Samar Yacht

Yacht Helicopter Landing

Here is the landing back onto the yacht Samar. Notice the Mini Cooper on landing.

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A Gallipoli arriva Samar, lo yacht extralusso con eliporto personale

L'imbarcazione inglese è arrivata ieri per una delle tappe del suo tour nel Mediterraneo. Uno yacht extralusso da 650mila euro a settimana: è Samar, gioiello di 77 metri di fabbricazione inglese, in tour per il Mediterraneo che ha attraccato ieri nel

The 77 metre superyacht Samar at anchor

Built by Devonport Yachts, Samar has been designed by H2 Yacht Design, Nick Meyers and Laurent Giles Naval Architects. She features a large tender garage in her stern, which houses an 11 metre Chris Craft tender, and she is equipped with a helipad.

The Couture Club

The client on the neighboring yacht, a Russian woman who was relaxing with her family in the fading light, had sailed into Portofino to see the results of Alta Moda's work. Since Alta Moda's inception, the fall/winter collection has been shown outside

Ten border across a Syria refugees difficult road to escape

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Last week, Hungary border closings, massive diversions of refugees flock to Slovenia Monday Croatia open Serbia's border, nearly 3000 meters trapped refugees . . European refugee problems are still serious. On the website of the New Yorker recently published an article about Syria and 22-year old law student Gass (Ghaith) road to escape. Neighbor was killed and his friend had been arrested, brother to flee Syria. In 2012, Syria civil war foot on the outskirts of Damascus, the army used tanks against government repression in the area of ancient pagodas, explosive shells land in Darayya. Then one day in May, a car bomb exploded in the capital of Southwest jidaide·atuosi (Jdeidet Artouz) explosion in a small town. It was described in the New Yorker, time, and her mother lived in a two-bedroom apartment in Gais, from base down on the bed. His father died when he was a baby, his 4 sisters and 1 brother move out when they get married. Gus went to the window curtains. He saw a car across the street burned, dead limbs scattered on the road. It was reported that the explosion took place that week, more and more fierce government repression. Gus – a niece was only ten years old, was sent to prison, because she posts on the Facebook, condemned Syria's air force in civilian areas of Holmes used oil drum bomb. Gus and two friends were arrested in the street. In August 2012, Syria troops into Kyrgyzstan daide·atuosi area, killing more than 10 people. It was reported in the New Yorker, GAIS studied criminal law at Damascus University. He takes the bus drove over the former Government jurisdictions and against rebel-held areas of the road. Gus recalls, "when passing the road, we have to hide, not outcrop. That fall, his brother, a Barber, gailibu (Ghalib) the consent of the wife, with their 3 children escaped from Syria. Gailibu to fly to Turkey and then by boat to Greece, in the end, then a truck for Sweden, when they hid in a wooden box. In Gothenburg, gailibu got a job in a garage. In Syria, thousands of people want to flee. Those with money went directly to Europe, but most people only go to Jordan, and Lebanon or Turkey. Syria President Bashar Al-Assad does not seem to be as the exodus of Syria worry. In several of his advisers have left Syria Hou, he called their escape States "self cleaning". The New Yorker says, in order to support his family, GAIS to working two jobs. These relationships and responsibilities in the body, leaving Syria does not seem to be his choice. Recently, he told the New Yorker recalls, "I fear the most is that I will become a victim of the war, or, even more frightening is that war, killer. At that time, his wife and mother want him to follow his brother, and went to Europe. While in Syria who don't need visas to travel to Turkey, and Lebanon, European consulates have been overwhelmed by requests for a large number of immigrants, hardly a visa. GAIS can also choose to apply for asylum, in accordance with provisions of the Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union, to Europe either Syria people qualify for the left. It was reported that in 1990, the EU adopted is known as "Dublin rule" bills require that applicants for asylum must be first registered and fingerprinted when entering the European countries. "No matter where, once you are registered, you will have to leave. "Gus told the New Yorker, some of the refugees reaching Italy Hou will immediately burn your fingers, so that their fingerprints could not be identified. On August 9, 2014, GAIS returned to Syria. Fleeing failed for the first time, was forbidden to enter Lebanon. The New Yorker reported in May 2014, GAIS received his brother's message on Facebook. "You might be able to leave within 20 days. "Gailibu writes" completed all arrangements at present, don't tell anyone. Prepare yourself, if passed, could leave at any time. "Gus replied:" Yes. Under the gailibu, he was to leave Syria's path. Leave the night before, Gus's mother gave him a farewell dinner, ate Arab chicken rice. "Gus told the New Yorker, um Qasr is.

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Yacht SAMAR - Luxury Motor Yacht - CharterWorld
Yacht SAMAR - Luxury Motor Yacht Yacht Charter Description M/Y SAMAR is a 77m (252 foot) steel-and-aluminum Laurent Giles designed luxury motor yacht with studio and ...

SAMAR Yacht Charter Price - Devonport Yachts Luxury Yacht ...
SAMAR is a 77m luxury motor mega yacht available for charter built in 2006. Charter up to 12 guests in 7 cabins (1 Master, 2 VIP, 5 Double & 2 Twin) with a crew of 24.

Motor Yacht Samar - Luxury Yacht Charter | Superyachts for ...
Motor Yacht Samar Samar is a 76.88m motor yacht, custom built in 2006 by Devonport Yachts in Plymouth ( United Kingdom ). The yacht's interior has been ...

Yacht SAMAR - Luxury Motor Yacht

Yacht SAMAR - Luxury Motor Yacht
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This licensing tag was added to this file as part of the GFDL ...
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Samar Yacht Photos - Devonport Yachts Motor.. |

Samar Yacht Photos - Devonport Yachts Motor.. |
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321 pages

Voyages of a Simple Sailor
Voyages of a Simple Sailor
Published by Troubador Publishing Ltd 2016
ISBN 9780955803505,0955803500
208 pages

Having narrowly survived a tropical storm on board the Endeavour II, Roger Taylor resolved that from then on he would only ever go to sea on his own terms, single-handed and in small, easily manageable yachts. This is his story.

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Communist rebels 'raiding Philippines typhoon relief convoys'
12/24/15, via Daily Mail

In the latest incident on Tuesday, guerrillas of the communist New People's Army (NPA) ambushed an army truck on a relief mission in the storm-hit eastern island of Samar, national police said in a statement. One soldier was killed and two wounded in the ...

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The Most Spectacular Yacht in the World with Indoor Pool, Aquarium and World’s First Floating Garage. - Luxus Hospitality - Stay Luxus - Luxury yacht The Most Spectacular Yacht in the World with Indoor Pool, Aquarium and World’s First Floating Garage ...

PCG helps search for 5 tourists on missing yacht
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The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) yesterday sent out teams to search for four foreigners and a Filipino on a yacht that went missing in the waters off Northern Luzon during a storm last week. PCG spokesperson Commander Armand Balilo said teams were ...

yacht samar spotting

Photo by Smetty

yacht samar spotting

Photo by Smetty

yacht samar spotting

Photo by Smetty