Boston Whaler Cut In Half

Boston Whaler Unsinkable Legend Tour

A half Boston Whaler on a journey from Kempers Watersport Aalsmeer to Texel at the North Sea. Half Boston Whaler - 180 Dauntless.

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Rising rivers inundate Lowcountry neighborhoods as residents fear worst is yet ...

ANDREW KNAPP/STAFF Darin Todd (left), 22, looks at mailboxes on Happiness Lane in Colleton County as his grandfather, local homeowner Don Sweat, 62, guides a motorboat Tuesday through the community inundated with more than 4 feet of floodwater 

Today in Philadelphia Flyers history: Lindros first NHL goal in debut ...

Newcomer Brent Fedyk -- recently acquired from the Detroit Red Wings -- cut that deficit in half late in the opening frame with his first as a Flyer to make it a 2-1 Pittsburgh lead at the first intermission. 2011 -- New Flyers Jakub Voracek (game

Mike Pedrini powers Melrose in win over Watertown

Watertown's Deon Smith scored on a 5-yard run to cut the margin to 14-7 at the half. After a scoreless third quarter, Pedrini took over. and scored three touchdowns for the Bengals. East Boston 46, Charlestown 6 — Joel Pastrana scored three

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My husband and I started a tradition a few years back, especially once we could leave the children on their own: we go camping for two weekends and the five days between for a total of nine days away from civilization. We time this to coincide with out anniversary, and when it became clear that, if we didn't go far enough, the bosses would be caling our cell phones with all kinds of stupid questions. Yeah, the only standing rule about the place we choose to go is that we drive north until we lose cell service, then drive a minimum of ten more miles just to make sure we can't be reached. We've found some very interesting places, many of which allow free camping, if you can find them and are daring enough to leave the cilivized world behind for a bit. This year, the place we chose to spend our vacation time was a little Maine gem called Nugent's Camps ( http://www. com/ ) on Chamberlain Lake, not too far from Baxter State Park and Maine's tallest mountain, Mount Katahdin ( https://en. org/wiki/Mount_Katahdin ). We usually have either taken our camper or our tent for these excursions, but this was something new, a cabin on a lake with a gas stove, gas refrigerator, gas lights, a wood stove and a privy out back. For entertainment purposes, I brought along a notebook, and when we arrived, I started a daily journal with brief entries about our adventures. I lost my innocence almost 40 years ago. Day One: Mother Nature is reminding us of the honeymoon. Nugent's Camps. Fifty miles or so from Kokadjo, Maine (population: Not Many per their sign) where we lost cell service. A check in (and payment of a fee, as it's part of the Maine North Woods system) at the Telos Gate, then a sign-in at the Chamberlain Ranger Station, where we leave our vehicle and take to the boat to get to our destination. It's going to take two trips of somewhere between 4 and 6 miles from the boat launch to the dock at Nugent's. The dog and I ride over on the first run with the idea that I can get us settled in somewhat while Bill goes for load two. I've zipped our sleeping bags together, taken some photos of our really nice digs, and am trying to decide what else to do to amuse myself when it starts to thunder - and I hope Bill is still at the truck when a fierce storm comes barreling in.... It's precisely at that time that Bill, partway back to the cabin with our second load, has his motor conk out. He's in a metal boat. with lightning flashing overhead. Hoping the lightning strke didn't totally fry his motor, he waits a moment and tries again. The second load contained my duffle bag, which is supposed to be waterproof. Within minutes of Bill arriving at the cabin, safe and sound, half of my clothing is hung around the cabin on conveniently placed nails. Seems I'm not the only one since this place opened in 1936 to have to hang my clothing to dry. I suppose, considering that our honeymoon, on top of a mountain, involved being INSIDE the storm cloud, we should have expected such a greeting. I can't wait for Day Two. Kudos to Rob, the camp host/manager, because he went out in that storm to meet Bill at the dock to haul the rest of our gear to the cabin, deluge or no deluge. That is one dedicated host. Day Two is for the letter F: Flexoril and Fly Fishing. After our ceremonious entry to Nugents, with the evidence still drying all around us, drying, Day Two is for relaxing. I did one of the two things in the title for this day's entry, Bill did the other. Match them up. Stretching out the aches from the long (almost 6 hour) drive with the last 50 or so miles on dirt roads becomes a walk up the snowmobile trail that brings in campers for ice fishing during the winter. (ATV's are forbidden because of past damages in the North Woods, so the only summer access is by boat or float plane. ) There are no sounds of civilization short of the generator that runs from 8 am to 8 pm to provide energy for such things as the water pump, as your "running water" is you running up the hill and get it from the pump. The radio, also dampened by Nature's enthusiasm, finally dries out enough for us to try to see.

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Boston Whaler-The Unsinkable Legend commercial
Boston Whaler, celebrating their 50th anniversary, is called "The Unsinkable Legend" for a reason. Even cut in half, a Whaler still floats, thanks to their ...

Boston Whaler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Boston Whaler is a boat ... Boston Whalers were used in the ... the Whaler will remain afloat when sawed completely in half. Boston Whaler boats also ...

Boston Whaler | Sport Fishing Boats | Pleasure Boat ...
Welcome. Boston Whaler has delivered for decades what no other boat can. When boats were expected simply to float, Boston Whaler proved they could be unsinkable.

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Official Boston Whaler®
Discover the 2015 Boston Whaler 210 Montauk! Learn More Now.


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... will float no matter what you do – even if you cut the boat in half

... will float no matter what you do – even if you cut the boat in half
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... Boston Whaler is cut in half. The start of the #UnsinkableLegend! http

... Boston Whaler is cut in half. The start of the #UnsinkableLegend! http
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The Shipyard
The Shipyard
Published by iUniverse 2003
ISBN 9780595275328,059527532X
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Senator Ted Kennedy said, "My father worked here. The Fore River Shipyard will once again be a symbol of our leadership. And I will do all I can to insure that this leadership continues to thrive. The shipbuilding industry has been struggling in this country as a whole. Employment has dropped to a 40 year low. American-built ships carry less than one percent of world trade. That is unacceptable." Senator John McCain said, "We have an obligation to protect the taxpayers' dollars by ensuring that this is a viable project. It is my desire that the Quincy shipyard, into which the state of Massachusetts and the city of Quincy have invested significant resources, will be a successful venture." President Clinton said about shipbuilding and the Quincy yard in particular, "Shipbuilding is one of...

Breakfast with Mike
Breakfast with Mike
Published by AuthorHouse 2012
ISBN 1468540238,9781468540239
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Gary was greatly influenced by Mike Spencer not only in his academic career but also his personal life. His friendship with Mike started when he was a young man and continued for over 40 years. He and Mike had many common interests. At their regular breakfast outings, Mike would share his thoughts on topics ranging from sports to education to his family. Breakfast with Mike details many of those discussions - some funny, some philosophical but always interesting. One of Mike's great loves was University of Illinois basketball. One of his favorite breakfast-time discussions was the team, their coach and the time they almost won a national championship.

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Who caused fatal boating crash is key in trial in Toms River
04/03/13, via New Jersey Online

TOMS RIVER — On a gorgeous summer night nearly five years ago, five friends set out in a 17-foot Boston Whaler along the Metedeconk River ... When it was his turn to give his opening statement half an hour later, defense attorney Joseph Tacopina said ...

Wareham harbormaster receives new patrol vessel
07/17/10, via Wicked Local

Patrolling the many beaches, bodies of water and waterways in town has become a bit easier for the harbormaster/shellfish department with the arrival of a 27-foot commercial Boston Whaler Vigilant ... the boat could be cut in half and still wouldn ...

Slow Economy Taking Bite Out Of Local Boat Builder Boston Whaler
06/13/08, via 9

Edgewater-based Boston Whaler, Inc. is expected to lay off 250 workers between the end of June and the end of August. That would represent nearly half of the plant's workforce. The company is owned by the same corporation that cut nearly 400 jobs at the ...