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How to Rig a Laser

A quick guide to rigging your Laser sailboat with the pros at West Coast Sailing. In this video we're using our Laser Race Line Kit, which has every line you need.

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Ronstan Shock - 3/16 Line - 1/4 Webbing - Red - Pair

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The Enduring Mystique of the Venetian Lagoon

Serpents weave in and out of the skulls of the envious near a section of dismembered parts belonging to the slothful; the gluttons eat their own hands. The messages are . However, the loose rigging on a sailboat near my window dinged all night. I

Volvo 65: Identical and optimal composite spars and rigging

For the 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race, which began at its home port in Alicante, Spain, on Oct. 11, 2014, and ended June 27, 2015, in Gothenburg, Sweden, all seven competing 65-class sailboats were built to a single design. Why? To ensure that the

Autopilots: The Spare Helmsman

Sail enough offshore miles and the glories of driving dwindle, especially when the first splatters of a Pacific Northwest rain or Down East fog start peppering the hood of your foul-weather jacket. Then, the thought of a warm cabin, of hot coffee and

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McLube Sailkote Dry Lubricant 16 Oz SAILKOTE16

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $20.99

Sailkote is the easy to apply high-tech, high performance dry lubricant that makes sails, hulls, rigging, deck hardware, and anything that moves on your boat run smoother, work more efficiently and last longer than you ever thought possible. Team McLube Sailkote is the only dry lubricant currently available that has been specifically designed for marine use. Sailkote is a translucent liquid that sprays or wipes on and completely dries in seconds. So, unlike oils, silicones, and waxes, it will never attract dirt, water and contaminants that eventually degrade lubrication performance. Sailkote is typically five times as effective, and lasts much longer than, wax, oil or Teflon® based lubricants. MFG# SAILKOTE16 UPC# 697122100161


Sailboat Rigging,Hardware & Accessories | Rigging Only's ...
Rigging Only is dedicated to providing quality sailboat hardware and sailboat rigging at affordable prices to sailors through out the world

Used Sailboat Parts - Buy New & Used Sailboat Parts ...
Used Sailboat Parts salvages sailboats and sells parts including sails, masts, booms, teak, steering pedestals, steering wheels, stanchions, turnbuckles, shackles ...

Parts of a Sailboat Rig - Psychosnail Boating
Lesson 1.2 - How to sail Parts of a Sailboat Rig. Next lesson -> Parts of a sailboat Sails Index: How to sail. Lesson 1.2 - How to sail Parts of a Sailboat Rigging


An outhaul is a line which is part of the running rigging of a sailboat, used to extend a sail and control the shape of the curve of the foot of the sail. It runs from the clew to the end of the boom. The line is pulled taut to the appropriate tension to provide the desired shape to the foot and then secured to a cleat on the boom.
The details vary, but the two most common methods are:
A knot, usually a bowline, is tied to a grommet provided for the purpose in the clew of the sail, then fed directly to the cleat.
The line is attached to the boom, lead through the same grommet, and thence to a cleat; this system provides a factor of two mechanical advantage over the previous one.
The outhaul, besides simply holding the sail out, is an effective sail shape control. Tightening or slackening the outhaul can flatten or fill out the sail, shift the draft forward or aft, change leech and foot tension, and increase or decrease camber.

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

sailboat-rigging-diagram.gif - Sailboat Parts

sailboat-rigging-diagram.gif - Sailboat Parts
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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Sailing - Wikibooks ...

Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Sailing - Wikibooks ...
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Sailboat Rigging and Some Nomenclature | Sailing Blog by NauticEd

Sailboat Rigging and Some Nomenclature | Sailing Blog by NauticEd
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Royce's Sailing Illustrated
Royce's Sailing Illustrated
Published by ProStar Publications 1997
ISBN 0911284079,9780911284072
161 pages

1311 pages

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Veho VCC-A017-UPM Universal Pole/Bar Mount
01/02/15, via CCL

Universal pole/bar mount with tripod mount for Muvi and Muvi range Veho VCC-A017-UPM Universal Pole/Bar Mount for Bikes, Roll Cages, Boat Rigging with Tripod Mount - Ships with MUVI Waterproof case tripod mount - Compatable with MUVI HD Range and MUVI ...

Tides: Boat Builders
05/02/14, via Delmarva Now

Tides: Boat Builders Wooden single sheave rigging block parts are displayed in the office of Ruark Boatworks in Cambridge. Check out this story on

Ship of the line - Rigging
01/05/16, via

Diagram of a square rigged man of war sailing ship, with its nomenclature or parts labeled..... .....♥...Nims...♥ ⚓♡salt air⊰⛵ .Diagram of a square rigged man of war sailing ship, with its nomenclature ...

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Tremblant, Canada (near Montreal). Tremblant is a darling restort town with a ski resort, this beautiful lake, which lies on the boundary of the Canadian National Park called Mont Tremblant. The hillsides in the background are part of the park, well except for maybe a quarter mile near the shore. Taken on my short day trip to Parc du Mont-Tremmblant (and nearby areas) October 2009. The day was beautiful and the leaves were in perfect autumn colors.

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june sailboat island bay boat bc malcolm centre archive slide 1966 scan thunderbird sequoia tbird gambier faviell

The Thunderbird class sailboat was designed in 1958 by Seattle Washington naval architect Ben Seaborn, in response to a request from the Douglas Fir Plywood Association (now APA - The Engineered Wood Association) of Tacoma, Washington for design proposals for a sailboat that would "... be both a racing and cruising boat; provide sleeping accommodations for four crew; be capable of being built by reasonably skilled amateurs; provide auxiliary power by an outboard motor that could be easily removed and stowed; and out-perform other sailboats in its class." More than 35 years of experience and construction of more than 1,250 Thunderbirds around the world have demonstrated that the 25.90-foot (7.89 m) Thunderbird class sailboat is a success on all accounts. Specifications LOA (Length Overall)] 25' 11¾" (7.89 m) LWL (Designed Waterline)] 20' 3" Maximum Beam 7' 6½" (2.30 m) Mast Height (above WL) 37' 10¼" (11.54 m) Draft 4' 9½" (1.46 m)...

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ocean nova sailboat harbor boat sailing atlantic scotia halifax rigging ketch elderhostel

Both the yawl and the ketch have two masts, with the main mast foremost. On classic yacht types with long overhangs and inboard rudders, the distinction is simple: a ketch has the mizzen mast forward of the rudder post, whereas on a yawl, it is aft of the rudder post.[1][2] For boats with shorter overhangs or outboard rudders the distinction is more usefully determined by comparing the purposes and relative sizes of the mizzens. Compared to a ketch, a similar size yawl's mizzen sail is much smaller than the main, and is usually situated very far aft, behind the helm station. On a ketch, the principal purpose of the mizzen sail is to help propel the vessel as part of the working sail, the sail area being split up between two masts to ease handling. On a yawl, the smaller mizzen mainly serves the purposes of trim and balance, working more as an "air rudder" or trim tab than as a substantial part of the working sail. Yawls tend to have mainsails almost as large as those of...

Photo by InAweofGod'sCreation