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Mega Yacht, Limitless going through bridge at St. Martin

Mega Yacht Limitless, own by the man who owns Victoria Secret heading through the Dutch bridge. It is reported that they paid for the bridge to be widen so they.

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Cruising: Sailing in Nero's wake

Boat, passengers, crew, pretty much alone in the universe. Vast expanse of deep blue below (the watery bit); lighter blue everywhere else (the sky). I'm not the first to notice this: poets have waxed nautical about the limitless and empty ocean since

Futuristic Kraken Yacht by Gray Design

Kraken yacht gray design Kraken Yacht by Gray Design and Vapour GT concept car. Kraken borrows its design cues from Vapour GT which is one of their earlier automotive design concepts. The design study revolves around luxury and limitless styling – a 

Billionaire Dart Reinvents Himself as Cayman Baron

A short boat trip from a pretty little harbor and past a sandy point popular with snorkelers revealed a pristine beach sandwiched between a forest and shoals -– all Dart properties. "If you're worth billions and got limitless cash, things happen

Cruising: Sailing in Nero's wake - New Zealand Herald


Here's how it goes with ships and the sea, in my admittedly limited experience. Boat, passengers, crew, pretty much alone in the universe. Vast expanse of deep blue below (the watery bit). I'm not the first to notice this: poets have waxed nautical about the limitless and empty ocean since Homer started scribbling on his wax tablet. I am standing on the - forgive the ignorance of maritime terms - front bit of SeaDream I (which is, technically and legally, a yacht and not a ship). Sheer cliffs, eight or nine storeys high, are just a metre on either side of the technical and legal vessel thing, and not too much water is underneath its keel as we inch through a passage that is not vast, limitless or empty. Sipping champagne and chatting with fellow travellers, it feels this is somewhere a ship - or a yacht - shouldn't be. Hemmed in by land. Not under its own power: a tug is pulling it. Not under its master and commander: he has had to give the bridge to a local pilot. SeaDream is navigating one of human engineering's more whimsical endeavours, one that owes its existence to four megalomaniacs who were determined to best nature and the gods: the Corinth Canal. About an hour ago we rock'n'rolled up to the canal entrance, which looks like an everyday European harbour, sea walls on either side. A pilot boat heaved to, or hoved to, or did some kind of maritime manoeuvre, off to the right. Then they were thrown again and this time caught by the crew. The pilot came aboard. We knew he was the pilot because he wore blue overalls and a captain's hat from the 2-euro shop that said PILOT in gold braid. Entering the canal has been described as "being swallowed by the earth". On either side are 90m high sandy cliffs. There is 8m of water below us. pretty much what SeaDream needs to stay afloat. at its widest the canal is 24m wide, mostly its 20m. Bridges are above us: a railway line, a provincial road, a motorway. Cars cross the motorway bridge high above. The cliffs are striped, dark here, ochre there: that strata might mark Caligula's time, or Caesar's. perhaps that dark line was when Alexander the Great passed by. Greece. Centre of the known universe, civilisation, philosophy in about 1000BC. Hard to voyage around the islands and mainland. Three-headed dog-god things and women whose hair was made out of snakes guarded the really cool resorts from unwanted tourists. There's one place where two seas almost meet: the Aegean and the Adriatic. The waves of one sea crash on to its shore at Corinth. the waves of the other lap on the sun-loungers and ice-cream stalls on the other side of the peninsula. As the seagull flies, they're only 6km apart. The way the land lies, you have to sail 343km around the pointy bit to get from here to there. They did all that mathematical stuff where you work out that a+b = a way shorter route around the peninsula if you cut a canal through the middle. Unfortunately there's always one grumpy old bugger in the way of progress and in this case it may have been Poseidon, god of the seas, who was a really angry god and thought it was a bad idea to interfere with nature. Legend (and they're really big on legends in this part of the world) has it that he cursed anyone who dared interfere with the way of the universe. The slightly nasty tyrant Periander of Corinth got the message and abandoned his attempt to build a canal in 700-ish BC. He chose to build a stone carriageway so ships could be towed across land. Two and a bit millennia later, the remains are still visible. Three of the darker souls who've drawn breath on this planet riffed on the idea: Julius Caesar, Nero and Caligula. Nero turned the first sod with a golden hoe in AD67 - 6000 slaves died within weeks. Assassinations, landslips, bankruptcies, plagues of frogs, games of thrones: over the next couple of thousand years, they all got in the way of the project. Then in the mid-19th century a British consortium thought: We can make a quid here. Construction got under way in 1881 but was hampered by geological and financial problems that bankrupted the company. It was completed in 1893 but experienced constant financial and operational difficulties. The narrow canal makes navigation difficult. the high walls channel high winds down its length, and different tides in the two gulfs cause strong currents. For these reasons, many ship operators did not bother to use the canal and traffic was far below what had been predicted. The walls have been unstable from the.

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The Ire of Iron Claw


Price: $10.33

The evil magicians called the Mesmers are still plotting to take over the world, and the Kennewicketts, recently recruited into the spy business by President Roosevelt, are at the center of the battle for world domination. Now the Amazing Automated Inn has been compromised: someone is smuggling secrets out of the lab and selling them to unscrupulous sorts in Italy. Worse, their friend Nikola Tesla's latest invention?a device that will provide a limitless and free source of electrical power for all?has been sabotaged. Determined to stop the villains, the Kennewicketts and their staff of automatons travel to Italy in theDaedalus, a lighter-than-air ship. At first, the trip goes as planned, but then another airship manned by murderous sky pirates chases the family over the Atlantic. Luckily, Wally's latest invention, a man-lifting kite, allows them to reach land safely, where they are rescued by the Arachne, a giant steam-powered mechanical spider with a luxury yacht interior that can move at over seventy miles-per-hour! An exciting adventure over the Alps aboardArachne with the pirates in pursuit ends in Italy, where the Kennewicketts and their robotic staff must face the perilous pigeon Iron Claw and Madini, leaders of the Mesmers, alone. Will Wally, the noble boy scientist, and his daring dachshund, Noodles, be able to defeat the Mesmers and their minions a second time? Or will the darker side of the Kennewickett family line prevail?


Limitless (luxury yacht) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Limitless is one of the world's largest private superyachts. She was built in 1997 by German shipmaker Lürssen, with exterior design by the noted Jon Bannenberg and ...

SuperYacht Limitless - Leslie Wexner - The Limited
Motor yacht Limitless, owned by The Limited founder Leslie Wexner. ... In almost no case actual yacht ownership by the private individuals mentioned can be confirmed.

Limitless Yacht - Lurssen Yachts Motor Yacht |
Motor Yacht Limitless Limitless is a 96.25m motor yacht, custom built in 1997 by Lurssen Yachts in Bremen ( Germany ). The yacht's interior has been designed by ...

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Limitless Limitless

Limitless is one of the world's largest private superyachts. She was built in 1997 by German shipmaker Lürssen, designed under the direction of Jon Bannenberg. The overall length is 96,25 m, the width 12,50 m. She is powered by two engines of 5420 kW each, reaching a speed of 25 knots, and was the first yacht to feature a combination of diesel and diesel-electric propulsion.
Limitless is owned by Les Wexner, an American businessman who is currently chairman and CEO of the L Brands corporation. She was built in 1997 by German shipmaker Lürssen, with exterior design by the noted Jon Bannenberg and collaborator Jonathan Quinn Barnett, and interior design by François Catroux.

Popularity: Ship; Ship;

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

Description Yacht Limitless.jpg

Description Yacht Limitless.jpg
Image by

SuperYacht LIMITLESS by GIBEYE – Superyachts News, Luxury Yachts ...

SuperYacht LIMITLESS by GIBEYE – Superyachts News, Luxury Yachts ...
Image by

... Yacht LIMITLESS - Charterworld Superyacht and Luxury Yacht Charters

... Yacht LIMITLESS - Charterworld Superyacht and Luxury Yacht Charters
Image by

Google Books

166 pages

Published by Balboa Press 2015
ISBN 9781504336413,1504336410
438 pages

A young woman, Avery, is crazy in love with James. Together with friends they set out on an incredible adventure, but from the beginning things don’t go as planned. Kim a middle aged woman decides on a completely different path for the next half of her life. Relationships shift. New realizations occur. Coincidence? Destiny? Dreams do come true in unexpected ways! Life takes on new meaning. They discover the sweet precious essence of existence and gain new perspectives. These women discover the truth of who they really are, who we all are, and expand to accept all that is!

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100ft Hargrave m/y Limitless is open for Christmas out of Sint Maarten, with CU Yacht Charters.

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Cruising: Sailing in Nero's wake
11/27/15, via New Zealand Herald

poets have waxed nautical about the limitless and empty ocean since Homer started scribbling on his wax tablet. I am standing on the - forgive the ignorance of maritime terms - front bit of SeaDream I (which is, technically and legally, a yacht and not a ...

Pizza boat is more than former crew’s ‘pi’ in the sky in the VI
10/27/15, via

“And pi is an irrational, limitless number. Friends said it was irrational getting ... The couple still connects with the yacht industry through their pick-up window at the stern. Before they closed for hurricane season in August, they cooked up seven ...

Limitless: Everything You Need to Know
09/21/15, via

CBS' new fall drama Limitless, a continuation of the 2011 movie starring Bradley Cooper, poses the question: What would you do if you discovered a drug that allowed you to use your brain's full capacity? The answer, in short, is to be careful what you wish ...

phoenix boat ship yacht vessel ii wealthy megayacht superyacht lürssen schiffyacht urlaub2011calador 2′s andrewwinchdesigns moranyachtship

On the 8th April 2010 Lürssen launched luxury motor yacht Phoenix 2. SUPERYACHT Phoenix 2′S delivery to her owner is scheduled for summer 2010 which is ahead of the new build schedule. The original 60 metre superyacht Phoenix was launched at Lürssen in 2004. Due to her success it led to her owner developing a new project with the same team which includes Andrew Winch Designs, Moran Yacht & Ship and the Lürssen shipyard. The resulting yacht is the eagerly awaited and recently launched Phoenix II. Superyacht Phoenix 2 is by no means a simple sequel to the first yacht. She has been carefully designed and constructed to ensure that the essence of the original yacht has been kept; but as her new name appropriately suggests, she has been “squared” in both her complexity and size making her a much bigger and far more beautiful yacht. The exterior of luxury yacht Phoenix 2 was designed by Andrew Winch Designs and incorporates both elegant and streamlined lines that are complemented by...

Photo by Andy_BB