Whalers Coconut Rum


Whaler's Killer Coconut Original Rum Review

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8 Reasons Why Sangria Is the Best This Time of Year

Three versions — chavela tradicional, made with Torrontes, red wine, Pisco Huamaní​ and chicha morada, a sweet Peruvian beverage made from purple corn; chavela rosa, made with hibiscus liqueur, Aperol, silver rum, lemon and rosé wine; and chavela

Stunning beaches, organic chocolate and amazing food: Discover Grenada

the Grenada National Museum, which displays Carib and Arawak artefacts and detailed information about the sugar and whaling industries. We also get our first glimpse of Grenada's famous Grand Anse Beach, a two-mile arc of golden sand and calm turquoise

Nilo Badua declared winner of Kauai mai tai challenge

For the Alii, Mayer used Koloa Spiced Rum, Koloa Coconut Rum, homemade lavender falernum, caramelized pineapple puree, passion fruit, lime juice, Koloa Rum sorbet, pineapple and mint. But Badua was able to edge Mayer's drink out with his Plantation Mai

Whale of an Appetite!

Source: Vegan Crunk

I'm a vegan for animal rights. I used to be way more active in animal rights work. I co-founded a little activist group called Memphis Area Animal Rights Activists back in the mid-2000s, and we held actions at KFCs, circuses, Petco, and pretty much anywhere PETA sent us. I also used to be very involved in Memphis' Food Not Bombs... But time has made me lame, and now veganism (and this blog) is my only activism. But I can live vicariously through other animal rights activists who are out there doing radical things to stand up for those who don't have a voice. One of those awesome activist collectives is the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Since 1977, they've been using their own sea vessels to block and disable whaling ships. Sometimes, they shine lasers into the eyes of whalers, and other times they seize and destroy drift nets. If you've seen Whale Wars on Animal Planet, you know all about these awesome activists. It sounds like hard (and scary) work, and these hardcore activists spend long periods at sea to fight the good fight. And while at sea, you gotta eat. The food served aboard the Sea Shepherd's vessels is always vegan, and it's prepared by a team of skilled chefs. One of those is Laura Dakin, and she's just put out a new cookbook of the recipes she whips up to serve in the mess hall on their ship, the Steve Irwin. I recently received a copy of Cookin' Up a Storm: Sea Stories and Vegan Recipes. This is part cookbook, part Sea Shepherd memoir. It's filled with both recipes and stories from crew members and Captain Paul Watson (founder of Sea Shepherd) himself. It's a full-color, glossy book with lots of pictures of marine life and scenes from the Sea Shepherd vessels. So many of the recipes called to me, but I finally settled on Bob Barker Yum Bowls. The Bob Barker (named for the awesome vegetarian Price Is Right host) is one of their vessels, and this is a recipe from it's galley. And that's all topped with a sauce made from silken tofu, almonds, chickpeas, nooch, curry, and herbs. Of course, many of the recipes in this book are vegan versions of seafood. There are breaded and fried Fish-Free Cakes made with tofu, chickpeas, and nori. And there's Taste of the Sea Spaghetti, which includes a marinara spiked with nori. Because the ships are often cruising through cool temps, there are lots of warming soups and stews — Chickpea Noodle Soup for the Vegan Soul, Polar Potato & Leek Soup, and even Captain Paul's Habitat Split Pea Soup. Sides include Wicked Wine-Soaked Mushrooms (with white wine. ), Sweet Potatoes with Balsamic Onions (even though Captain Paul discusses his aversion to sweet potatoes in an interview in the book), and Asian-Style Stuffed Dumplings (filled with carrots, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, and spices). The bake their own bread aboard the ships, so there are plenty of bread recipes and tips on baking the perfect loaf. And of course, no one should be stuck at sea without sweets. There's the Captain's Favorite Carrot Cake, Raw Cheesecake to the Rescue, and Chocolate-Banana Fudge Cake. And there's even a spiked snowcone called the Antarctic Tropical Canadian Delight (shaved ice with maple syrup and coconut rum. Cheers, Sea Shepherd.

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Whaler's Original Rum
Whaler's Original Rum | You MUST be 21 or older to enter the site ARE YOU 21 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER? Birthday: ...

Whaler's Original Rum - Flavors & Recipes: Killer Coconut
Rich, natural coconut rum and pure vanilla come together in the world’s smoothest rum for an all out killer taste. Check out some delicious recipes below!

Whaler's Killer Coconut Rum: ABC Fine Wine & Spirits
WHALERS COCONUT RUM*C* S - WHALER'S KILLER COCONUT RUM ... Sweet coconut and tropical citrus aromas. A rich entry leads to a sweet, supple medium-to full-bodied ...

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Whalers Killer Coconut Original Rum 750ml

Whalers Killer Coconut Original Rum 750ml
Image by www.crownwineandspirits.com

Whalers Coconut Rum

Whalers Coconut Rum
Image by innovativespeedshop.com

Whalers Coconut bottle shot

Whalers Coconut bottle shot
Image by therumhowlerblog.wordpress.com

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Running a Bar For Dummies
Running a Bar For Dummies
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Provides comprehensive information on running a bar, including how to obtain a liquor license, manage inventory, and plan food and drink menus.

The Rum 1000
The Rum 1000
Published by Sourcebooks, Inc. 2008
ISBN 9781402247941,140224794X
320 pages

The Most Incredible, Comprehensive Collection of Everything You Can Make, Drink, and Discover about Rum! Ray Foley, publisher of Bartender Magazine, presents 1,000 cocktails, food recipes, fascinating facts, and resources about the spirit that inspired such marvelous inventions as the Mojito, the Piña Colada, and Double Chocolate Rum Cake. Discover: 700 unbeatable rum cocktails 75 fascinating facts about rum 50 delicious food recipes 100 rum websites and resources Information on 75 producers of rum Never before has this much information on rum been collected in one place. From the #1 name in bartending, The Rum 1000 is a must have for bartenders, cooks, and rum enthusiasts.

Cooking recipes

Cojito (Mojito W/Coconut Rum)
Ingredients:mint, lime juice, malibu, sugar

Coconut Rum Balls
Ingredients:flaked coconut, flaked coconut, rum, walnut

Coconut Rum Cake
Ingredients:baking powder, coconut, powdered sugar, powdered sugar, cream cheese, rum, eggs, cake, flour, vanilla extract, vanilla extract, salt, butter, sugar, heavy cream, cream of coconut, cream of coconut

Banana Bread With Coconut Rum
Ingredients:baking soda, banana, coconut oil, eggs, malibu, salt, sucanat, flour, splenda

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In a piña colada renaissance, La Gigante rises at Warwick
08/13/14, via Los Angeles Times

For $50, it's a pitcher full of the house blend of Papa's Pilar rum, coconut cream and fresh pineapple. The new Venice Whaler serves a piña colada with Appleton rum, fresh pineapple and toasted coconut.

Top 10 Tiki Drinks
02/28/07, via archive.azcentral.com

After singeing your eyebrows, enjoy a strong combination of ... $6.50 Hot drinks are not what usually comes to mind when thinking “tiki,” but this libation is served in a fun headhunter's mug. Hot coffee, rum infused with cream of coconut, lemon ...

june coconut cocktail 2009

More from the recipe testing night. We were moving the shop light around some, to get different lighting effects. From the Rum&Tiki Cookbook by W. Park Kerr 1/3 cup pineapple juice (book has unsweetened, we just use the little cans of Dole) 2 ounces Coconut Rum (Whaler's is my fave) 1 Tablespoon fresh lime juice Club Soda (we use 7Up instead) garnish with a wedge of lime

Photo by WxMom

june coconut cocktail 2009

More from the recipe testing night. We were moving the shop light around some, to get different lighting effects. From the Rum&Tiki Cookbook by W. Park Kerr 1/3 cup pineapple juice (book has unsweetened, we just use the little cans of Dole) 2 ounces Coconut Rum (Whaler's is my fave) 1 Tablespoon fresh lime juice Club Soda (we use 7Up instead) garnish with a wedge of lime

Photo by WxMom