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Andrews 28 Sailboat - Loading Boat on Trailer

Andrews 28 Sailboat - Loading Boat on Trailer. For more info on the NEW Andrews 28 sailboat, go to www.

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Boat of the Year Overall Winner

Exciting sailing with a bare-bones, trailerable 28-footer — at a price that's more than right for club racers — is what ultimately brought the judges to the Fareast 28R as the overall Boat of the Year. No, it doesn't foil or break new ground, but as

Guide to the 46th US Sailboat Show in Annapolis

When you go, expect to see a wide variety of sailing vessels, including the latest racing boats, luxury cruisers, catamarans, day sailors, and trailerable models. Attendees will also find a large selection of previously owned boats. The show presents

The Wayfarer

They referred to the thicket where they launched the boat, near an abandoned Revolutionary War-era cemetery, as Catfish Yacht Club. Dicky had business cards printed up, with membership numbers and titles. Chris Kelly, the club's commodore, still

Boat of the Year Overall Winner - Sailing World


Boat of the Year Overall Winner: Fareast 28R. It’s easy to be enamored with the slickest car on the lot , or for sailors, with the most technical-looking boat at the show, the one with a string of zeros on the price tag, carbon detailing and... But high cost and high-tech serve a select few. It’s just as easy to walk right past the one boat that’s right for many. For our Boat of the Year judges, tasked with culling the best of the new models at the U. S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, the one that can satisfy the most sailors is the Fareast 28R. At first glance, there’s nothing unique about the 28R. It’s a... There is nothing radically new here, with one notable exception — the price tag. For $60,000, you have a regatta-ready rocket with a trailer. For comparable boats its size, the judges said, that’s a steal. “Every year we talk about bang for your buck, and this time we have one that really delivers on that,” said longtime BOTY judge Chuck Allen. “It sails awesome, it’s really simple, and for someone looking for a new boat for club racing, it’s perfect. It’s a lot of boat for what they’re asking. Built in China by Fareast Trading LLC and imported by Sturgis Boat Works, of Massachusetts, the 28R is not exactly new. There are more than 100 sailing in Europe and China, and the class has pending ISAF one-design status. The 28R’s vinylester-infused laminate is “pretty basic,” said judge Tom Rich, a career boatbuilder who was impressed with the build quality. “With six bulkheads that fit well and the A-frame foredeck truss, there’s plenty of structure in the boat,” he said. “It’s similar to what we’ve seen in most production builds like this over the years, but the simplicity of the whole thing is what I like. The one-design sail package includes main, jib and spinnaker, but for anyone with point-to-point intentions, Wake suggests adding a reaching headsail to the inventory. Spinnakers are companionway-launched because there’s no foredeck hatch, which Wake said is beneficial, based on his big-breeze experiences with the boat. “Having an open hatch is asking for a lot of water inside,” he said, “especially given the amount of water we’ve seen thrown up by the boat’s reverse bow. Yet the simple appeal of the boat at the dock wasn’t what sold the judges on its potential as Boat of the Year. The boat is powered up, so for pickup weeknight crews and all-amateur programs, it’ll deliver off-wind frills, said Allen. Five to six crew will get it around the track with one smaller crew responsible for caddying the spinnaker to and from the companionway bag. After sailing, the judges commented that the 28R had a big-boat feel, but small-boat handling in the maneuvers. “Everything on the boat works easily,” said Allen. “It’s very sensitive to crew weight, and it will require crews to hike extra hard. The wave-piercing bow sheds water, and there’s a nice, long waterline, said Greg Stewart, our naval architect of the judging trio. “The back end of the boat is nicely shaped, the chine height is right, and there’s fullness forward so it doesn’t trip over itself. Exciting sailing with a bare-bones, trailerable 28-footer — at a price that’s more than right for club racers — is what ultimately brought the judges to the Fareast 28R as the overall Boat of the Year. No, it doesn’t foil or break new ground, but as Stewart put it, it best delivered on its design purpose. “Because of its price, performance and simplicity, it’s a boat that you can have a lot of fun with without much effort. A new 28-foot sportboat for $60,000 — including trailer. Fareast Yachts delivers a barebones sportboat for plug-and-play one-design and weeknight club racing. It's performance, our Boat of the Year judges said, didn't miss all the typical carbon accessories that push boat prices too high.

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complete trailer sailor how to buy equip and handle small cruising sailboat

(Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies)

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Very Good 0071472584.

36" BOAT SALE DECAL sticker new used sailboats powerboats service financing


Price: $24.99

This decal will work great for a window or any smooth surface application. Use on storefronts, restaurants, retail stores, food trucks concession trailers, and much more! High quality professional advertising printed in bold color with an eye-catching gloss finish. Super easy to install - just peel & stick! (we recommend using small amount of soapy water during your application to insure you can easily smooth out any air bubbles)


MacGregor Sailboats - MacGregor 26 Trailerable Sailboats
West Coast home of the MacGregor 26 trailerable sailboat. Includes features, specifications and price list.

Com-Pac Yachts: Trailerable Cat Boats, Trailerable ...
The Com-Pac line of sailboats covers a wide range of sizes from a 14-foot day sailer to a 35-foot bluewater sailing cruiser. Each sailboat, regardless of size, is ...

MacGregor Sailboats - MacGregor 26 Trailerable Sailboats
MacGregor 26 sailboats - MacGregor 26 sailboat info - The world's most versatile trailable sailboat


cruising sailboat hitch cover


sailing in paradise

Price: $21.15

trailerable sailboats image search results

trailerable sailboats image search results
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Trailerable Sailboats ...

Trailerable Sailboats ...
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Trailerable Sailboats

Trailerable Sailboats
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Google Books

The Complete Trailer Sailor: How to Buy, Equip, and Handle Small Cruising Sailboats
The Complete Trailer Sailor: How to Buy, Equip, and Handle Small Cruising Sailboats
Published by McGraw Hill Professional 2007
ISBN 9780071593601,0071593608
192 pages

A soup-to-nuts introduction to small, economical sailing craft Trailer sailers--the smallest, most economical sailboats with sleeping accommodations--are a popular platform for learning the basics of sailing and are often considered to be the entry level to cruising under sail. Author Brian Gilbert shows how trailer sailers can be the ideal craft for a lifetime of enjoyment, including serious, long-distance cruising. This book covers all the bases, including how to inspect, buy, and equip a boat; how to trailer, sail, navigate, and cruise in small boats; how to use communications and navigation equipment; and more.

Rich Johnson's Guide to Trailer Boat Sailing
Rich Johnson's Guide to Trailer Boat Sailing
Published by NorlightsPress 2009
ISBN 9781935254096,193525409X
260 pages

trailerable sailboat is the ideal way to explore the country ? wherever there is water. To make the most of this exciting lifestyle, owners of trailerable sailboats need three things ? an understanding of the boat and how to use it; knowledge about the tow vehicle and trailer used to transport the boat; and a spirited sense of adventure to live the dream. This book will help you get started.

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Berry Blue Sailboats
Ingredients:water, jello, water, peach, toothpicks

Smooth Sailing Sugar Cookies
Ingredients:baking powder, butter, powdered sugar, eggs, flour, food coloring, frosting, milk, milk, salt, salt, sugar, vanilla extract, almond extract

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All aboard for day on water
01/14/16, via The Advocate

"There will be boats ranging from eight-foot dinghies designed for small children, fast and nimble multi-hulls through to large, stable trailerable yachts complete with cabins. "Sailing is a fun sport with a physical and mental element making the most of ...

More than 100 entries for Milang Goolwa Freshwater Classic
01/13/16, via The Times

vintage boat racing and tune up racing for the Milang Goolwa. There are also several social events and race presentations on during the week that are welcome to anyone to attend. Entries for the Milang Goolwa race remain open for trailerable yachts until ...

California Offshore Racing Gets Organized
01/14/16, via

One of our biggest considerations was the expectation we’d have boats of all the size ranges, from smaller trailerable boats under 30 feet in length all the way up to SuperMaxi’s. This means boats will complete each race with very different elapsed ...

sailboat trimaran magnum21 trailerable

Photo by Mali Mish

blue trees sky white green sailboat boat mast hull macgregor maranatha

69 - This is the sailboat we used to own back when we lived up in South Carolina. She's a MacGregor 25 we named "Maranatha", and she had a convenient "swing keel" that made her trailerable. We didn't get to sail her much, but when we did, it was a blast!

Photo by Robert Hruzek