recreate such a life. With that thought, a mosquito takes a sip of my blood, and I head back to Hattie Lee. Now that we are at the site of a historically significant fishing village, we get to talking about our visit to the Fisheries Museum in Lunenburg. That’s where I first understood the importance of fishing in Nova Scotia. Boarding a recently retired dragger-fishing vessel, I struck up a conversation with a gentleman who had been captain of the boat for some 30 years. This fact I discovered too late to prevent me from indignantly proclaiming the terrific damage to the sea floor and peripheral creatures wreaked by this style of boat. Tourists , his look said, his eyes expressing both forbearance and a bit of twinkle. I feel the tourist he sees in me. In the early morning that outlier rock clonks on the hull, letting us know we should move because it won’t. Shortening our mooring chain as well as tying off to a second mooring solves the rocky conflict. The day’s dead calm is forecast to continue, so we feel comfortable heading out in the dinghy for another island exploration.

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Garelick 4-Stroke Auxiliary Outboard Motor Bracket 71090 71090:01


Price: $297.99

4-STROKE AUXILIARY OUTBOARD MOTOR BRACKET OB MOTOR BRACKETS FOR 4-STROKE MOTORSHP7-1/2 to 30Max Load169 lbs. Vertical Travel9-1/2" Raise & lower trolling & auxiliary motors on power or sailboats. Built especially for 4 stroke heavier, high torque motors. Extra wide 11-1/2" black poly mounting board for wider style motor locking clamps. Accommodates long or short shaft motors. Easier to operate & lift motor. Twist lock safety knobs secure bracket in place. Black satin anodized aluminum body resists corrosion. Includes safety cable, aircraft-type stainless steel hardware & nylon friction-resistant washers. Vertical travel based upon transom angle being perpendicular to water. MFG# 71090:01 7109001 UPC# 038203710907


Garelick EEZ-IN Outboard Motor Brackets Aluminum 71040


Price: $149.99

EEZ IN OUTBOARD MOTOR BRACKETSOB MOTOR BRACKETSFOR 2-STROKE MOTORSRetractable bracket for trolling auxiliary motors on power & sailboats. Designed & engineered to make motors easy to raise & lower. 4-position locking height adjustment. Fits all style motors. Extra wide black poly mounting plate. Transom mount locks & holds motor up or swings down for propolsion. Includes mounting hardware. NOTE: For 2-stroke motors only. MFG# 71040 UPC# 038203710402


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Atom Voyages - Outboard motor well for a Taipan 28 sailboat
Outboard motor well for a Taipan 28 sailboat A version of this article first appeared in Good Old Boat Magazine. The Inside Outboard. James Baldwin describes how he ...

Boats.net - Outboard Motors for Sale
Boats.net has a large selection of new outboard motors for sale. We warehouse hundreds of outboard motors. We carry discount Yamaha outboard motors, Honda outboard ...

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Sailboat Outboard Motor

The Thunderbird class sailboat was designed in 1958 by Seattle Washington naval architect Ben Seaborn, in response to a request from the Douglas Fir Plywood Association (now APA - The Engineered Wood Association) of Tacoma, Washington for design proposals for a sailboat that would "... be both a racing and cruising boat; provide sleeping accommodations for four crew; be capable of being built by reasonably skilled amateurs; provide auxiliary power by an outboard motor that could be easily removed and stowed; and out-perform other sailboats in its class." More than 35 years of experience and construction of more than 1,250 Thunderbirds around the world have demonstrated that the 25.90-foot (7.89 m) Thunderbird class sailboat is a success on all accounts.
The Thunderbird's performance can be attributed to a lightweight, 3,650 lb (1,656 kg) hull and rig with V-bottom hull and hard chines. Outstanding stability is provided by a 1,530 lb (694 kg) cast iron keel of advanced design with a 4.79-foot (1.46 m) draft. The sail area is 363 square feet (33.72 square meters) in the mainsail and genoa, and racing boats are equipped with a spinnaker. The Thunderbird (or T-Bird, as it is commonly

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.


Royal Wedding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle iPhone X Case


Royal Wedding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle commemorative Royal collectors item, Professional Photo imported from the original camera file to guarantee finest image quality on your gift products.

Price: $47.45

Charcoal Grey and Red Pinstripe Gift Wrap


This men's wrapping paper has a charcoal grey and red pinstripe design on it. It is one of a large assortment of gorgeous wrapping paper obtainable from Superkalifragilistic.

Price: $15.80

Outboard motor wells

Outboard motor wells
Image by forum.woodenboat.com

Sailboat Outboard Motor Mount wooden dinghy plans

Sailboat Outboard Motor Mount wooden dinghy plans
Image by kathaleengbberkleya8728.wordpress.com

Yamaha Malta outboard motor mounted on sailboat Alo Mikkkel 26 ...

Yamaha Malta outboard motor mounted on sailboat Alo Mikkkel 26 ...
Image by www.youtube.com

Google Books

Sailing Big on a Small Sailboat
Sailing Big on a Small Sailboat
Published by Sheridan House, Inc. 2015
ISBN 9781574092479,1574092472
240 pages

This guide outlines the planning, boats and accessories sailors of small sailboats need to safely embark on ambitious journeys.

The Trailer Sailer Owner's Manual
The Trailer Sailer Owner's Manual
Published by Paradise Cay Publications 2009
ISBN 093983782X,9780939837823
330 pages

(i)The Trailer Sailer Owner's Manual(/i) should be included with every trailer ready sailboat. This comprehensive guide to selecting, caring for and enjoying a trailer ready sailboat will answer all your questions about fitting out, care of your sails, launching and retrieval, and boat maintenance. Easy-to-understand selection guides help you choose the proper sealant/adhesive or anti- fouling paint. Here you'll find natural alternatives to common toxic cleaning agents, as well as a useful guide to cooking in very small spaces. You'll even learn to make traditional mats from rope while you keep a weather eye on the clouds.This mother lode of trailer sailing information is neither a how-to-sail manual nor a sales pitch for a specific brand or type of boat. Rather, it's a compendium of...

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I want one for our sailboat! https://t.co/cM0UOgoKVQ

Cooking recipes

Sailboat Sundaes
Ingredients:jello, peach

Motor Oil Chicken-robbie Haf Recipe Recipe
Ingredients:chicken, chicken, garlic, chicken, chicken, chicken, salt, chicken, brown sugar, worcestershire sauce, mustard powder, hot sauce, vegetable oil, water, white vinegar

Frozen Chocolate "frango" Mints
Ingredients:butter, egg yolks, peppermint extract, powdered sugar, chocolate, vanilla wafers

Galley Wench's Spice Sea Chili
Ingredients:adobo sauce, poblano chiles, beef broth, beer, black beans, chili powder, chipotle peppers, cocoa powder, cumin, onions, tomato, garlic, jalapeno, beef, pork chops, olive oil, poblano chile, tomato

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TrophyCatch awards a bass boat package
12/09/15, via Chipley Bugle

The Phoenix 619 Pro bass boat and trailer came with a 200-horsepower Mercury outboard, MotorGuide trolling motor and Power-Pole anchoring system. This year, Bartow Ford added a surprise gift of $1,000 towards the purchase of one of their vehicles to pull ...

Oyster shucker lands $10M in lotto clams
12/09/15, via capecodtimes.com

And he plans to invest. But Young doesn’t anticipate a new car, a new house or even a new boat. His 24-foot boat with the outboard motor works well enough, he said. “I don’t need a boat, I grow oysters,” he said. “With a new boat comes new ...

Naples Police warn boaters of increased outboard motor thefts
12/08/15, via Naples Daily News

Naples Police are warning boat owners to keep their outboard motors safe following a string of recent thefts. Police issued a press release Monday saying that thefts of several lower units had been reported in the city and in the Royal Harbor neighborhood.