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Expendables 3 | official TV Spot (2014) Sylvester Stallone Mel Gibson

official trailer for Expendables 3.

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Mel Gibson enjoys a brew with royal friend Prince Albert as they relax on ...

When they're not saving rainforests, it seems Mel Gibson and his royal pal Prince Albert enjoy activities of a more leisurely kind. Today the pair were spotted relaxing aboard a yacht in Monaco, just a few miles along the coast from Cannes where Gibson

Mel Gibson poses with Tom Hardy at Mad Max: Fury Road premiere

'He was bored with me. He said, "All right, buddy, good luck with that." Bless him. I made him a bracelet. And then we talked for a couple of hours about all kinds of stuff. 'I left, and that was that. And then he called up my agent and said: "I think

Mel Gibson can take daughter Lucia to Australia after Oksana Grigorieva court ...

Mel Gibson has been told he can take his daughter Lucia with him when he goes to Australia to film his next movie project. The actor went to court on Friday after he and ex partner Oksana Grigorieva were at loggerheads over whether the five-year-old

Mel Gibson enjoys a brew with royal friend Prince Albert as they relax on ... - Daily Mail


When they're not saving rainforests, it seems Mel Gibson and his royal pal Prince Albert enjoy activities of a more leisurely kind. Today the pair were spotted relaxing aboard a yacht in Monaco, just a few miles along the coast from Cannes where Gibson has been promoting his new film The Beaver. Mel, 55, and 53-year-old Prince Albert were spotted laughing and chatting on the vessel, with the Braveheart actor sipping on a cup of tea. Besides their Hollywood connections - Prince Albert's mother is the late Grace Kelly - Mel and Albert both have a keen interest in rainforest conservation. Back in March Mel flew out to Guatemala in Central America with the royal. Earlier this week Mel joined his co-star in The Beaver, Jodie Foster, for the premiere of the flick at the Cannes Film Festival. The 44-year-old actress, who has been friends with Gibson since they starred in the 1994 western Maverick, faced a barrage of questions about the actor who has been accused of racism, homophobia and anti-semitism and appeared in court this year on... She insisted the troubled star, who she directed in the film, 'was the right actor for the role' and had 'a deep understanding of the struggles' faced by the character. She added: 'He really understood the character in a way that was extraordinary. I think that he was willing to go to such a deep place and willing to expose himself in some ways, to really talk about something he knows a lot about which is struggle, wanting to change, wanting to transform yourself, not wanting to be who you... The Beaver, which is not in the running for the coveted Palm D'or prize for best picture, is a dramedy that follows Gibson's character as he struggles with depression. Tthe film tanked at the U. S box office only taking in $100,000 on it's first weekend.

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Mel Gibson's yacht in Ketchikan | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Mel Gibson's yacht in Ketchikan. Sign Up; Explore. Recent Photos; The Commons; 20under20; Galleries; World Map; App Garden; Camera Finder; The Weekly Flickr; Flickr ...

Mel Gibson enjoys a brew with royal friend Prince Albert ...
When they're not saving rainforests, it seems Mel Gibson and his royal pal Prince Albert enjoy activities of a more leisurely kind.

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Mel Gibson's yacht in Ketchikan

Mel Gibson's yacht in Ketchikan
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Google Books

Mel Gibson - Man on a Mission
Mel Gibson - Man on a Mission
Published by John Blake Publishing 2005
ISBN 9781784184759,1784184756
300 pages

From cult screen actor to major movie director, Mel Gibson has firmly secured his place as a Hollywood player. His latest directorial project, The Passion of the Christ, has landed him centre stage once more, and author Wensley Clarkson reveals Mel's views on the controversy surrounding it. In addition, he'll uncover: the years of girlfriends, drinking and gambling; the inside stories of Mel's Hollywood business deals and how powerful Hollywood figures helped him to overcome his addictions to alcohol and cigarettes, plus the details of his marriage to Robyn and the secrets of his life with his many children. Mel Gibson: Man on a Mission provides an in-depth glimpse into the life of an actor who is a fiercely private man about whom relatively little is really known.

Wake of the Green Storm
Wake of the Green Storm
Published by Marlor Press, Inc. 2015
ISBN 1892147041,9781892147042
224 pages

" ... voyage from Grand Portage, Minn., through the Canadian island archipelago that will become the world's largest freshwater conservation area, to the picturesque Slate Islands off Ontario's rugged coast."--Page 4 of cover.

Cooking recipes

Charlie Gibson's Enchilada Casserole
Ingredients:beans, doritos, enchilada sauce, onions, cheddar cheese, tomato sauce

Big Bob Gibson's Alabama White BBQ Sauce
Ingredients:apple cider vinegar, cayenne, corn syrup, lemon juice, mayonnaise, horseradish, salt

Mel's Magnificent Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ingredients:baking soda, brown sugar, butter, eggs, flour, salt, semisweet chocolate chips, vanilla extract, sugar

Mel's Brussels Sprouts
Ingredients:butter, olive oil, salt

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Guys and Dolls, Braveheart, Grosse Pointe Blank: films on TV today
08/14/15, via Radio Times

Director/star Mel Gibson combines epic sweep and mud-caked violence in his myth-laden take on Scottish warrior William Wallace. The battle scenes are staged with savage imagination.

VIDEO: Stunning Dunnottar Castle film being used in bid to reel in Coastguard recruits
08/12/15, via The Courier

The clip shows Dunnottar — the setting for parts of the 1990 Mel Gibson movie Hamlet and reputedly the inspiration ... dealing with incidents ranging from capsized boats and cliff fallers to missing anglers and people cut off by the tide.

Sky News Australia host in tirade against Mel Gibson
08/01/15, via Australian News

SYDNEY, Australia - TV presenter Paul Murray has lashed out at Hollywood actor and producer Mel Gibson, after it was revealed Gibson would film his next movie Hacksaw Ridge in Australia. Murray is critical of Gibson taking money from the New South Wales ...


1979 For the first time in history in 1979 a woman Margaret Thatcher is elected Prime minister in the UK. As technology becomes smaller Sony released the Walkman a worldwide success costing $200 which at that time was a significant amount of money. Also the first Snowboard is invented in the USA. The bombing by the IRA in England continues with Lord Mountbatten and three others assassinated. Following the return of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Iran becomes an Islamic Republic and 63 Americans are taken hostage in the American Embassy in Tehran on 4th November. 1979 the Britain Thatcher Inherited The Conservative Party appointed her as their leader on 11 February 1975. She was the first woman to head a British political party, and went on to become the country's first female Prime Minister in 1979. Britain wasn’t a country gagging for modernization in 1979 so much as one in a state of nostalgia-tinged denial: a country still traumatized by the retreat from empire and the loss of...

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