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HOFFEN Marine Boat Yacht Telescoping 4 Step Ladder Inboard Ladder Swim Step

  • Hinged bracket allows for the ladder to fold...
  • Moulded Black vinyl tread to facilitate easy...

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Class 4 Catamaran by O Yachts Guided Tour Video in English

Class 4 by O-Yachts Guided Tour Video in English More information about the Class 4 catamaran by O-Yachts (technical specifications, brochure, sea trial, .

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The Hunt review: this has it all – a stalking tiger, an army of ants and a ...

If Dunc weren't in the jungle, he might be in Monaco, home to Million Pound Mega Yachts (Channel 4, Sunday). Everyone else is – all my favourite business leaders and inspirations: Lord Sugar; Howard Raymond, son of porn baron Paul; US billionaire car 

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2015- the countdown

The official launch of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2015 will take place on Tuesday, 24 November 2015, at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, Darling Point in Sydney. The launch will mark just over one month until the Boxing Day start of one of

Rockland City Manager's Weekly Report: Grants, winter prep, training, and ...

4. If you must walk on the roadway at night, take pains to make yourself visible. Make it a point to wear light colored clothing and consider adding strips of reflective tape (available in hardware stores and bike shops) front and back. Motorists do

The Hunt review: this has it all – a stalking tiger, an army of ants and a ... - The Guardian

Source: www.theguardian.com

o the jungle then. Ant’s here, with his lot, a big military family, very close-knit, but quite scary, we’ll come to them. No, no, not that jungle, we won’t be going there (for reasons of old fashioned print deadlines, not good taste or snobbishness). We’re in the real jungle, for The Hunt (BBC1, Sunday). The biggest forest predator of all first, in the forests of India – Tiger Woods, obviously, in a game of If the Location Were a Celebrity (it’s not a very long game). And the first bushtucker trial, I’m a Chital Deer, Get Me Out of Here … time to drop this now, this column is classier than that, we’ve got Blake: “What immortal hand or eye,/Could frame thy fearful symmetry. ” Because a silent stalking tiger is a beautiful and magnificent thing. It’s amazing to see what goes into filming one (the how-we-made-it section at the end is on the tiger hunt). A stabilised Cineflex camera mounted on a crane, mounted on a 4x4, later on an elephant, the eleflex, modified howdahs, local engineering, then weeks and weeks of patience, all for about eight minutes of television. Totally worth it, though (yeah, grubby hands off, Tories), because not only is it beautiful and magnificent, but they get their money shot: a kill. One Chital deer didn’t get out of there, he gets jumped on and eaten, accompanied by the inevitable mournful cello. It’s only the warm-blooded that get the sympathetic strings. (I was most upset by the chimps. And The Hunt doesn’t dwell on the death of the cute and the cuddly – their end is afforded some respect. Creepy-crawlies are fair game, though. Even that most calm of presences, David Attenborough , can’t hide his excitement when describing the superpowers of the portia spider: the ability to jump 50 times her own length, bionic eyesight, intelligence and the capacity to plan, learn and... Problems such as how to kill other spiders (the portia is a spider-eating spider). Which she’s very good at. Maybe one – a giant one – will abseil silently into your dreams tonight …. There are strings for the kill. Not mournful, but agitated pizzicato as the portia twangs the strands of the other spider’s web, mimicking struggling prey. “Drawing the spider into its death,” gasps David, and then there’s a triumphant celebratory bowed crescendo for the pounce. Then those ants, army ants: “The most successful player of hide and seek on Earth. ” Working as one, and for the cause, more formidable than any Soviet or Maoist army, they march across the forest floor (cue martial music). There’s an epic battle, with a rival colony of a different kind of ants, who haven’t a hope in hell. The enemy is vanquished, their young carted away to be eaten. Cue the cello … Oh, maybe some creepy-crawlies do get a cello sendoff. Perhaps because they’re squishy, and soft, and young. They might be maggots, but they’re also babies, this is mass infanticide, and that calls for a cello. I’m a fan of ambient sounds, especially in a tropical rainforest, which has some pretty good ones. Other than that, it’s hard to find anything not to like about The Hunt. The first one was a little unfocused (a series of unconnected chases, basically). (I loved the second most, with the polar bear and the base-jumping guillemots). Beautiful to look at, as you’d expect. I haven’t seen #ImACeleb (at time of writing), but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that The Hunt was the best jungle-based television of last night. Unless Lady Colin Campbell, whoever the hell she/he is, jumped on Duncan Bannatyne and ate him. If Dunc weren’t in the jungle, he might be in Monaco, home to Million Pound Mega Yachts (Channel 4, Sunday). Everyone else is – all my favourite business leaders and inspirations: Lord Sugar. My favourite attraction on the water. Solandge – 85m long, with a cinema deck, gym, steam room, massage parlour, dancefloor (with hole for pole), chandeliers all over the place. And a principal lounge in a kind of rococo meets Vegas meets Kardashian meets Abu Dhabi style, lots of purple, lots of gold. Yours for £130m. And if that’s not an incentive to make something of your life, then you might as well jump in the sea.

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Yacht Man Red 3.4 Edt Sp/5.1Asb/5.1 Sg Set


Price: $11.63

Features Yacht Man Metal Cologne, Celebrate your strength and resilience with this appealing fragrance for men from the design house of myrurgia-yacht man metal. Size - 3.4 oz.


Yacht Man Metal by Myrurgia for Men - 3 Pc Gift Set 3.4oz EDT Spray, 5.1oz Shower Gel, 5.1oz After Shave Balm


Price: $9.84

Launched by the design house of Myrurgia. This masculine possesses a blend of leather combined with tobacco. It is recommended for casual wear.


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The storms gift backpack



Price: $112.00

Bathroom Scale -Sweet Donut Reward


This custom graphic design bathroom scale is truly one-of-a-kind and much more pleasant to look at while weighing yourself helps you keep your mind on the wonderful treats you can have when you meet your goals. This little cupcake makes you less nervous and takes the edge off the number on the...

Price: $44.08

The 100 metre superyacht Attessa IV in Gibraltar - Daily Photo ...

The 100 metre superyacht Attessa IV in Gibraltar - Daily Photo ...
Image by www.superyachttimes.com

... omega architects yacht type displacement motor yachts engine 2

... omega architects yacht type displacement motor yachts engine 2
Image by www.liveyachting.com

The WHY is a totally new concept for a luxury yacht. The sheer width ...

The WHY is a totally new concept for a luxury yacht. The sheer width ...
Image by www.businessinsider.com

Google Books

152 pages

Law of Yachts & Yachting
Law of Yachts & Yachting
Published by CRC Press 2013
ISBN 9781317995791,1317995791
540 pages

The book is the first comprehensive treatise on the law relating to yachts and provides its readers with a thorough analysis of maritime law as relevant to the superyacht sector. Written by a team of leading yachting practitioners and researchers, it covers the legal issues arising during the life of a yacht. The book is written for the legal practitioner, yacht-broker and manager concerned with the operation of professionally crewed yachts including financing, registration, chartering, insurance, compliance and casualty management. Key Features - •This is the first and only practitioners’ book on the area •It covers all major aspects of yachting law in a single book •The Law of Yachts and Yachting is highly comprehensive - despite its main focus on contract and tort law, it contains...

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I'm watching 'Million Pound Mega Yachts' on channel 4+1 (again)! What beauties! With mega prices to match. What great 'toys' to own!


Mega Yachts on channel 4 makes you feel like a little turd of life


Channel 4, million pound mega yachts one day

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4Yacht's Triple Deuce
08/25/15, via Economic Times

The number of people with dementia worldwide will nearly triple from 47 million today to 132 million in 2050, says a new report. India, Russia decide to triple bilateral trade by 2025 ET India and Russia have discussed ways to boost their economic ties and ...

You Won’t Believe The Amenities on World’s Largest Yacht
06/10/15, via Haute Living

Among billionaires, luxury yachts are a dime a dozen. It takes something truly extraordinary to stand out in a haute crowd, something like 4Yacht’s ridiculous 656-foot “gigayacht.” The luxury yacht concept, dubbed The Double Century, resembles more ...

World’s largest yacht plans cool stuff you won’t believe
06/04/15, via News Channel3

4Yacht, the company hoping to find a buyer, says $750 million is a good “negotiating point” for the ocean-going mansion. “What Double Century needs is someone with vision, someone who wants to give life to an exceptional vessel, make it their own and ...

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Photo by JOG yacht racing

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Photo by JOG yacht racing

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The race took place in the morning and afterwards the teams adjourned to Havana bar for drinks paella and a barbecue.

Photo by Almerimar Life