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2014 Tiara Yachts 50 Coupe

2014 Tiara Yachts 50 Coupe $1377725 Base List Twin Volvo IPSII 950 (725hp) 727-647-5557 Shane Faunce.


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Fats Waller ~ Handful of Keys (new)

Bmg/buddah Records (Miscellaneous)

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Bodacious Space Pirates: Complete Collection [5 Discs] (used)

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The Couture Club

The client on the neighboring yacht, a Russian woman who was relaxing with her family in the fading light, had sailed into Portofino to see the results of Alta Moda's work. Since Alta Moda's inception, the fall/winter collection . Guests were

Tiara Yachts holds annual dealer conference

Tiara Yachts announced a record year in retail sales and market-share growth during its annual dealer conference, which was themed “Modern Legacy.” The conferees included domestic and international dealers, top retail sales representatives and key

My Baby Wore Kardashian Kids for a Week and Lived to Tell the Tale

The collection is sold at Babies R Us stores and online nationwide, with price points from $7.99 (for a tiara-printed turban headband reminiscent of Jade Jagger in the 70s) to $39.99 (for the capelet, the showpiece of the fall line, according to Hayden

The Couture Club - The New Yorker

Source: www.newyorker.com

Stefano Gabbana, the fashion designer, leaned on the railing of his yacht, the Regina d’Italia, and smiled. His neighbors in the Portofino marina were enjoying an early-evening aperitivo on the deck of the Ester III—an enormous vessel, with a helipad on top and a transparent-frame swimming pool on the lower deck, that had drawn admiring stares from... The neighbors waved. “A client,” he said, with the air of confiding an obvious secret. It was a Wednesday evening in July, the week after most French and Italian haute-couture houses had defied a heat wave in Paris to show their latest collections. Temperatures had reached the mid-nineties in Milan, too, where, at the air-conditioned atelier of Dolce & Gabbana, designers and seamstresses had worked into the night completing the company’s version of haute couture, the Alta Moda collection. Launched four years ago by Gabbana, fifty-two, and his business partner of thirty years, Domenico Dolce, fifty-seven, Alta Moda consists of one-of-a-kind, made-to-measure pieces: virtuoso demonstrations of what can be achieved sartorially when the... The client on the neighboring yacht, a Russian woman who was relaxing with her family in the fading light, had sailed into Portofino to see the results of Alta Moda’s work. Since Alta Moda’s inception, the fall/winter collection has been shown outside of Milan. The first was presented in Taormina, in Dolce’s native Sicily. the event was relatively modest, with a performance of Bellini’s “Norma,” in the town’s ancient amphitheatre, followed by a fashion show held in a monastery turned luxury hotel. The next year, the party moved to Venice, where guests were ferried along the Grand Canal in gondolas to attend a ball in the Palazzo Pisani Moretta, wearing jewel-encrusted masks commissioned for the event. Last summer, Alta Moda hosted a weekend in Capri. This year, Dolce and Gabbana decided to invite their clients to Portofino, a onetime village of fishermen that has become a village of fancy people. The designers own neighboring villas on the secluded wooded promontory that forms the eastern border of the town’s harbor. These properties, and other sites around town, were to serve as the setting for the most ambitious Alta Moda getaway yet: a four-day weekend of fashion shows, dinners, and other festivities, culminating in a dance party with a dress code of gold. Nearly a year of preparation had gone into readying the sites, and teams of workers were still laboring on the hill above the marina. “I am in just one room of my house,” Dolce said. He was sitting with Gabbana at the Regina d’Italia’s dining table, as a deckhand poured refreshments into champagne flutes. Dolce and Gabbana, once a couple, ended their romantic relationship more than a decade ago, but they maintain an affectionate bond that is augmented by the presence of handsome younger partners. A movie-night selection made by Dolce’s boyfriend, a gracious Brazilian advertising executive named Guilherme Siqueira, had provided the inspiration for this season’s Alta Moda collection: the 1999 version of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” directed... Dolce explained, “When you see this movie, you go, ‘This is like a dream in Portofino. He and Gabbana had been struck by the film’s vision of an Italian countryside populated with characters drawn from ancient Greek myth: Theseus, the mythological founder of Athens, and his betrothed, Hippolyta, the Amazonian queen. The forthcoming fashion show, Dolce said, was an attempt to imagine the result of a triple collaboration: “Homer, the visionary. These woods are down the hill from Dolce’s house, a villa that he bought about ten years ago. ) The villas, Gabbana noted, overlook the water through pine trees and olive groves. He said of the view, “You feel like you are in Greece. That week, the real Greece was edging toward economic collapse, and a deadline for establishing its terms of debt repayment to the European Union had been set for Sunday night—the.

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Careers - Tiara Yachts | Luxury Tiara Boats | Luxury Yachts
Tiara Yachts, located in Holland, MI, is experiencing growth in our manufacturing operations and requires the addition of a number of jobs in production:

Tiara Yachts :: Current Job Postings
Click on the links below to learn more about the current job listings. Composite Engineer - Holland, MI. Submit Resumes to: Tiara Yachts at hr@tiarayachts.com or to

Tiara Yachts - Official Site
Tiara Yachts manufactures luxury yachts from 31 feet to 58 feet. Offering 4 luxury Tiara boat categories built with industry-leading quality, Tiara Yachts provides ...

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Tiara 4300 Sovran for Sale in Seattle, Washington Classified ...

Tiara 4300 Sovran for Sale in Seattle, Washington Classified ...
Image by seattle.americanlisted.com

VIDEO: Tiara Yachts set to roll out 44 Coupe | Trade Only Today

VIDEO: Tiara Yachts set to roll out 44 Coupe | Trade Only Today
Image by www.tradeonlytoday.com

Tiara Yachts « Oyster Harbors Marine

Tiara Yachts « Oyster Harbors Marine
Image by oysterharborsmarine.com

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S2 Yachts shifts product development process to match buyers’ habits
08/03/15, via MiBiz

The company’s Tiara yachts range in price from $400,000 to $2 million ... At the time, Energetx projected it would create more than 1,000 jobs to scale up production as part of a $37 million investment. The state backed the move with more than $25 ...

Tiara Yachts Q 44 Comes to Life and Will be Available in Egypt Through Marine Centre International, Tiara Yachts’ Exclusive Dealer in the Region
05/19/15, via PR.com

“This new Tiara Yacht is built to expand the latitudes of what you can do on the water and enhance the yachting experience. The outdoor entertaining and socializing were first and foremost in mind when we engineered this new DayYacht,” said Tom ...

Steve Jobs' yacht caught up in payment spat
12/21/12, via Yahoo News

AMSTERDAM (AP) — The sleek, white superyacht Apple founder Steve Jobs commissioned before his death cannot leave the Netherlands just yet due to a payment dispute Jobs collaborated on designing the 78.2-meter (256-foot) all-aluminum "Venus," which has a ...