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A Yacht Club in Brooklyn Elects Its First Female Commodore

So went the jovial greetings at a Midget Squadron Yacht Club party last weekend, as the club members — all male — greeted Helen Salogub by her new title. Ms. Salogub, 60, of Canarsie, Brooklyn, is the club's only female member, and in December she 

Newburgh Yacht Club, most other marinas, afloat again after Superstorm Sandy ...

CITY OF NEWBURGH — The crane arrived a couple of weeks after Hurricane Sandy and stayed for three days, righting 3-ton boats and restoring order at the Newburgh Yacht Club. Billy Chesser, the third generation of his family to serve as the club's 

Newburgh advises public to avoid section of Hudson River due to sewage discharge

CITY OF NEWBURGH – The City of Newburgh is advising people to avoid contact with a section of the Hudson River after the discovery of a previously unknown sewer main that bypasses the city's treatment plant and sends untreated sewage from houses on 

The Redwing Takes Flight...with a few sputters

Source: C&C Redwing 30

When I first bought the C&C Redwing, it was docked south of Poughkeepsie at a marina in New Hamburg. My first voyage was a trip motoring north up the Hudson River to Kingston. I set my mooring in a cove and sailed her for the season. Each succeeding season has generated a growth spurt in my sailing, maintenance, and repair skills. This past summer I was ready to break past the Hudson River and appreciate the true value of the Redwing. We set out on our sailing adventure honeymoon. Three weeks were planned for the journey. Block Island, RI. We packed enough food and clothes to last two months. With a laptop as a gps plotter we caught an early outgoing tide and motored south down river. I monitored engine temperature as I ran her up to about 5 knots. Any more speed was pushing my temp gauge beyond a comfortable level. Down past the Esopus Lighthouse, past Pougkeepsie, past New Hamburg where I first got the Redwing, we made a pit-stop at the Newburgh Yacht Club. I wasn't sure what my fuel consumption would be. My fuel gauge showed full since last season. I love the Newburg Yacht Club. They have a dock with self service fuel pumps, free pump out, water and a dock shower. We topped off fuel and water, emptied our holding tank, gave the boat and ourselves a rinse and went on our way towards West Point. We were past the Bear Mountain Bridge down to Haverstraw just as the tide was starting back up river. The wind was picking up a bit so I unfurled the genoa to add a little push from the wind. The boat was healing to port and my speed was increasing when I notice my temp gauge past 200. "Oh sh#t", I quickly shut down the engine and ponder the problem. I figured the healing was preventing cooling water from getting to the engine, so I furled the genoa and restarted the engine. The temp came back down, but now as I motored it was continuing to climb to the dangerously high levels. "I should have replaced that impeller" I thought. One item on my list that I didn't get to. I even had the replacement impeller. The engine temp continued to stay high, I peered aft down at the transom to see more steam and smoke than water. "Let's drop anchor". We found a spot near shore to anchor and I cursed as I pulled off the engine cover and grabbed my tool box. It looked ok. I wanted to put the new one on, but I didn't have the right size allen wrench for the set screw. I put the water pump back together, pulled the thermostat, reassembled everything and continued motoring. The engine temperature seemed ok. We made it past the Tappanzee Bridge and anchored for the night. I was well advised to bring the Eldridge Tide and Pilot book along. Flood current up the East River would begin around 9am so I planned for and early start. I hoped to refuel, but low tide and the early start didn't allow an opportunity. My eyes were on the temp gauge as we motored past Manhattan and rounded the Battery up the East River. We dodged the Staten Island ferries and motored along the FDR Dive. As we approached Roosevelt Island I could see the temp gauge start to rise again. I began cursing as I looked at the transom and only saw smoke and steam coming from the exhaust. I put the engine in neutral and raced the throttle. The needle dropped a little and I continued to motor forward despite temps rising back up again. This is the last place to be without an engine. As I was passing Roosevelt Island the engine temp was at 240 and wasn't dropping. I pulled the top step off the engine cover and saw water begin to spray through cracks opening in the top of the cylinder head. I cursed the atomic 4. With all the work I've put into it, it always lets me down when I need it most. We sailed past the Harlem River and tacked against a north easterly wind towards Hell Gate. As I tried beating east under the Hell Gate Bridge the boat spun out of control 180 degrees back toward the direction we just came. I let my sail out, headed up wind and tried again with the same result. I thought we were going to hit the rocks along the Astoria shore. We hurriedly hoisted the main to balance the sails. With mainsail and drifter we sailed away from the rocks and managed to sail through Hell Gate to the Long Island Sound. "The engine's toast" I told my bride. We were two days into our three week honeymoon. Either we head back now, or continue to Block without an engine. An engine is just for security.

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Welcome to the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club
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Marlboro Yacht Club
Information Page for the Marlboro Yacht Club, New York, USA

Chelsea Yacht Club - Home
Thanks for visiting our website! The Hudson River is the ultimate playground – enjoyed by residents for centuries. And Chelsea Yacht Club, with its expansive ...

Newburgh Yacht Club in Newburgh, New York, United States

Newburgh Yacht Club in Newburgh, New York, United States
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Picture of Newburgh Yacht Club Gas Dock

Picture of Newburgh Yacht Club Gas Dock
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Newburgh Yacht Club in Newburgh, New York, United States

Newburgh Yacht Club in Newburgh, New York, United States
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112 pages

Cruising Guide to New York Waterways and Lake Champlain
Cruising Guide to New York Waterways and Lake Champlain
Published by Pelican Publishing
ISBN 1455603171,9781455603176

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Club Pasta Salad
Ingredients:bacon, cheddar cheese, cherry tomato, turkey, ranch dressing, lettuce, mayonnaise, onion powder, pasta

Chicken Club Wrap
Ingredients:bacon, carrot, tomato, chicken, lettuce, mayonnaise, red onions

MaMa's Supper Club Tilapia Parmesan
Ingredients:black pepper, butter, basil, green onion, hot sauce, lemon juice, mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, salt, tilapia fillets

Breakfast Club Sandwich
Ingredients:bacon, lettuce, eggs, mayonnaise, salt, bread, tomato, toothpicks

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Tangerine Bay Club condo sells for $815,000.
01/20/16, via The Observer Group

Myers, sold the home at 770 Emerald Harbor Drive to Daniel and Sandy Jones of Newburgh, Ind., for $785,000 ... It previously sold for $158,000 in 2000. Spanish Main Yacht Club John Judge Jr. and Kathleen Dyer, of Longboat Key, sold their Unit 177 ...

A Yacht Club in Brooklyn Elects Its First Female Commodore
01/15/16, via

So went the jovial greetings at a Midget Squadron Yacht Club party last weekend ... thus the origin of the name — and would race up the Hudson River to places like Newburgh and Poughkeepsie, N.Y. “Of course, we always got people calling up asking ...

Chelsea Yacht Club
12/29/15, via

Changed my life. My family will always hold the Chelsea Yacht Club close in our hearts. about 3 months ago · 1 Review · Chris S. Cornell — 5 starFor more information about this great club just north of the Beacon-Newburgh Bridge on the eastern shore of ...