Savannah Yacht Club

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4th of july FIREWORKS 2011 | Boat Race | Savannah Yacht Club

4th of july FIREWORKS | boat Race | Savannah Yacht Club Music By -Moccasin Creek and Bottleneck http://moccasincreekmusic.

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The Antebellum of Savannah

Bookbaby (History Books)

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St. Martins Press

The Wanderer

St. Martins Press (History Books)

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St. Martins Press

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Savannah Yacht Club holds sailing Regatta to held fight blood cancer

The Savannah Yacht Club held a sailing Regatta, along with tennis and golf tournaments, to help raise money for a good cause. Each year, local residents head out on the water to be a part of the Leukemia Cup Regatta, which is held in cities all over

Miss Cates, Mr. Adair exchange vows

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rollins Cates announce the marriage of their daughter, Nancy Carolyn, to Mr. Kyle Joseph Adair. The couple was wed on August 22, 2015 at the Savannah Yacht Club. The coastal wedding was officiated by Scott Adams beneath an old live 

TEAM OF THE WEEK: Savannah Yacht Club Commodores

News: The 60-member team from the Savannah Yacht Club finished its stellar season in mid-July. The swimmers practiced and competed, faring well in dual meets against other swim clubs. “The coaches ensured that the swimmers got the instruction they 


Source: Prosthetic Records

Unfortunately your browser does not hava JavaScript capabilities which are required to exploit full functionality of our site. You are using an old web browser, in which case you should upgrade it to a newer version. We recommend the latest version of Firefox. You have disabled JavaScript in you browser, in which case you will have to enable it to properly use our site. Information on enabling JavaScript. Tampa-based instrumental outfit SET AND SETTING will bring their “euphoric eruption” (About. The band will start off on a week long jaunt with gloom trio North along the East Coast starting with a hometown appearance at The Orpheum on August 22. Both acts will then continue to make their way to Brooklyn, NY where they will join post... SET AND SETTING will continue on in support of So Hideous as they make their way up through the North East, including a short excursion throughout Canada. A complete listing of tour dates can be found listed below. Awarded ‘Best Local Metal/Hardcore Act” from Tampa’s Creative Loafing newspaper, SET AND SETTING ‘s Prosthetic Records debut, “A Vivid Memory”, was heralded by NOISEY as “vivid and cinematic. Combining a distinctive blend of post-metal, drone, ambient and classical influences, the album’s eight tracks span over “gorgeous and epic” (Orlando Weekly) soundscapes that tell the tragic story of experiencing the final moments of life from... SET AND SETTING recently stopped into Tampa’s 88. 5 WMNF radio station to co-host their weekly Grand National Championships (GNC) segment in addition to performing a few tracks from “A Vivid Memory” at the studio. You can listen to a recording of the live session and download it for free on GNC Sessions bandcamp page now at http://gncsessions. com/album/

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The Wanderer

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $19.04

Set against the backdrop of an America on the verge of civil war, a history of the Wanderer, a one-time yacht transformed into an illegal slave ship, describes its smuggling expeditions and profiles those involved in smuggling slaves into the South, in a saga that moves from Savannah, to Jekyll Island, the Congo River, and New York City. Reprint. 15,000 first printing. *Author: Calonius, Erik *Subtitle: The Last American Slave Ship and the Conspiracy That Set Its Sails *Publication Date: 2008/02/05 *Number of Pages: 298 *Binding Type: Paperback *Language: English *Depth: 1.00 *Width: 5.50 *Height: 8.25


Home - Savannah Yacht Club
Savannah Yacht Club. The Savannah Yacht Club is a private, family-oriented club located on the Wilmington River on Whitemarsh Island in Savannah, GA.

Savannah Yacht Club - Savannah Area Tennis Association
The Savannah Area Tennis Association (SATA) is a non-profit organization designed to promote tennis activities in the Savannah area. The SATA organizes USTA League ...

Savannah Yacht Club in Savannah, Georgia, United States
Savannah Yacht Club, Savannah GA Marina, boat and yacht dock slips for rent at Savannah Yacht Club


Savannah Coasters, Savannah Yacht Club Stone Coaster


Savannah Coasters, Savannah Yacht Club

Price: $11.85

Bonna Bella Yacht Club, Savannah, Georgia Coaster


Bonna Bella Yacht Club, Savannah, Georgia Coaster

Price: $11.85

Savannah Yacht Club

Savannah Yacht Club
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Savannah Yacht Club in Savannah, Georgia, United States

Savannah Yacht Club in Savannah, Georgia, United States
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Savannah Wedding Photographer – Savannah Yacht Club | Savannah ...

Savannah Wedding Photographer – Savannah Yacht Club | Savannah ...
Image by

Google Books

Savannah Yacht Club
31 pages

A history, by-laws, and list of officers of the Club, illustrated with photographs.

Constitution, By-laws and Sailing Regulations of the Savannah Yacht Club, Organized June 7, 1876, Succeeding The Regatta Association of Chatham County, Organized June 14, 1869
32 pages

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Getting ready for Lisa's Monet speech. (@ Savannah Yacht Club in Savannah, GA)


The Who Knew II?? @ Savannah Yacht Club


USA East Coast/Cape Fear to Florida/Savannah Yacht Club Marina

Cooking recipes

Savannah Cabbage Bake
Ingredients:water, butter, cabbage, cream of celery soup, milk, onions, soy sauce, bread crumbs, worcestershire sauce

Club Pasta Salad
Ingredients:bacon, cheddar cheese, cherry tomato, turkey, ranch dressing, lettuce, mayonnaise, onion powder, pasta

Chicken Club Wrap
Ingredients:bacon, carrot, tomato, chicken, lettuce, mayonnaise, red onions

MaMa's Supper Club Tilapia Parmesan
Ingredients:black pepper, butter, basil, green onion, hot sauce, lemon juice, mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, salt, tilapia fillets

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Local residents participate in sports tournaments to raise money for Leukemia
09/13/15, via 11WTOC

This weekend people came together in Thunderbolt to have a good time for a great cause. Folks participated in tennis and golf tournaments at the Savannah Yacht Club to help raise money for Leukemia and other blood cancers. Each year local residents head ...

Savannah Yacht Club holds sailing Regatta to held fight blood cancer
09/13/15, via WALB 10 News

The Savannah Yacht Club held a sailing Regatta, along with tennis and golf tournaments, to help raise money for a good cause. Each year, local residents head out on the water to be a part of the Leukemia Cup Regatta, which is held in cities all over the ...

83.5m Feadship superyacht Savannah in Antibes
09/03/15, via Superyacht Times

Feadship’s revolutionary superyacht Savannah was seen docked in the Mediterranean’s largest port (by number of total gross tonnage), the International Yacht Club of Antibes, last week. Savannah has been making waves since her launch with an impressive ...

favorite savannah bonnabella

One of our favorite restaurants in Savannah. It's on the marsh and folks drive up to the dock in their boats all the time. The food is great, the view is gorgeous and the breeze off the marsh is perfect.

Photo by Kevin Lawver

river boats dock marsh savannah bonnabella

Bonna Bella Yacht Club (yacht should be in quotes) is one of our favorite spots in Savannah. It's a great restaurant right on the marsh with a beautiful view, great food and a relaxed atmosphere.

Photo by Kevin Lawver

texture filters photostream saltmarsh snapseed projectlife365

27/365 #projectlife365

Photo by Vicki Devine