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plymouth whalers

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Whale claim first goal, victory in NWHL history in downing Riveters

can wear ponytails. The PA system blared pretty familiar tunes for all ages of hockey fans, from Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift to the Hartford Whalers' classic Brass Bonanza when the Whale scored. Merchandise was readily available. Connecticut

The Beaufort Blues Project

Gam is defined as a friendly conversation between whalers or to visit with another ship while at sea. . The fair, hosted by the St. James United Methodist Church, will showcase nearly 50 vendors with a wide variety of merchandise. Hamburgers and hot

Will Hartford Yard Goats Logo Translate Into Merchandise Sales?

Last year, minor league baseball teams rang up merchandise sales of more than $60.3 million, an all-time record. And the Yard Goats are clearly hoping to get a bite. The Yard Goats logo, featuring the locally revered color scheme of the Hartford

Travelblog #2


We have become so accustomed to getting lost finding places that elude our little Garmin GPS that we don’t even fight anymore. I enjoy listening to pop tunes on local radio to tune in with the zeitgeist of a place but if Himself heard one more Adele or Taylor Swift song I would have been in extreme jeopardy. We agree on an Irish National station, designed for old fogies,with all talk, all the time. That's a lot of talk radio. Call-ins have been replaced by text messages like "Tell me mam that I'll be there as soon as your show is over. A serious piece about the Troubles is followed by an equally earnest piece about Nantucket whalers leaving their wives with hand carved dildos that could be filled with warm water. Everything is punctuated with listener's texts from all over the country about traffic, the weather and ironing. Finally we stop for directions at a little B and B with two miniature horses. The nice lady offers us tea and tells us that we’ve actually arrived in Corduffkelly but that Corduff isn’t too far. From Tony and Sinead’s description I expect a mud floored, thatched roof arrangement. When we are finally able to differentiate Corduffkelly from Corduff proper we arrive to find a completely equipped little house and a lovely room with private bath. What there isn’t, by Sinead and Tony’s design, is wifi, cellular service or television. I try to remember the last time I lacked digital access for over twenty four hours and realize it must be when I was giving birth to twenty year old Spuds. Writer Tony made contact years ago after reading on the net some of Himself’s essays on subjects arcane and disparate. Himself has met the couple a number of times but this is my first encounter. We sit by the fire and Himself and Tony jump from book to book to book. I haven’t met many people who read as voraciously as Himself. It is hard to follow the trajectory of their conversation but I can tell for both that it is very satisfying. I will add, that unlike Himself, Tony engages in yard work. Sinead and I have been Facebook friends and send each other cards for our February birthdays. A few times I have met people from cyberspace and find them far less appealing in person. Fortunately, Sinead and I hit it off right away. We are both passionate about food and essentially, we are married to the same man, except that one of them does yard work. It is Halloween, which has become in recent years a huge deal in Ireland. But there are Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating which are relatively new customs here. We sent, for a number of years, Halloween costumes for our American friend Carrie’s children as she was unable to find them in Belfast. Tony takes us to the charming village of Carlingford and the cobbled main street is decorated and children and adults alike wear masks and painted faces. We enjoy a nice lunch served by an elaborately costumed waitstaff and visit the ruins of an ancient mint. I shop there in England in summer and love the selection of dirt cheap food plus the shelves of odd merchandise like bras and power saws. We talk, in front of the fire, until nearly two a. m. and wake in the morning and talk some more before we set off for Adare. Years ago we met Bridie in the park with her three children. Our kids played together and we struck up a conversation and we’ve stayed in touch with her and husband Sean ever since. They own a pub in Adare, one of the most touristed of the many quaint Irish villages. Our kids were so young on trips to Ireland that their memories are very hazy but both have a vivid recollection of watching Sean kick a drunk out of the bar. It’s been over ten years since we’ve seen Sean and Bridie Collins. They’ve added a guesthouse next to the bar and closed The Pink Potato--a brief foray into fast food. Ireland was a country hit particularly hard by the recession and the Collins describe how tough this has been to weather. Things are better now but with three kids, a bar and a hotel, both work incredibly long hours. Sean and Bridie are both wonderful raconteurs, naturals behind the bar and in their element serving pints and chatting with the locals and tourists who visit the pub. They note that it is nearly impossible to take time off but with a satisfaction of.

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Dangers of Whaling Poster


Dangers of Whaling

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Hartford Whalers Centre Logo Vintage Green T Shirt Throwback Tee ...

Hartford Whalers Centre Logo Vintage Green T Shirt Throwback Tee ...
Image by www.ebay.com

Pucky" Vintage Hartford Whalers T. Available at www.binkandboo.com

Pucky" Vintage Hartford Whalers T. Available at www.binkandboo.com
Image by pinterest.com

Hartford Whalers Wordmark Throwback Vintage Reebok Sweatshirt

Hartford Whalers Wordmark Throwback Vintage Reebok Sweatshirt
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United States Congressional serial set
United States Congressional serial set

Consular Reports
Consular Reports

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Cherry Mash Bars
Ingredients:butter, cherry, semisweet chocolate chips, half and half, marshmallow, peanut butter, salt, peanuts, sugar

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Brewster Youth Lacrosse Registration for Spring 2016
11/08/15, via news.hamlethub.com

It was also a new beginning for Danbury hockey as well, as the Whalers fade into history ... Executive Director of the Brewster Chamber of Commerce, dressed in “Shop Local” costume and dropped by numerous Chamber member businesses to deliver Breakfast ...

5 Horror Stories of Zombie Sports Fanbases
10/31/15, via Bostinno Streetwise

wait for it...Carolina. Yet despite moving, Whalers apparel lives on in vast numbers. And it even has a fairly awesome Twitter account: Happy Hockey Season, from the Hartford Whalers. The reason why all of Canada was so firmly behind the Blue Jays in the ...

Former Whalers coach Jimmy Roberts dead at 75
10/23/15, via The Record-Journal

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Jimmy Roberts, a five-time Stanley Cup champion with the Montreal Canadiens, an original member of the St. Louis Blues, and a former Hartford Whalers coach, died Friday. He was 75. The Blues confirmed Roberts died after battling cancer.