Sunfish Sailboat Sale

Sunfish Sailing on Lake Austin with Brooke 11/2011

Good times sailing with south wind on Lake Austin - me and Brooke November 14,2011 April 2011 I got into sailing because of my good friend Mack Warner my .

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SAILFISH SUNFISH Sailboat Boat Dealer Sales Brochure Catalog dated 1965 + Prices

SAILFISH SUNFISH Sailboat Boat Dealer Sales Brochure Catalog dated 1965 + Prices

Sunfish Sailboat with new trailer for sale

Sunfish Sailboat with new trailer for sale

$500.00  Buy It Now:$800.00

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Dollies & Spars Ne Corp.

Dollies & Spars Ne Corp. Sunfish Class Sailboat Dolly

Dollies & Spars Ne Corp. (Miscellaneous)

Price: $499.99 ( Show details )

Dog Ear Publishing


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Sailboats can still be found at beach rentals

“We used to rent Sunfish years ago and then the progression of personal watercraft became available and it was easier to learn and everybody liked the fun toys.” Nobis does keep Cost: $75 for one hour, $225 for a half day, lessons are $30 for a

Women's sailing club open to variety of experiences

Membership is open only during August and September each year. The purpose of the organization, now about 140 members strong, is to encourage women sailors to improve their art of sailing, sponsor races and cruises in prams and Sunfish and compete with

Trawinski: Walkers welcome to Run the Shores

Race day registration will be from 7-7:45 a.m. and cost $25. Children are $10. The rain date is Sunday, Sept Two weeks later the weather was much more conducive to Sunfish sailing and three races were held. Carol Hogan, Chris Nurre and Dan Brockman 

Sailboats can still be found at beach rentals - The News-Press


Before the turn of the century little sailboats lined the beaches at concession stands. Sunfish were usually the boat of choice. Tourists and sometimes locals would plunk down $10-$20 and set out in the two-person sailboat to glide along the calm Gulf waters. But now sailboats are rarely seen at beach concessions. Instead personal watercraft are the vessel of choice. “There used to be nothing but sailboats,” said Kevin Nobis, manager of Bonita Jet Ski & Parasail, located on the beach in front of Doc’s Beach House on Bonita Beach. “We used to rent Sunfish years ago and then the progression of personal watercraft became available and it was easier to learn and everybody liked the fun toys. Nobis does keep one sailboat rigged on the beach. He has a 16-foot Hobie Cat that he says people do rent several times a week. “The Hobie Cat is more of a sailboat than a Sunfish,” he began. “It can fit more people on it. You can fit the whole family. The Hobie Cat has two sails and seats four people. Nobis said several rentals by local resorts rent Hobie Waves, but those are plastic, rather than fiberglass, are boxier and have less performance in the water. He said he is one of the few places that rents a high-performance Hobie Cat. While sailboats are not as popular as the personal watercraft, Nobis said there are customers renting the boat. “A lot of people grew up on lakes up North and had Hobie Cats,” Nobis said. “It’s hard to find a 16-foot Hobie Cat in this area. We get people who grew up sailing and still have it in their blood. Those who are sailing for the first time must take a $30 half-hour lesson before they can head out on the water. Those with experience can rent the Hobie Cat for $75 for an hour or $225 for a half day. Billy Hanson, owner of Bonita Jet Ski & Parasail, encourages people to give the Hobie Cat a try. “It is rigged every day,” Hanson said.

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Worldwide supplier of Sunfish boats, parts, & accessories
Sunfish Direct offers a complete line of sunfish hardware, parts and supplies for the sunfish enthusiasts. One source for all of your sunfish parts and sales. In ... - Your worldwide supplier for ... is your source for everything Sunfish! We stock a complete line of replacement parts and accessories. Sails, Tiller, Rudder, Bailer, Covers ...

Sunfish For Sale |
Sunfish For Sale. Want to sell your Sunfish or similar sailboat? This is the place to do it! Please include as many details as possible to make it easier for the buyers!

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Sunfish Sailboat For Sale
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Sunfish Sailboat < 70% off
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... sale hunters for sale macgregors ventures for sale sailboat photo

... sale hunters for sale macgregors ventures for sale sailboat photo
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Sunfish Sailboat for Sale -- call Mike @ 773-209-5449

Sunfish Sailboat for Sale -- call Mike @ 773-209-5449
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Sunfish sailboat for sale

Sunfish sailboat for sale
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1981 Sunfish Sailboat for Sale AMF Sun Fish Sail Boat NY


1981 Sunfish Sailboat for Sale AMF Sun Fish Sail Boat NY

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Bob Henke column: Sunfish (the real ones) come in many sizes
07/31/15, via Post-Star

THURMAN | Terry Vernum kneeled next to the boiler that was removed from his basement the other day, his hands punching holes through its corroded base. Your fantasy football draft draws near, and you're stoked because you've got the top overall pick ...

Retirement Extra | Don Brainard | Trawler Traveler
04/18/15, via Star News Online

“While in elementary school, my dad built a Sunfish boat. I have been around boats ever since. In 2004, we traded up to a 45 foot fishing trawler built for leisure travel. Our boat’s name, “Dawn Treader,” is taken from the Chronicles of Narnia by ...

Giant sunfish to be left to the elements
03/19/15, via Otago Daily Times

"It probably weighs over a tonne and getting it off the beach would probably require a boat. "We have limited resources on a Friday night and limited space in our freezers and there is no-one actually researching sunfish at the moment, so we will probably ...