Windsor Yacht Club

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2015 Melges 24 Canadian Championship HD

2015 Melges 24 Canadian Championship held at Windsor Yacht Club July 10-12,2015.

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WINDSOR, Ontario, Canada, 10s-20s; Windsor Yacht Club

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Windsor Yacht Club undergoes major harbour renovations

Windsor's improving economy has played a role in club renovations. More than 100 new members have signed up at the yacht club in the last two years, he said. There are now more than 300 members in total. “The economy has had an impact,” Moir said.

Canadian Chrysler dealers eagerly await redesigned minivans

Minivans are a key franchise for FCA Canada Inc. (Chrysler), which ships Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country models from its Windsor, Ont., assembly plant to Pothier. So dealership president John Pothier understands the importance of the 

Robert Stigwood, impresario who managed the Bee Gees and produced 'Grease ...

FILE - A Sept. 30, 1979 photo from files of pop impresario Robert Stigwood aboard his yacht Sarina as he readies to sail out of the South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan. Stigwood, who managed the Bee Gees and produced 1970s blockbusters "Grease" 

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Windsor Yacht Club - Official Site
Windsor Yacht Club Undergoes Major Harbour Renovations Windsor Star Story Link Windsor Yacht Club - The Friendliest Little Yacht Club on the Great Lakes

WYC Race - Home | Windsor Yacht Club, Windsor, Ontario
WYC Race. For any Racing related inquires, please contact WYC Race Chair. 2015 Melges 24 Canadian Championship. Sponsored by Colchester Ridge Estates Winery

The Windsor Yacht Club
Probably one of the best Yacht Clubs on the River Thames. Priding ourselves on being a friendly, helpful and welcoming to all.

Windsor Yacht Club

The Windsor Yacht Club is a private yacht club in Windsor, Ontario. It is located on the Canadian mainland just south of Peche Island overlooking the Detroit River. The clubhouse overlooks the southern shore of Peche Island and is at the north-end of the Detroit River, which takes water from Lake St. Clair.
WYC is a member of the Detroit Regional Yacht-racing Association and the Inter-Lake Yachting Association.

Popularity: Organization; Organization;

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.


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Windsor Yacht Club in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Windsor Yacht Club in Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Image by

Windsor Yacht Club in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Windsor Yacht Club in Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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Windsor Yacht Club in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Windsor Yacht Club in Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Image by

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Motorboating - ND
Motorboating - ND
964 pages


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RT Xmas staff party (@ Windsor Yacht Club in Windsor, ON)


Xmas staff party (@ Windsor Yacht Club in Windsor, ON)


Guess I'm a wine enthusiast now Mitch had a few too many @ The Windsor Yacht Club

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English 15th Century Poor Knights of Windsor - Boozy Toast!
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Historic Annapolis Yacht Club Investigation Seeks Cause Of Massive Fire
12/14/15, via Patch

ANNAPOLIS, MD - Investigators are trying to determine what caused a three-alarm fire that burned and severely damaged the historic Annapolis Yacht Club Saturday afternoon before being extinguished by nearly 100 firefighters. Capt. John Bowes of the ...

Historic Annapolis Yacht Club Struck By Massive Fire
12/13/15, via Patch

ANNAPOLIS, MD - The Annapolis Yacht Club, a sprawling, historic structure that rivals the Maryland capitol building as the focal point of the city and has long been the emotional center of town for generations of sailors, burned Saturday in a three-alarm ...

Windsor Yacht Club undergoes major harbour renovations
11/13/15, via The Windsor Star

The Windsor Yacht Club is in the midst of extensive harbour renovations that will accommodate a growing trend towards larger pleasure boats. “Our existing harbour hasn’t changed in 50 years,” said club commodore Randy Moir. “It was getting tired ...


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