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Micro Speedster Electric RC Boat Mini 3CH RTR (Colors May Vary) Fun Mini Size

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Ariete Primo - The conversion of a 44 metre tugboat into an exclusive Super yacht.

ARIETE PRIMO is a 44m Luxury Motor yacht which was launched in 1967 and completely refitted in 2006. She has been transformed into an elegant yacht,.

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The Motor Boat magazine - 4 issues 1931 - yachts cruisers fishing craft tugs etc


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Tiller Publishing

Small Ships

Tiller Publishing

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Steiner Commander 7x50 Binoculars

Steiner (Binoculars & Monoculars)

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Tell-tale Press

Seychelle Collection Boxed Set Books 1-4

Tell-tale Press (Sports & Games Books)

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Google news

The Wayfarer

He was investigating a missing boater, he said, and explained that some duck hunters had found a canoe and that my phone number had turned up among the gear in the boat. He wanted to know where it . They referred to the thicket where they launched

Waterfront: Fire Destroys Classic Wooden Tugboat

Frank Sinatra's yacht, Christina, named after his daughter, off and on berthed at the Bay Club, and a Linda Isle resident's 82-foot custom Solar Wind built by Peter Rothschild, are two that come to mind. Tugboat William B, under salvage by Muldoons

European ingredients in Argentinian ASD tug

Unidelta are located on the Rio Lujan in Tigre near Buenos Aires and are traditionally associated with building high speed passenger ferries, patrol boats and pilot and motor yacht catamarans. They have an engineering office in the city of Buenos Aires 

The Wayfarer - The New Yorker

Source: www.newyorker.com

On November 29, 2014, I received a phone call from an officer of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission named John Beardsley. He was investigating a missing boater, he said, and explained that some duck hunters had found a canoe and that my phone number had turned up among the gear in the boat. He wanted to know where it had come from—he hoped, in fact, that I might be the canoeist. It took me a second or two to realize that the boat must have been Dick Conant’s. It had come practically from Canada, I explained—from Plattsburgh, New York, twenty miles south of the border. Conant had paddled past my house, on the Hudson River a dozen miles above Manhattan, on Labor Day morning. As I was about to take my toddler son kayaking, a neighbor called out that there was a man in his house I might want to meet. A red canoe was tied up at the base of the seawall. It was filthy, and packed as if for the apocalypse, with tarps and trash bags and Army-surplus duffels. My neighbor, an adventurous spirit who once pedalled a bicycle from New York to Cocoa Beach, had spotted the unusual traveller in the water and waved him ashore. Inside, Conant was sitting at the head of a table, facing down a kingly spread of caviar, sausage, doughnuts, and vodka, and holding forth for several guests. He was headed for Florida, he said, and was two months into a journey that he figured would take six more. He was sixty-three, and spoke in a mellifluous high timbre that seemed almost childlike. He wore denim bib overalls, a T-shirt, and muddy brown boots, and stood six feet one and weighed three hundred pounds. He had a rust-colored beard, with patches of white, and his face was as red as a boiled lobster shell—a riparian Santa. On the phone, I explained to Officer Beardsley that I was a journalist, and that I had written a short article (in this magazine) about Conant’s ambitious voyage. I mentioned that he had e-mailed me a month or so earlier, in late October, and sounded healthy and happy, in spite of the fact that waves had drowned his laptop. He was at a public library in Delaware City, Delaware, “and preparing for the next leg across Chesapeake Bay,” he wrote. I suggested that Beardsley check the local library, or perhaps a dive bar, where Conant might be raising eyebrows with his story about nearly getting run over by a barge one night on the Mississippi. Conant was a Navy veteran, and he suffered from gout and high blood pressure. The canoe had been spotted floating upside down near the mouth of Big Flatty Creek, by a father who was fishing with his young boy and feared what they might discover if they drew their boat any closer. Big Flatty discharges into the not so flat brackish waters of Albemarle Sound, about twenty miles west of the Outer Banks. The father called his friend Grover Sanders, who had been hunting ducks nearby. Sanders, a stout soybean farmer who hadn’t trimmed his beard in three and a half years, drove his skiff out to have a look. He was referring to the cypress knees that perforate the northern shores of the sound, giving it the color of tea. Behind the stumps was a swampy forest and, behind that, miles of tilled fields. Sanders spent fifteen minutes eying the canoe from various angles, trying to get a sense of what might be underneath, before attempting to right it. Ropes pulsed beneath the boat like the tentacles of a jellyfish. They formed a kind of loose cage, trapping bags—or, as Sanders soon discovered, bags within bags within knotted bags, containing enough air that they amounted to a flotation device. Righting the boat without severing the ropes was impossible. Finding no body, Sanders called 911, loaded what bags he could onto his skiff, and towed the canoe inland, via a narrow canal, passing the rickety docks and large oyster middens of a shellfishing operation called Frog Island. A sheriff’s deputy and Beardsley and Chase Vaughan, another wildlife officer, met him there. Among the canoe’s contents were seventeen toothbrushes, three Louis L’Amour Western novels, a frying pan, a digital camera, and some soggy stapled papers, on the back of which I’d written my e-mail address and phone number, more than four hundred... The nation’s largest Coast Guard facility is in the nearest town, Elizabeth City. it dispatched a boat, a plane, and, eventually, a helicopter to aid in the.

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Steiner 7x50c Commander Marine Water Proof Porro Prism Binocular with 8.4 Degree Angle of View &


Price: $1299.99

The military-grade, porro prism Commander Series is the marine binocular choice for anyone who makes their living on the water - fishing guides, ship captains, tug boat operators, marine patrol and law enforcement. These binoculars are also for those who live aboard or spend weeks on the water - yacht owners, blue water sailors and racers - who need the best in marine optics. The Commander Series has every feature and all the performance serious watermen demand, backed by Steiner's unrivaled reputation for total performance on land and sea. Integrates a fluid damped, HD stabilized illuminated compass with ranging reticle into the binoculars, creating one accurate and invaluable viewing/navigation tool. 7x Magnification is the marine standard, with a wide, stable image for tracking other boats, buoys and bridge numbers even in rough water. Sports-Auto Focus System lets you focus each eyepiece to your vision once, then keeps images razor sharp from 20 yards to infinity. No more chasing focus on moving objects. High Definition Optics incorporate the finest index-matched glass and advanced lens coatings for best-in-glass image clarity. ClicLoc system attaches and releases neck strap or harness instantly with push button ease and designed so binoculars hang straight and action-ready. Memory Ocular saves personal diopter settings. Floating Neckstrap comfortably-padded, highly-visib


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Tug Boat Yachts

USS Mariner (SP-1136) was a wooden-hulled tugboat for the United States Navy in World War I. She had previously been the Jack T. Scully of the Neptune Line of New York before her acquisition by the Navy. She foundered and sank in a gale on 26 February 1918 while part of a convoy steaming to Bermuda.
Mariner, formerly the steam tug Jack T. Scully of the Neptune Line, New York City, was built in 1899 by A. C. Brown, Tottenville, Staten Island, New York and had previously steamed between New York and Bangor, Maine. Considered “strongly built” and a “good sea boat” for potential employment as a minesweeper, Mariner was delivered to the Navy on 25 September 1917. Earmarked “for distant service” on 1 October 1917 and given the designation SP-1136, she was commissioned at the New York Navy Yard, Brooklyn, New York, on 19 December 1917, Lt. (jg.) Martin Miller, USNRF in command. The Navy spent $3,000 refitting the tug for naval service.
Initially, Mariner performed routine duty at the New York Navy Yard and in the waters of New York harbor. Following that period of local work, she got underway on 6 February 1918 in company with converted yachts Yacona and Wadena, bound for New London,

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.


Personalized Blue Mermaid Birthday Cake Plates


Personalized blue Mermaid Birthday Hispanic or African American Plates

Price: $1.60

Mom to Be Baby Boy 2018 Ornament


The future mom of a baby boy born in 2018 will love this blue and black text ornament.

Price: $17.85

1953 benetti converted tug 1 1953 Benetti CONVERTED TUG

1953 benetti converted tug 1 1953 Benetti CONVERTED TUG
Image by www.luxuryatch.com

Greasy Tug Boat Is Luxury Yacht In Disguise

Greasy Tug Boat Is Luxury Yacht In Disguise
Image by gizmodo.com

The 44 metre converted tug Ariete Primo - Length 40m-50m ...

The 44 metre converted tug Ariete Primo - Length 40m-50m ...
Image by www.superyachttimes.com

Google Books

Steam Launches, Steam Yachts, Tug Boats, Marine Engines and Boilers, Propeller Wheels and Boat Machinery
71 pages

204 pages

Cooking recipes

Baby Huey's Famous Boat Grub
Ingredients:brown sugar, rice, oil, onions, pork chops, cheddar cheese

Lighten-Up Whatever Floats Your Boat Brownies #32204
Ingredients:applesauce, eggs, flour, salt, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract

Stewed Beef Boat Noodle Soup Gkuay Dtiow Lauy Recipe
Ingredients:beef, bean sprouts, cilantro, hot pepper, fish sauce, garlic oil, garlic, green onion, galangal, sirloin steak, beef, rice noodles, lemongrass, cilantro, anise seed, sugar, white pepper, sea salt, soy sauce, water

Egg in a Boat
Ingredients:butter, eggs, bread

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Oil spill, high waves: A Great Lakes disaster scenario
12/05/15, via Detroit Free Press

In the foreground is the tug Rochelle Kaye and in the background the USCGC Alder ... Now imagine oil spill response boats from the pipeline operator and U.S. Coast Guard moored at the docks, taking no action for hours, or even a day or more as the slick ...

Ogdensburg port welcomes 23,000 tons of salt for north country roads
12/06/15, via Watertown Daily Times

The U.S. tug boat Defiance and the heavy barge Ashtabula arrived at the Port of Ogdensburg early Sunday morning, bringing with them 23,500 tons of road salt, according to Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority officials. The salt will be used throughout ...

Arkansas To Honor Pearl Harbor Survivors And Victims
12/06/15, via THV11

At this time, officials will also welcome the arrival of the USS Hoga. The WWII tug boat is the latest addition to the Maritime Museum. Designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service, Hoga is known for her heroic actions at Pearl ...

seattle party uw water race canon boats bay coast canal washington marine cut shift parade crew sound pugetsound tug yachts hook retired tugs tow barge active openingday montlake logboom boatingseason 55250 texadafir ©lgevans

Photo by lg evans

cruise summer harbor boat yacht capecod anchorage tug woodshole cruiser naushon hadleysharbor putneypics nonamessett

Peaceful afternoon for this cute tug/yacht in Hadley's Harbor, a sheltered anchorage in the islands across from Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Photo by Putneypics

bcclassic bctugd tugyacht

Photo by Michael H Wright